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BrandTraxx - We track what is said about your brand online.

Online brand tracking.

Everytime the brand is mentioned in online media you can be notified. We can track and filter results to display only the information you like to get. You could also follow what is said about your competitors, or follow your business or industry news. Know what is said about your competitors. Their strengths, their weaknesses, who links to them? We provide all the information you need to be a step ahead in the fast moving online environment. With the rise of social media and comments on FB, twitter, blogs and forums you can now both take action and respond to comments, learn from your customers and improve the way you work. No Web-Analytics package can tell you what your customers think – you only know what and how much traffic you get. If you are puzzled why customers leave your site before completing a transaction you may find the reason in their online discussions. You also learn what is important to your customers. With this insight you can develop your services and emphasize the key points for your customers in your marketing mix. Even better you can also know why a competitor is ahead, and what is their weakest link. Their weakest link can be your selling point. It is overwhelming to try to follow all online news, and impossible to do manually. But at we can help you get exactly the information you like to receive. With our unique tracking tools for online news, tweets, social media, forum posts and blog comments we can collect all information you could only dream of. Perhaps you also like to track your competitors or industry news. No problem. Contact to learn more.

The possibilities are endless. Would you like to set up a brand publishing mill? We could make every post or brand name mentioning online a post on your PR blog, and if you like with links to your site. Don’t like to hear absolutely everyting? Need advanced filitering, and only the most essential news, it can all be done for your company.

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