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There is an amount of novelty associated with flying to a holiday destination. But then, the cost of flying can be prohibitive. There are ways in which you can get cheap flight tickets, save on some money and spend more on your holiday. Here are a few ways you can go about it. Many people tend to research tickets online and then buy offline. This is actually a wrong move and you can end up spending more on paper processing. Instead, book your ticket online and this works towards saving money, especially when you are booking for a family.

A little know trick is to clear all the cookies on your computer when you are researching websites and are returning to one you like. Online websites for airfare, tend to latch on to your cookies to track you and then quote a higher price for the ticket simply because they know you are interested.

Keep in mind that most airlines revise airfares just around midnight.

If you time your research right you are bound to find some really cheap flight tickets. Try and trim do your holiday to little less than a month’s time. 30 days is the maximum given for return airfare, following which the prices for the tickets get higher.

If your child is less than 2 years old, then she qualifies for a free ticket. For a few hours of comfort, you could end up spending a lot of money if you buy a separate ticket for her. Be a little flexible about your onward and return journey dates. This helps in getting you decent airfares.

Another smart idea is to try and travel towards the end of the peak season or just before it begins. Rates tend to be a little cheaper before the skyrocket for the rest of the season. In fact buying early enough, during the off season period will really help. Think of buying your airfare from courier companies that use flights.

They will give you lower priced tickets in exchange for buying your luggage space. If you are constantly on the move, then you should enroll in a frequent flyer program and avail of the discounts.

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