No excuses with safety measures while you go for skydiving

Every unique thing comes along numerous if and but. Even about skydiving, we have often encountered numerous contradictory queries. For instance, we use to hear that one can’t breathe while he or she is free falling. It is certainly not true; otherwise jumpers would never be conscious whenever they reached the ground. Similarly, other fear factor is that chute may not open. Though nowadays, most chutes are rigged with automatic opening devices and not opening your chute on time shouldn’t really be a worry.

Despite extreme safety measures, people worry about skydiving. Here comes a name ‘’ and fabulous services of GoSkyDive. To that end, experts suggest that tandem skydiving is an excellent way to experience the sport without worrying about the nagging doubts that plague people’s minds. usually prefer tandem jumping. First time skydivers and students use to attend approximately thirty minutes of instruction. In these minutes, they interact with the instructors they will be jumping with. Leading professional like GoSkyDive showcases instructional videos about the jump, safety procedures, and accurate fitting of equipments. Besides that, students are taught about leaving the aircraft, free falling, and what to do in terms of body position during the landing cycle.

Let’s try to understand the whole skydiving process. Till now, we have been acknowledged about training session. After completion of training session, tandem students and instructors board the plane for the fifteen to twenty minute flight to the drop zone. Eventually, instructors make final reviews about procedures with students. Generally, they leave the plane at about fourteen thousand feet for the final action.

Sometimes, instructors allow their students to steer the chute to the landing zone. They believe that this sort of action boosts their confidence and they encouraged towards skydiving. These sorts of experiences invoke variety of emotion which can be felt only and no word can explain that. The point should be noted that many people only attempt it once, while others make a career out of it. So, significance of skydiving varies person to person.

At last, it is also true that everyone will wish to look into its own comfort during sky diving, but there should not be any compromise with safety measures. Hence, most companies that offer their services for taking people soaring skyward and advising them on the moment to drop, include the price of equipment rental in their fee.

Go skydive is the number one choice for your tandem skydive, attractions byron bay, skydiving, skydiving Australia , holidays byron bay, brisbane byron bay, luxury byron bay, backpacker byron bay, backpackers byron bay , byron backpackersYou will amazing views of Ballina and Byron Bay will land you in our beautiful waterfront landing area.

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For those taking flights to Washington!

The article below intends to update information about this place for those taking flights to Washington. It is a District of Columbia and is commonly referred to as Washington. It is the capital of United States. It is located on the northern bank of the river Potomac. It is overseen by a federal government. It is bordered by the Virginia in the southwest and Maryland on the other sides. It has a population of 5.4 billion. It is the eight largest metropolitan area of the country. Its total area is 86.3 square miles. The Potomac River, Rock River and the Anacstia River are the major natural flowing streams in the district. It is a place which has a collection of monuments which anecdotes the history of one of the wealthiest and powerful nation of the universe.

Knowing the climate of the place is important before boarding Washington flights. This destination offers a humid subtropical climate. It had four distinct seasons. Here summers are humid and hot. Frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes are common during this time. Winters are cool and its typical features are heavy rains, occasional snow and high winds. The most beautiful time to visit this place is when spring falls which is usually from April to mid-May. Winter sees few tourists as it is less attractive that time but it is actually a great time to visit as the temperatures remain mild with very sporadic snowfall.

Thousands of people book flights to Washington as this metropolis offers a lot to its guests. It is a home to many parks that are a good place for hangout as well as offers biking and hiking. The most famous of the parks is The Mall which is an open large area in the centre of the city filled with a number of monuments, memorials, museums, and monumental government buildings which are recognizable to people all over the globe. Some of which are of wide international recognition like The White House, the US Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, the Air and Space Museum and a lot more.

The Roosevelt Island holds Teddy Roosevelt Memorial is a must visit for all. It is a place away from the hustle bustle of the city. Point Reno in the Fort Reno Park is the highest natural point in the region. In the district 19.4% consists of parkland. This capital of United States is a planned city which has the nations most treasured and priceless monuments parks and museums like Washington Monument, White House, and Lincoln Memorial which are globally recognizable and of immense importance to the mankind. Those people planning to visit the destination should keep these points in mind and book the tickets early to get the cheap flights to Washington.

Robert Moore is an independent Travel Agent consultant who advises and counsels Cheap Flights, how to book flights, last minute flights, airline tickets, air fare deals and direct flights deals and offers information for your travel how to find Flights to Washington etc.

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A Lesson from South Korea

How calm, present, and non-anxious can you stay in a life-threatening crisis?

A BBC News report from John Sudworth in Seoul, South Korea, says that the recent skirmish between North and South Korea “is of a different order” from the usual exchanges between the two nations. It seem that civilians were killed in the shelling of the South Korean island by the North.

So how are people handing this? Realizing it could escalate into all-out war on the peninsula that would wreck the South Korean economy, what are people doing to prepare?

Well, actually, nothing.

The BBC report goes on to say that “there is no sense of panic here in the capital Seoul. This busy, bustling city has been going about life as normal…”

There’s no hoarding of provisions or desperate flurry of last-minute flight bookings out of South Korea. Says the BBC reporter, “North Korea is simply a fact of life that South Koreans have learned to live with for many years.”

If we get into our thoughts and let them have free rein, there are so many possible tragic scenarios we could imagine for our own life, ranging from being a victim of terrorism to being in a car crash, losing our income, a fire devastating our home, or being traumatized, injured, or killed in a crime.

In contrast to the people of Seoul, many in countries like the United States arehoarding, expecting a collapse of the economy. And there are blogs and newsletters online that promote the fear that drives this.

Years ago on the Tonight show, Johnny Carson did a piece that was tongue-in-cheek about a toilet paper shortage. There was no shortage—until the day after the show.

Do you remember back when there was an announcement of a shortage of oil, and gas stations were emptied because people came in droves to fill up, lining up for blocks?

Most of the crises we find ourselves in are created by thought—ours, or that of someone else.

In his second book, Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle comments:

Thinking that is not rooted in awareness becomes self-serving and dysfunctional. Cleverness devoid of wisdom is extremely dangerous and destructive. That is the current state of most of humanity.

Eckhart adds:

The next step in human evolution is to transcend thought. This is now our urgent task.

If consciousness prompts you to a particular action, such as vacating a city or country, that is one thing. But if actions come from thought, they are bound to backfire.

There is a lesson in the behavior of the people of Seoul. It’s not that they are living in a peaceful situation that never evokes worry, or that they are particularly conscious, but that they are able to go on with life despite this kind of threat. There is a measure ofpresence in this.

After all, one isn’t either not present at all or totally present. Presence happens to different degrees, at different levels in different situations. The universe has lots of shades of gray, little that’s either black or white.

Elsewhere, Eckhart asks, “What problem do you have at this moment?” Not when you get to the office in twenty minutes, but right now in this minute.

The only thing that takes us out of this moment is thought.

Consciousness operates in the now, not in speculation about the future. So if the South Koreans can go about their lives in the face of a serious threat, can we not live our life without becoming so anxious and spreading such panic, with its loss of confidence, that we bring down an economy?


David Robert Ord is author of Your Forgotten Self Mirrored in Jesus the Christ and the audio book Lessons in Loving–A Journey into the Heart, both from Namaste Publishing, publishers of Eckhart Tolle and other transformational authors.


If you would like to go deeper into being your true self, powerfully present in the now, we invite you to enjoy the daily blog Consciousness Rising –






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Cottages in Manali – The Himalayan Resort and Spa

The Himalayan is a newly opened boutique resort lying amidst apple and cherry orchards, a convenient fifteen minutes walk from the Manali Mall.

Nestled in the ethereal beauty of North India, is flanked by the cedar forests of Dhungree & conveniently overlooks the town of Manali.  is the ideal destination for those seeking seclusion & tranquility, as it is neatly tucked away, in its own cul de sac. Built in the Victorian Gothic Revival style,  has impressive antique furniture & objet’s d’art chosen by its owner. Grandeur, elegance & style conspire to create intimacy & warmth without pretension.  fine blend of originality & classic English quality will appeal to the lovers of tradition who dare to be a little different. The Himalayan  is equipped with all comforts that discerning patrons are accustomed to.

Currently through the month of April we offer eight cottages, each with a master bedroom, junior bedroom complete with independent attached bathrooms, dining and drawing space with their own functional fire place. The cottages are equipped with kitchenettes with all modern appliances. All cottages have their own cosy gardens, balconies and mountain views.

Safe and ample parking is available on the premises. Drivers dormitory is also provided.

Beginning the month of May, we will also be offering eight luxurious rooms in the castle, some of which can accommodate up to 3/4 persons. Additional facilities in May will include a restaurant, swimming pool, Lawn Tennis court, Gymnasium, and a Trampoline for children.

A fully equipped Conference area, Bar and Spa will be operational subsequently.


North Western Indian Himalayas, 570 kms. from the National capital of Delhi, in the state of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 2003 metres above sea level. Manali is located at 32.16°N  77.10°E . Manali town center is a short of 15 minutes walk from 



Summer temperatures range between 26°C and 12°c.

Winter temperatures vary between 12°C to sub zero.




A short 45 minute flight from Delhi to Kullu’s Bhuntar airport followed a one hour 50 km. drive to Manali.


Chandigarh is the most convenient railhead available. The other closer railheads available are at Jogindernagar followed by a 175 km. drive to Manali as well as Simla. The leisurely rail journey from Chandigarh to Simla is undertaken on a narrow gauge rail track & is rather pleasurable.


570 kms. from Delhi the drive is 310 kms. from Chandigarh & 265 kms. from Simla. From Delhi the drive is covered in about 12 hours by car. Regular taxis to Manali also ply from these locations. Himachal Tourism & Himachal State Transport also run regular Luxury Volvo Buses to Manali.



The Himalayan offers 8 Manali cottages .The himalayan is a high end boutique Manali resort.

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Spontaneous Romantic Dates

Every now and again relationships need something extra to spice them up. This is by no means a bad thing, rather life just gets in the way of spending quality time together. There are plenty of ways to mix things up, but the best method has to be a spontaneous romantic date – after all there is nothing quite so romantic as dropping everything and dashing off somewhere with that special someone.


The important thing to remember is that these spontaneous dates don’t have to be anything big, rather they are about surprise and taking some time to show someone else how much they mean to you. So you can simply pop out at lunch and surprise your partner at lunch, or cook them a special dinner complete with flowers and their favourite drink. Relationships are truly about the little things, and spontaneous details are the way to anyone’s heart – just be sure to do these things all the time, they will make you both happier.


Of course you can take off on something slightly larger – say you are having a quiet evening and can’t be bothered cooking dinner, why not head out to your partner’s favourite restaurant on a whim? Life is too short to avoid such little pleasures. You can also go the other way and plan an elaborate surprise date complete with flowers, candles and horse drawn carriages (or maybe that is a bit too much). These spontaneous dates don’t need to happen all the time, yet it is still best to do them once every couple of months – they are a true treat.


Finally, you can go for broke. Let’s say both of you have the day off at work – why not take a wee jaunt to the airport and hop on a last minute flight to a sunny destination. You can get to Spain or Greece in just a few hours and you can have an amazing, entirely spontaneous, mini-holiday. It will be perfect to spend those precious hours together without a care in the world, and, best of all, there is no way you would have predicted this paradisiacal retreat a few days earlier.


Relationships are the best things in our lives, yet they take a bit of work to maintain. Luckily, most of this effort is a real pleasure – this certainly applies to spontaneous dates as they can be a great time. After all, what could be more fun than hopping on a last minute holiday with that special someone.

Chris Miles is an accomplished travel blogger. He enjoys all types of holidays, especially those which take him to the beach.

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Resorts and Villas in Goa – The Dream Spots

Goa is a dream destination famous for its beaches and resorts. You will indeed have fun at this place. You can come to India to have a long trip of Goa and it will satisfy you.  Come to this place and book a You can book it for the number of days you want to. You can stay in these resorts near the beaches, some secluded spots or near some architectural wonders and it will really be an amazing experience with your lover.

When you book , you will really feel having got the best.   If you are the lover of the sea, you will take the sea side resorts. You will have a nice experience while spending the holidays in these resorts. The spa treatments will really make you and your lover relaxed. It will be followed by some mouth watering food which will really rejuvenate the vigor in your body.  You can also have few wine shots or some mugs of chilled beer. This will soothe you and you can make love with your wife in the resort. These are the golden moments.

You can also get luxury . This can be an expensive vacation but you can have all the fun and luxury you ever needed in your life. When you go to the luxury resorts, you will have all the high quality facilities and you will be made to feel like a king.

This is a beautiful resort located at Canacana in the southern part of Goa. It is a beautiful place with the modern amenities and all sources of luxury. You can reach this resort in a span of 45 minutes from the railway station of Madgaon. From the airport of Goa, it is a drive of 90 minutes.

You can find the fascinating premises with a complete privacy.  These are located near the beach.  You have big bedrooms and spacious areas in these villas making them the ideal resting spots for any tourist. You also have the two garages in these villas for cars. You have the private swimming pools and complete entry to the beach. It is really an experience of life to have a stay in these villas.

You will find the location of these villas in the 85 acre lush green site of the Intercontinental Lalit Goa.  It is a ten minute flight by helicopter from airport and takes an hour by car. When you live in these exotic villas, you will also get all the facilities of Intercontinental Lalit Resorts.

You have facilities in these beach villas. You have plush interiors, landscaped gardens. You have the pools and the private bedrooms are associated with designed bathrooms having Jacuzzi Baths. You also have the modular kitchen with all facilities.

Come to Goa for a stay in exclusive villas and resorts near the famous or beautiful beaches. These are called magic moments. 



Tiya Kaur has deep interest in writing informative articles on Travel and tourism India.  Also given her words to a portal Resorts in Goa where one can find info on Luxury Hotels in Goa.

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Property in Poland Beats the Rest

11th June 2007- London

Property investment experts Emerging Places have stated that they believe Poland is the best emerging property market in the world to invest in. They have even launched a new company Emerging Poland to provide investment opportunities across Poland and help investors capitalise on the rapidly growing Polish property market.

In Poznan, located in the west of Poland property prices grew by an average of 11.3% in the month of April alone. Most of this demand was fuelled by local Polish people seizing the opportunity to get on the property ladder. As in the UK there is a shortage of property in Poland, especially new build apartments. As the Polish population are becoming wealthier, they have higher standards and are looking to move out of older communist blocks into new apartments.

There is a growing middle class in Poland with much of the countries work force moving to the cities in search of work and better prospects. Investment in Poland is very strong and unemployment is falling, there are good employment prospects for young people in the cities. This is leading to a greater demand for housing and good quality housing is what is sought after.

Director of Emerging Poland Patrick Martin comments “In Poznan we are seeing new apartments coming on to the market and being sold straight away. Most of this demand is from local people. The market is very exciting and there is still a lot of potential amongst Poland’s smaller cities for prices to rise from a lower starting point compared with more established markets such as Warsaw and Krakow.”

Emerging Poland has new developments for sale across Poland and also offers a consultancy service for investors. They produce reports on each development that they sell explaining the reasons why they think it is a good investment.

“I can’t emphasise enough how exciting the market is at the moment, and that now is most certainly the time to invest” says Patrick Martin.

Cities such as Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lodz are investment hotspots at the moment. But smaller cities that are less well known such as Olsztyn also have a huge amount of potential for property investors. These cities often have large student populations and so buying to let to students can often be lucrative.

With Poznan only a 1 hour 45 minute flight away from London and cheap flights available from many other cities in the UK it is an easy country to visit.

For more information visit

Emerging Poland

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Consolidators Could Find A person Cheap Flights

Article by Dakota Lindal

The average person is not going to fly frequently. A business person on the other hand might fly up to three times per month. This kind of individual will be on the hunt to get cheap flights, especially if they’re the business owner and paying for the flights themselves. This is where airfare consolidators enter into play.

The airfare consolidator buys a lot of tickets from flight companies and then resells them. Given that they buy so many tickets, they get them at a discounted rate. What this means is purchasing the air tickets form an airfare consolidator can get you cheap flights, or at least more affordable compared to going directly through the airline itself.

If you use airfare consolidators to get cheap flights, be aware that you should not expect excellent after sales assistance. They are interested in selling as many tickets as possible, not in looking after their clients afterwards. If you’re the kind of individual who likes receiving prompt and personal service, rather make use of a regular local travel agency for getting your flights booked.

When prices increase, like over the times of year when everyone is heading on holiday and flying to other countries, it can be really worth your while to get cheap flights through an airfare consolidator. They are able to make as much as 30 % difference to the cost of the tickets. This amounts to a great deal, especially if you happen to be travelling with the family or a country where tickets are very pricey anyway, at any time of the year.

They also come in handy if you’re travelling on short notice. Airlines demand extra for people booking at the last minute, airfare consolidators are simply happy to sell the ticket, they often do not charge more for last minute bookings.

You need to be careful about altering your plan. Airfare consolidators can get very touchy about this type of thing and could ask you for a lot of administrative fees to change your flight plans and the like. Before committing to cheap flights from airfare consolidators ensure that you know what the terms and conditions of the deal are and what the fees of a cancellation will be.

It is possible to get cheap flights once you know best places to look. One more technique which does not expose you to the risks associated with airfare consolidators is to book far in advance. Many airlines will likely make their tickets available up to six months ahead of time. This is actually the cheapest time to buy tickets. If you can plan that far ahead, do, you will save lots of money in the long run. Tickets become more expensive the nearer to the flight you get. They are at their most expensive on the day of the fight and you might not even get a seat should you leave it that late.

The moral of the tale is, that in order to get cheap flights you could either use airfare consolidators or you can reserve quite far in advance.

For more information on cheap flights, go to

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How to Remain Healthy During Flights

Article by Melanie Hogeveen

There could be number of stressful situations when you travel by flights. There are potential health problems as well as aggravation of existing conditions while being airborne. However you can prevent such problems by being prepared in advance.

Before you board a flight, you can keep the following points in mind. You must arrive early at the airport and avoid the stress of rushing to the airport at the last minute. Most airports require walking for long distances so you need to be prepared for that, like wearing comfortable shoes. Save your breath by using free luggage trolleys to lug your baggage. Reduce nervousness by some light reading at the airport as you are waiting for the flight. Before the flight take a short walk to get your blood pumping to reduce chances of DVT( Deep Vein Thrombosis). Combat dehydration by drinking lots of water.

You must take the following cautions. Do not fly soon after surgery. The change in atmospheric pressure may delay healing. Avoid travel if you have cold, flu or sinus infection, the cabin pressure may make the conditions worse. Part of staying healthy is to be insured for health problems and sickness while traveling, Get travel insurance to take care of expensive treatment while traveling. Keep all medications with you in your hand baggage as well as a copy of your medical history.

During the flight you can take the following measures:

1. Abstain from Caffeinated drinks or alcohol: They tend to add to the dehydration experienced inside air cabins.

2. Avoid a heavy meal before a flight as it will lead to an upset stomach because of immobility.

3. Every hour rise from your seat and move around for a couple of minutes. Immobility causes swollen feet, aching joints and muscles and even indigestion

4. Do mild exercise: Jiggle your legs up and down as if you are pedaling and avoid sitting cross-legged. Wear a pair of elastic support stockings to promote blood flow.

5. During take off and landing, it is good to suck or swallow sweets or hold your nose as it will equalize the pressure and prevent ear and sinus pain.

6. Danger to infection is high: Since in cabin air is not humid, the body becomes dehydrated. This along with drying out of protective mucosa of nose and mouth results in spreading of infections. Wearing a protective mask especially if you are low on immunity after a recent sickness is a good idea.

7. Travelers with history of motion sickness can avoid their motion sickness by taking anti- motion sickness pills before the flight takes off.

8. Keep all your medications ready with you in your hand baggage. Ask your doctor for more prescriptions in case of emergency. Do not leave behind any medication especially heart medicines.

Remaining healthy on flights must be your number one concern even if you are frequent flier or a rare traveler. Without these precautions, you are at the mercy of adverse circumstances and dangerous situations caused by health problems.Flights need not be feared for causing health problems as with adequate precautions you can be prepared to meet any eventuality.

Melanie Hogeveen is an expert writer in varied fields and has been doing research on several topics for the past several years. She is renowned for her advices and tips on buying products. For more details please visit flights.

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Villa Camilla – European Elegance and Wild Natural Beauty in Panama

Panama’s diverse tourism attractions are divided into ten geographic zones, ranging from islands in the Caribbean to the Darien jungles, but few zones offer the riches of the Arco Seco. This zone encompasses the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula, which juts into the Pacific only a 40-minute flight or an easy drive on well-maintained highways from the capital.

Here you will discover rich folkloric traditions, sleepy fishing villages, surfing beaches, local crafts, some of the best Carnival celebrations in the nation, and the relaxed pace of an earlier world.

Villa Camilla, an exclusive boutique hotel that opened in 2005, overlooks a dramatic coastline of hidden coves and broad beaches. It is the cornerstone of Azueros, a high-end resort community committed to preserving the local beauty.

Nearby are the turquoise waters and brilliantly colored reef of Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge, the turtle nested beaches of Isla Cañas and the famed Venado surfing beach. Villa Camilla is on the “Tuna Coast,” one of the world’s best deep-sea fishing destinations. Anyone with a scientific bent shouldn’t miss the Achotines Tuna Laboratory, an international research facility.

Even with such allures, it is hard to leave the Villa’s graceful architecture, which combines intricate design details from around the world with the flavors of the region. Created by French architect Gilles Saint-Gilles and built with Old World craftsmanship rooted in 16th century Europe, Villa Camilla is a window into a bygone era, which can be revisited without sacrificing modern amenities like a high-speed Internet connection or moon bath exfoliation massages.

Each of the seven spacious guestrooms is unique and beautifully appointed with fanciful names such as Jasmine and Hibiscus. Artisan bricks and indigenous woods mix with elegant cream-toned fabrics to guarantee a calm and restful atmosphere. Soft light diffuses through the slates of teak doors, spilling across warm terracotta floors and reflecting off smooth Venetian plaster walls.

Public spaces include sun terraces, manicured gardens, museum-quality displays of pre-Colombian artifacts, reflective nooks and a swimming pool accommodating both exercise and sunset conversations. Elegant meals, a fusion of French and regional cuisine, are served at intimate candlelit tables or in the shared conviviality of a long banquet table recalling medieval grandeur.

Villa Camilla is only 10 kilometers down a country lane through pastureland and tropical dry forest from the fishing village of Pedasi. The village has maintained its character while adding amenities such as restaurants and bakeries, car and scooter rentals, a dive and scuba shop, a small library, boating and fishing operators and an airstrip welcoming charter and three commercial flights weekly from Panama City.

It is best to reserve one of the Villa’s seven guestrooms in advance, but returning guests are always remembered. Some decide never to leave and have their own or masterfully crafted homes created by Mr. Saint-Gilles with the same attention given to Villa Camilla.

With a variety of residences, from Ocean Lofts to country villas surrounded by private nature reserves, owners will also have access to turn-key options, property management, village shops, organic vegetables from the Azueros gardens, and a beach club and spa among other first-class amenities.

On the official list of ten tourist zones, the Arco Seco is number three. But when seen from the Villa Camilla of Azueros, it is Panama’s premier destination for wild natural beauty coupled with Old World elegance.

Asia Sherman is a media consultant and writer currently living in Panama.

For more information on Panama projects, visit:

Address: Los Destiladeros, Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama

Reservations: (507) 232-6721 or (507) 6670-6721



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