Monthly Archives: February 2012

Building a Blog for Your Brand

Blogging and social media has become increasingly important online with a brand blog a facebook page and twitter brands can communicate with their current customers and brand followers. Importantly you can also reach out to new prospects. A common problem is to design a blog with the right look and feel that is consistent with your brand image and your website. We came across a software product named “WP Template Creator” and decided to take it for a test run.

We are amazed, the WP Template Creator software is a truly revolutionary product. Never have we created templates for webites with such ease! You can by simply clicking and no coding create the look for the blog or website you are building. No previous experience required. If you can type and click you can use this software. Best of all the WP template creator software not only creates WordPress themes you can create HTML websites, joomla templates, drupal templates with the software also. You can save your templates and then use them to create a new one for another platform should you like to. For the very low cost of this software it is of amazing value. With no design experience you can buildtruly professional looking WordPress themes and website templates in just a few minutes. The WP template generator software has both a WYSIWYG ( What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface but you can also edit HTML with the software should you like to. Most users will never have a need for this.

The benefit with the software is that you can quickly edit both top banner, colors, fonts, navigation style, footer sections, background color and gradients, patterns etc and indeed page layouts. Add stunning shading or light effects.  The interface is very intuitive, and the software can even suggest various designs for you. We used the software to build totally unique templates matching the look of website for the their company blog. Hiring a designer to do this would have taken both longer time and would have costed multiple times more. This WP theme generator software is a stunning product. You can even edit meta data like titles, descriptions and keywords with the software for good SEO. Knowing that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform this software is really the one to go for.

If you don’t have a own domain and hosting for your blog you can buy a domain, add wordpress hosting and then do your own brand look templates with the WP Template Creator and be up and running within the same day. Highly recommended!

Here is the links to the wp theme creator software and recommended  wordpress hosting where you can get your domain names for your brand blog too.