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When it comes to making travel arrangements, waiting until the last minute might be your best option.

Article by Martin McAllister

Most of us tend to believe that waiting until the last minute often results in anxiety, inaccuracy and unnecessary haste down the road. But it’s best not to believe everything you may read or hear, especially when it comes to making travel arrangements. This is because waiting until the last minute could prove to be your best option, especially with all the great last minute flight and accommodation deals that are flooding the travel market at the moment.Last minute deals are everywhere, you just have to know where (and how) to look for them. However, when hunting for these bargains, the first thing to remember is that flexibility is crucial. This is because you won’t always find low-cost offers on the destination of your choice, so it’s always best to keep your options open. Who knows, you might find a fantastic deal on a destination you had previously never considered, and by doing so make your holiday experience all the more impulsive and exciting. It is also a good idea to follow the same ethos with regards to accommodation as while you may get lucky and obtain a last minute deal on the hotel of your choice, there’s also a chance that the majority of deals you find may be for hotels that you may not be familiar with. However, the trade-off is that you won’t pay as much for accommodation – leaving you with a bigger budget to spend on days and nights out on the town!Bear in mind also, that when searching for last minute deals, they truly are ‘last minute’. The reason many airlines and hotels offer such great last minute deals is that they aim to fill as many rooms and seats as possible, so as a particular date of departure or accommodation approaches, prices tend to drop dramatically. The reason for this is simply because companies would rather sell off seats and rooms at a cheaper price than have them remain empty. As a result, you’ll often have to be prepared to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ when searching for last minute deals, especially at weekends.However, if you manage to get a bit of time off from work, you can often find and pick up even better deals during the week.There are a number of travel sites which offer fantastic deals on last minute breaks; anything from cheap hotels or flights to complete holiday packages. Moreover, offers are usually updated weekly – so whether you’re looking for a deal on a weekend break or an extended excursion, you’ll inevitably find one which catches your eye. And remember – this is one situation where you can actually wait until the last minute. In fact, the longer you wait, the better your prospects might be!

Martin Mcallister is a freelance online journalist. He now lives in Edinburgh and enjoys travelling.

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Need Some Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Special Grandparents?

Do you need some last minute holiday gift ideas for those special Grandparents? Or perhaps your Grandparents have everything! Here you will find several last minute holiday gift ideas for your Grandparents.

Subscription To Their Favorite Newspaper – A great last minute holiday gift idea for your Grandparents. How nice not to have to run out to the store, especially in the winter months to pick up the newspaper. Your Grandparents simply have to open the front door and grab their newspaper. This gift idea is ideal for grandparents.

Digital Photo Frame – A special last minute holiday gift idea with a personal touch. All Grandparents love to show off their family photos! Make sure to download those favorite family photos ahead of time so your Grandparents only needs to open their holiday gift and it is ready for display.

Gift Certificate for Brunch – What Grandparents aren’t up at the crack of dawn? And tucked in bed early? A gift certificate to your Grandparents favorite breakfast or lunch eatery is a wonderful gift idea for Grandparents. Show your thoughtfulness with this last minute holiday gift idea.

Warm Fleece Throw – A fleece throw or blanket to keep your Grandparents warm on those chilly winter nights is another great last minute holiday gift idea. These comfy throws can be purchased just about anywhere, including your local chain store pharmacy and supermarket.

Personalized Calendar – No matter what your Grandparents favorite hobbies are there is a calendar suited for them. Personalize this last minute gift idea for your Grandparents by marking off those special days such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries before presenting your holiday gift.

So if you find yourself looking for last minute gift ideas remember these suggestions! I am sure these last minute gift ideas for your Grandparents will bring lots of warm smiles and hugs! Happy Holiday Shopping!


Written by wenchevil

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How To Get Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights

Consumers always want to get the cheapest and the best deal which ever product they go for and flight tickets are no different, finding is not all that difficult as long as you are willing look for them patiently and also wiling to make a few sacrifices on your preferences. Chances are that you might not be getting your preferred seat in the plane and also you might be required to make a few changes in the plane. As long as you are dedicated for the cause of getting you should not be a huge problem as some people think.

Following are the some of the things you can do to get :

1. One of the usual way or basic way is to call the airline which you are planning to fly as the operator or the help desk agent would you the very latest updated information on the seats that are vacant and also the cancellations. The chances of you finding the best possible seat and the best possible conditions are very less as you step on to that plane. Having come at the very last moment you will have to make some sacrifices on your preferences to get .

2. Make sure that you search across the net to get the best deal. You must go through all the airlines websites and also the various sites which offer flight tickets thoroughly and patiently to get . It never hurts to spend some time and look for a good deal as at most times internet will fetch you good deals. The best practice after you find a good deal and you book the online ticket is to take a print out of the ticket. This is precisely to avoid any sort of confusion when you get in to ticketing in the airport and the print out will be the proof for your booking as there are bound to confusing some times during last minute booking before you board the flight.

3. You should be completely ready to leave at any moment, all packed and fit, as soon as you find a good deal. If you are looking to get can be too finicky about the departure timings you want. If you do get a departure according to your preference its great but you must prepared to flexible and be ready to board the plane at nay moment. You can not afford let a golden opportunity of getting any one of the which come your way to slip off.

4. Important thing which would help you to get any of would be awareness and vigilance. You eyes should be wide open looking constantly for any window of opportunity for any kind of . The moment it comes your way be ready to grab and fly off even in a matter of minutes.

If you follow this step there is no reason why you would not be successful in finding extremely cheap last minute flight. is one stop alternative search solution to help you find Extremely Cheap last minute Flights, Cheap Holiday Flights, excellent cheap hotel deals, fantastic deals on cheap car hire and excellent rates on foreign currency exchange.

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Easily Finding and Last Minute Hotel Booking in Italy

Travel plans can be scheduled effectively from utmost uncertainty even though if you do not have sufficient time to organize your trip. You can avail unbelievable and truly the best hotel deals at the most affordable and rock bottom prices even when you wish to plan late or opt for the last minute hotel reservations. Since you are planning your travel trip late, first of all you should perform a thorough check on online travel portals about the bookings available on last minute reservations at your desired travel location. The biggest advantage of last minute hotel booking in Italy is that the rooms that are booked at last minute are available at much cheaper rates than the typical room. The simple reason is that the hotels would allow giving a booking for the room even at lowest prices than keeping the rooms empty.



From the vast database of hotels in Italy that are listed on online hotel booking portals, you can easily select a hotel that is suitable to your preference, budget and taste. It will show the list of rooms available at last minute and also offer slashed discounted prices on it. You can compare the hotels and their services along with the prices and then make the reservation accordingly. You can make the best hotel search that offers last minute hotel special offers or deals for the rooms that have remained unoccupied for quite sometime.



You can effectively make a travel plan at last minute with family or can schedule a business tour in just a moment’s notice. The last minute hotels highly increase your opportunity to land up at the best luxurious hotels on offer in your selected destination. These hotels also offer more or les the same kind of privileges which you generally avail when you book the hotel accommodation in advance. The added bonus is that you stand a chance to get a huge discount for booking the hotel at last minute.



at last minute offer plum discounts and heavy discounts. They generally include luxury hotel, deluxe hotel and budget hotels from which you can choose according to your requirements. Mostly all hotel booking portals offer a variety of discount hotels to select from and also post testimonials of real customer experiences that provide you an insight on hotel services and also help you to make the right selection of hotel in your desired location. The last minute hotel booking in Italy offers genuinely good discount offers for the travelers and provides cheap accommodations which efficiently fit in every budget.


ENIDO 2.0 is the first Social Media Platform for Hotel Industry and Holiday Destination with services for Online Hotel reservation and booking Italy, Hotel Booking in Germany, bid for your Holiday and Last Minute Hotel Booking in Italy. For more information on the how to be a part this social platform visit us at


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Increased sales conversion rates by over 50 percent for

Acquired by Travelocity in 2007,, the leading Internet-based travel and leisure retailer, was undergoing a metamorphosis. was transforming itself from a provider of holiday information to an ‘enabler,’ helping customers to visualize and realize their dream holidays.’s challenge was to manage its sales operations more efficiently in a growth environment in order to increase revenues. Although it was partnering with two onshore contact center partners to deliver its customer care services, wanted to improve the productivity of these processes. The goal was to achieve a higher rate of conversion while reducing the cost of customer care. decided to transfer the contact center processes from these two onshore providers to WNS.


The engagement with began with a pilot project focused on managing the contact center for Europe-centric airlines business. Given the success of the pilot project, the WNS team was given the contract to manage 28 lines of business across’s four business verticals i.e., airlines, hotels, dynamic packages and lifestyle experiences.


- The partnership commenced with a Full Time Employee (FTE) pricing model and gradually move to a Unit Transaction Pricing (UTP) model. This allows for greater flexibility for the client as its business volumes fluctuate; for example, volumes can surge by as much as 30 to 40 percent during the holiday season. This requires meticulous planning between both the client and the WNS Team to manage fluctuating volumes.

- WNS implements Six Sigma and Kaizen projects to boost agent productivity. The WNS team identifies opportunities to embed process efficiencies in order to focus on up-sell and cross-sell of products


– The WNS team developed sales training modules to create a compelling, relevant and customized training program. This includes an intensive 13 week online training program.


The team at WNS has helped significantly reduce its operational costs by delivering process efficiencies while handling larger volumes of customer inquiries and increasing sales by enhancing conversion rates. According to Rob Hartley, senior sales and customer service manager, said, “You are delivering sensational customer care.”

Increased conversion rates

For airlines from 12 to 20 percent

For hotels from 20 to 30 percent

For dynamic packages from 20 to over 22 percent

For lifestyle bookings from 20 to over 24 percent

Increased revenues from GBP 0.8 million in Q2 2007 to an estimated GBP 4 million in Q2 2009
Managed double the call volumes in 2008-2009 without deploying additional staff
Delivered consistent levels of service even during promotional offer period which witnessed a surge in business volumes.


WNS is a leading global business process outsourcing company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offering and a proven track record enables WNS to deliver business value to the world’s leading companies. WNS is passionate about building a market leading company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities.


For more such article insights, please follow the link

WNS Global Services is a leading global business process outsourcing company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offerings and a proven track record enables us to deliver business value to companies.

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Last Minute Holiday Deals: Arrange Excellent Holiday Tour with No Tension

Today tourists can easily find last minute holiday deals in a hassle free way through the most popular and convenient online medium. Holidaying with your loved ones always gives you immense pleasure to spend some enjoyable moments with them and to take out time to get relaxed from your day to day busy schedule. Booking holiday trip at last minute gives you lot of excitement as you departure date to your favorite holiday spot is anytime soon.


Last minute holiday deals cover hotel reservation and airline tickets. With such kinds of deals you can easily book best rooms in luxury hotels without pinching your pockets and along with that you can even board domestic and international flights on any leading airlines. You can avail bets holiday deals at last minute very comfortably without leaving the comfort of your home through online medium.


With few clicks of mouse you can check out different last minute holiday deals offered by plenty online traveling websites. These deals are provided at different prices as there is a very tight competition going on among online travel agents. Thus, for entailing the suitable last minute holiday deal at discounted rates you will have to make a careful comparison. In addition, online you may also find travel guide to any holiday destinations of the world. In the given travel guide you can read detailed information about any holiday location such as climate conditions, best time to visit, famous attractions, things to do, list of restaurants, culture, history, museums, beaches, pubs, nightlife, hotels and lots more. This helps in make your holiday trip well-organized.


Just tell your requirements for booking last minute holiday deals online in a faster and easier manner. The requirements are like your departure date and time, holiday location, number of air tickets needed, flexibility and how many days you want to stay. Soon after submitting your requirements, the lucrative holiday deal at last minute will be arranged for you in a very short time.


Therefore, by seeking assistance of last minute holiday deals you can grab huge discounts and can enjoy wonderful holiday experience in a tension free manner.

Through Last Minute Holiday Deals you can get both hotel reservation and airline tickets at cheaper rates and you can also visit us at

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Desk Yoga: How to Take a 3 Minute Break

Many of us spend long stretches of time at a desk or computer, but just three minutes of desk yoga can help relieve stress, calm the mind and get blood and energy flowing more efficiently in the body.  Plus, the mental break also makes room for creativity to return.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be pain to get the motivation to stretch.  Sometimes headaches and writer’s block are also clues the body gives to tell you to take a break.

1.  Remember that your body needs to stretch and that you will feel calmer, more grounded and peaceful after breaking away with a few minutes of your time.

2. Roll away from your desk remaining seated in your chair.  Sit with your spine erect and place your hands on your knees.

3. Close your eyes and drink in a few deep breaths of air.  Fill and empty your lungs completely.  Quiet your mind by imagining your thoughts in balloons, slowly drifting towards the back of your consciousness, fading away.

4. Feel your shoulders relax and notice your feet grounded on the floor.

5.  Reach out laterally with your arms parallel to the floor, gently pulling your shoulders away from your ears.  Feel a line of energy reaching through your fingertips.  Take a few deep breaths.

6.  Next, reach up with your arms alongside your ears, straight and perpendicular to the floor.  Look up if that feels good.  Take a couple of breaths.

7.  Interlace your fingers, turn your palms toward the ceiling and lean to your left.  Hold for a few moments.  Come back to center, then laterally stretch to the right.  Keep your head in alignment between your arms.

8.  Next, hook your left inside elbow over the back of your chair, place your right hand on your left knee and gently twist to the left.  Your neck and head should be the last to turn.  Breathe.  Continue a fluid movement and repeat on the right side.

9.  Lastly, bring your body forward to lay your chest on your knees, feet still flat on the floor.  Place your hands alongside your feet and straighten your arms.  Look down at your toes so there are no wrinkles in the back of your neck.  Breathe.

10.  Interlace your fingers behind your back, gently pull your shoulder blades together and reach toward the ceiling.   Let your neck relax and breathe.  Return to your seated position and smile.

Give it a try. Happy Desk Yoga-ing!

Stacy Bergdahl is a world traveler, yoga fanatic, marketing maven and spa-goer and committed to eco-friendly life practices.  Check out my wellness resource blog Zen Friend for all things mind, body and spirit. Visit my previous travel blog at The Berglon’s Wanderlust and follow me on twitter @TheZenGirl.  Happy reading!

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Last Minute Holiday Rentals

Rush Hour and Last Minute Holiday Rentals

Rushing through the office doors, you received a letter having your holiday vacation approved. You were so elated at the start, but you remembered you need your last minute holiday advice.

It is already two weeks before the holiday season, and you do not know which places to go. You do not have to be afraid, it is easy to get a last minute holiday deals, by googling “last minute holiday deals”.

All you have to do is:

1.Google the key word “last minute holiday deals”.
2.Take note of the places where the last minute holiday deals are located, take note of the telephone number, cell-phone number, identify which country.
3.Check if there is a connecting flight from you country to your country of destination. If there is none check connecting flights.
4.Call your travel agent and get the last minute holiday deals.

Discover a Last Minute Place to Visit During the Holiday

Spot a place to go to accommodate your last minute holiday deals, check what type of things you need to bring during your holiday visit. If you have a friend to visit in the country you want to bro spend your holiday, then call him or her and ask for advice. You can request for tips on how you can get the last minute holiday deal.

If you are planning to go solo, you have to write out a plan and identify specific places to go during the holiday. If it is your first time in the city, its good to request for a referral and request for a tour guide to assist you in the city. This is important especially if it will be your first time in the country for your safety and peace of mind.

If you are coming in as a family, ask a member of the family to help you study the place where you are planning to visit. Consider clothes, place to stay, budget and which towns and establishments will you be visiting. Check on the peace and order situation of the identified place you want to stay.

Paying your Last Minute Holiday Deals

If you need last minute holiday deals, study the existing tour plan given by the agency. Consider your scheduled vacation, study terrain and modes of transportation. Identify places where you will need the help of a tourist guide. In some countries, it is safer to go in small groups rather than big groups, to avoid attracting attention. There are also some places which group tours are advisable, like Italy and France.

Once you decided which part of the globe you want to go, prepare for the cost of your trip. There are some hotels and accommodations who are willing to accept last minute holiday deals via the net. You just have to pa a small amount of reservation fee, or sometimes they are willing to take your reservation without a fee at all.

Offerring <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/3871020']);” href=””>cheap Holidays</a>, affordable last minute holiday deals. For details visit

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Finding the Best Last Minute Flight Deals

All of us have the itch to get away from the hustle and bustle of making a living and just go out and take a flight to some exotic destination. Annie Lennox couldn’t have said it any more clearly – I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody is looking for something. But traveling can be expensive, especially if you booking tickets at cost. If you want to save money, what you can do is to find the best last minute flight deals.

You can find last minute flight deals from the Internet, either from the airlines themselves, or from websites offering last minute flight deals. There are certainly a lot of choices that you can look up. You only need to look up “last minute flight” on search engines like Google.

Back when there was still no Internet, it was almost impossible to find last minute flight deals. But with the sophistication of the Internet, it is now possible to search for last minute flight deals and make your reservations with just a click of the button.

As far as airlines are concerned, all of them always want to sell empty seats before flights. They don’t necessarily advertise last minute flight deals on their website ALL THE TIME. And so what you can do is to call up the airline offices and ask for last minute flight deals.

Low cost travel sites are also one of the best places to find last minute flight deals. Do not believe that you need to book at least two weeks in advance in order to get the cheapest airfares. Many of these websites actually offer the best last minute flight deals.

To get the best last minute deals, you might want to consider taking time away from direct flights. Flights on connections cost cheaper than direct flights. If you stick to flights on connections, you will definitely save more money.

You can also save money if you stay one or two days at your destination. Of course, if you stay one or two more additional days, make sure you are staying with family or friends or have enough money to cover your hotel expenses.

Now if you are NOT ready to really stretch yourself just to come up with creative ways to save money on your travel, consider becoming a member of last minute travel clubs.

Aside from giving you deeply discounted last minute flight prices; there are other perks to memberships. Frequent traveling earns you loyalty points which you can use to “buy” other tickets for traveling – that are sure savings for you.

Since travel clubs usually have tie-ups with hotels, you can stay at hotels at discounted rates instead of the published rates. Sometimes the discounts can be as high as 65%. In choosing which travel club to join, it always pays to do your research as with anything else. Find a travel club that offers discounts to an extensive network of hotels in many major cities nationwide.

Imaculate Johnson aka Ima Johnson is an expert copywriter who loves to write and explore on variety of niche including travel and tourism, fashion and jewelery, relationships and many diverse topics. She is a freelancer and keeps letting her pen producing more and more informative and engaging articles.

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