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If you are newly retired you will now find you have a lot more time on your hands to spend your time on things you enjoy. Travelling and discovering new places is a brilliant way to explore new and exciting things you may not have had the opportunity or time to do before. As the cold weather is beginning to set in and you are searching through your winter wardrobe, this is the time to book your winter sun holiday for January or February. Pure Holiday Homes invites you to escape to some of the world’s top winter destinations outside of peak time.

The benefits of travelling during January of February include off- peak costs, allowing you to get more for your money. Travelling during this period also allows you to extend your options as your money can often take you further, enabling you to explore new places that you may not have been able to reach before. The off peak season is also inviting as there is a lower amount of tourists giving a better atmosphere and less crowds when exploring cultural points of interests.

Now that you have left the world of full time work, why not reward yourself with a well deserved long break. Not only are they better value for money, but they allow you to settle into the local way of life and seek new experiences. Pure Holiday Homes provides you with an array of accommodation options across the globe, so now that you have time for yourself, why not bring out your adventurous side and travel across the globe.

Some of the best destinations to visit during the beginning of the year include Cyprus, Southern Italy and Morocco. Each of these places can offer you not only a chance to escape the dreary climate of the UK, but also beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and environments where you can experience luxury and tranquillity.

Self catering holidays offer you flexibility as well as comfort. Not only is it cheaper than staying in a hotel but self catering villas and apartment provide you with home comforts such as washing machines and the luxury of space. Pure Holiday Homes provides a vast range of properties perfect for winter sunshine, which enables you to really explore the country and not stuck in a generic hotel room.

The south of Spain is a fantastic long term rental option. Not only is the weather much warmer than the UK during the end of the winter, but the different regions offer something for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking, fishing or just relax by the pool, you can in Spain. Pure Holiday Homes offers the charming studio cottage (property ref: 18082), with floral vines and private pool. As the cottage is self catered, it allows you to explore local markets and taste authentic Spanish food during your time there.

Italian cities such as Rome and Campania are wonderful locations to fully explore during a longer stay. See the historical sites, discover Italian art and of course try the famous Italian cuisine. On a longer break during January and February, you can fully take advantage of your self-catering and use it as a base, to take yourself on am Italian adventure. Pure Holiday Homes offers the stylish two bedroom apartment in the heart of Rome (property ref: 18264), for only £1,400 per week.

Morocco culture and winter climate will enrapture your imagination and provide you with an extensive list of things to do. The temperate climate is a welcome environment to discover the treasures and wonders of Moroccan culture. Pure Holiday Homes offers the one bedroom apartment in the centre of Marrakech (property ref: 17889), which is perfect for a retired couple to escape to during the winter blues.

Pure Holiday Homes provides many long stay options if you desire winter sun and adventures. You can truly discover and experience the country when you stay in a self catering property.

Pure Holiday Homes is a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties within the UK and abroad for holiday makers seeking great value, flexibility and a large variety of holiday options. Pure Holiday Homes presents properties in 56 different countries, with thousands of properties in destinations such as France, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Spain. The website offers user-friendly, effective and quick ways to book and search the ideal holiday home. There are no hidden costs or fees as holidaymakers deal direct with the property owners.

Pure Holiday Homes currently has a catalogue of over 13,000 homes which is expected to grow to 30,000 properties by the end of 2011. The website is perfect not only for holiday makers to find that perfect holiday rental, but is also a cost-effective way for homeowners to market their properties, for a modest £147 subscription. This competitive listing price is approximately half of that of most, more established companies in this sector.

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Pure Holiday Homesis a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties at home and abroad for holidaymakers seeking better value, more flexibility and greater choice.

Pure Holiday Homesoffers fast, efficient and user-friendly ways to search and book that perfect holiday rental. Holidaymakers deal direct with owners so there are no hidden costs or fees. The website currently features over 13,000 properties, state-of-the-art search functions, and opportunities for last minute deals as well as fantastic early bird savings.


Other services include the section, helping holidaymakers to choose the very best of summer holiday homes, charming cottages and seaside retreats, as well as many lovely properties in France and Italy. The section reminds fun-loving travellers to book their accommodation in time for some of the most exciting events. The latest additions to the website are highlighted in .


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Sean Thompson writes about Travel and self-catered accommodation news. is a innovative new holiday accommodation portal. Find your perfect holiday home, villa, cottage or chalet from our vast database of luxury properties worldwide.

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Cheap last minute – Thrilling and adventurous last minute planning

Article by Lastminuteusvacations

Last minute cheap holidays: Vacations is the time to refocus and balance our busy lives, especially in this hectic 24/7 world. Taking that much deserved break is good for your health, work, and family life. Last Minute vacations provides superior service to ensure your next vacation exceeds your expectations. Are you interested in relaxing and unwinding on a tropical beach, need some quality time with your family, want to plan an intimate and romantic escape with your partner, crave a quick cheap getaway, or perhaps travel to some new exotic ports for adventure? Either if you looking for a last minute Cruise deal or planning the trip of your dreams, contacting Last minute vacations can be the Right choice.

Decades before, the only way to get a great deal on a vacation is to book your trip many months in advance. But this is really only half the story, because while it is possible to get a great price by booking far in advance, you can also find many bargains on travel booked at the last minute. If you have a spontaneous personality, you may find yourself occasionally making plans on the spur of the moment. And sometimes when life gets hectic and complicated, we can all use a last-minute getaway to relax and unwind from the pressure. If you find yourself craving just such a getaway, keep these tips in mind to find the best deals on last-minute travel.

The first rule of last-minute vacation trip is to keep an open mind about your destination. If you decide that you must go to a certain location at the last minute, it can be very hard to find a bargain. This is especially true with popular tourist destinations, such as San Francisco, New York, California etc…But if you remain open to the possibility of trying out a new vacation destination and more out-of-the-way destination, it is possible to have a great vacation getaway at a bargain price. For example, flights and hotels to lesser-known tourist destinations are often sharply discounted at the last-minute in an attempt to fill seats and hotel rooms.

Purchasing a package vacation deal saves you lots of money and a hassle- free option. Dealing with separate hotels, rental car companies, and airlines vastly maximized the amount of paperwork and detail you have to keep up with. Purchasing a package deal simplifies the entire process and provides you with a full vacation itinerary to keep everything organized and straightforward.

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