A few hints and tips when searching for budget hotels online

Searching for a budget hotel should be easy really but more often than not it’s not, simply because if you’ve never been to a place before then it’s very difficult to know what to expect and what to look for. The obvious first option for anyone looking for a budget hotel in the UK or another country is to look online and potentially source a few hotels in the local area – the obvious operators in the UK are Travelodge and Premier Inn, however there are obviously similar options in other countries, and in particular the USA. Once you have found a few hotels then go directly to the hotel website in question and look around a little bit for their average room rates; this is also a good opportunity to find out whether they have any special offers or promotions running.

The next step is to use the price you have found for the hotels you have looked at so far and then use a price comparison service – there are hundreds of these sites in the UK devoted exclusively to serving up the best prices on hotels, but two of the best ones include Travel Supermarket and Trip Advisor. Both of these options have a terrific breadth of results and can be used for comparing hotels in different currencies, by user ratings and most importantly, by price. The important thing to watch out for when reviewing these sites are taxes – a lot of countries can charge additional tax on top of the daily room rate, which means you may end up paying more. This is something you should always check out prior to booking a room, otherwise you may end up with a nasty surprise.

One of the best ways to find luxury hotels at cheap prices is to use a service like lastminute.com. At lastminute.com they have a secret hotels function which enables consumers looking for bargains to find the best prices on hotels which are looking to get rid of unused or surplus rooms. These hotels are kept secret (the hotel owners do not wish to reveal the name of their hotel mainly because it would cause a lot of dissatisfaction amongst their full paying clientele) however you are guaranteed that the hotel in question is between three and five stars.

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