Explore Honk Kong – List of Attractions for All Taking Flights to Hong Kong

Article by Chrish Watson

Situated on the southern coast of the Pearl River and South China Sea this metropolis is included in the SARs (Special Administrative Regions) of the PRC (People’s Republic of China). During the last few years it has gained a lot of popularity and is among the most visited tourist destinations of the world. It is visited by more than 2.5 million people every year. The Walt Disney situated here makes it a great holiday spot for children’s too. Those who wish to visit this city should book their tickets in advance so as to avail cheap flights to Hong Kong and to avoid last minute disappointment. The region is well known for its natural beauty and fast lifestyle. Lets us discuss some of the places of attraction that visitors can visit while touring the region:

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Opened in 1980s this is an amazing place to visit with family and friends. Since it is centrally located this fabulous underwater water park can be easily reached out by taking a taxi or the local bus. This place provides a totally different experience for their visitors. It is definitely a must visit for those taking flights to Hong Kong for the first time. It has a huge variety of species of fresh as well as coastal water animals. The place provides many activities where the visitors get to participate. Some of them include swimming with fishes, feeding fishes and kissing dolphins to name just a few. One can also get his or her entry tickets booked online to a void last minute rush.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Situated on Chatham Road eastern side this is a great museum to visit. It is certain that those taking Hong Kong flights have a great time here. The museum is well known for its architecture and cleanliness. It is the best place in the world where one can learn about the existence and history of this metropolis. For making your trip well informative and entertaining it is best recommended to take the guided tours. It also holds many exhibitions every month where visitors get to buy selected art pieces. The best day to visit the museum is Wednesday when the entrance is free. It is a great place to bring along children where they get to learn a lot of things in a playful manner and can also participate in many activities.

Ladies Market

Located at Tung Choi Street this is the best place in town for any shopaholic. The market is filled with brightly lit stalls that offer a great shopping experience. It is the best place to grab inexpensive stuffs which include bags, accessories, clothing, footwear, designer apparels, home décor and much more. It is well know for its vibrancy and this is what makes it one of the most explored hotspots in town by all taking cheap flights to Hong Kong. One should not forget to bargain while shopping here. It also offers great local cuisine which one should not miss.

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New Attractions in Orlando Florida

The theme parks and other tourist attractions are constantly working to change, upgrade and improve their facilities in order to keep up with their competitors. The ordinary tourist is the beneficiary of this fierce competition, and this year is no exception with many parks adding new sections and rides. Here is a brief guide to some of the changes you can expect to find in the Orlando area this year. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park underwent significant renovations and now features a new water park as well a special exhibition highlighting the history of the gardens and adventure park. The animal and ride areas of the park have been closed however. You can get more information about this attraction by calling them at 863-324-2111

A new attraction opened on the International Drive. It is the International Heli-Tours. They offer aerial tours of the entire area including Orlando, Kissimmee, the Disney Resort and the Universal Resort. They also make specialty tours which include celebrity house sightings, fireworks viewing and alligator searches. Their tours are priced at and up. Call them at 407-239-8687 for more details.

WonderWorks opened a new exhibit which is designed to “challenge your mind.” “Mindball” is a table top game that puts a new twist to competition, because it measures a participant’s success by his or her calmness. You can win this game if you are more relaxed than your opponents. Players and audience can watch the mental process of the games players because their brain wave activity is measured electronically and then presented on a large 53 inch monitor. Call them at 707-351-8800 for more information.

SeaWorld is one of the big attractions of Orlando and they opened a new roller coaster that takes the rider from the heights of the sky right to the surface of the sea and below. You can see underwater habitats and soar with your face down at speeds of about 60 mph and come to within inches of the water. If you don’t want to ride on the roller coaster you can still enjoy this attraction by viewing the 300 rays visible in a floor to ceiling window. For more information about this ride or other sections of Seaworld call them at 407-351-3600.

Not to be outdone by SeaWorld, Universal Studios has also opened a new high-tech roller coaster. Each rider has an on-board LED screen and can choose which songs he or she wants to accompany them on the ride. On top of that, when the ride is finished you get to take home a musical video of the ride. The name of this new roller coaster is Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, so if you are at Universal Studios, make sure you check out this new roller coaster. Soaring in the air is always a lot of fun, and Walt Disney World has opened an attraction that is sure to appeal to everyone who has wanted to view the word from the vantage point of a high flying bird. This attraction is called Characters in Flight and it consists of a giant tethered helium balloon which carries up to 30 guests to an altitude of 400 feet. It is a six minute flight giving the visitor a panoramic view of Disney World and beyond and costs for adults and for children aged 3-9. So try out some of the new attractions if you are here for your second or third time. If you are a newcomer to Orlando, then just visit the attractions that suit your fancy.

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Paris Hotels And Tourist Attractions

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Paris is also world’s fashion center and a treasury of art masterpieces. The soft tinkling of wine glasses and images of ‘Haute Couture’ grasps one’s mind, as one thinks of searching for Paris hotels. Paris attracts millions of tourists every year; over 1500 hotels – more than anywhere in the world – open their doors, giving their guests a hearty welcome. Leading hotel booking websites offer great opportunities to business and leisure travelers worldwide to find and book the best of Discount Paris hotels in an efficient and cost-effective way.

They keep a tab of all the quality hotels in Paris and update them regularly to provide you the best possible and latest information on different Paris hotels and their facilities. Relevant information on Cheap Hotels in Paris provided by such websites ensures you a smooth ride to this fashionable French city that you will cherish lifelong.

Paris, the French capital, is divided in two by the majestic River Seine. It is the place that dictates the fashion trend in personal wardrobes worldwide. With plenty cheap Paris hotels around, this city is an eternal tourist attraction. The multi-faceted reputation of Paris trudges past the revered title of ‘Fashion Capital of Europe’ to attract modern tourists. To keep at par with the growth in tourism, the number of Discount Paris hotels has also increased.

Politically and commercially, Paris is buzzing with global trade and commerce and nestles the headquarters of OECD and the UNESCO among others. In fact, economically, Paris and its metropolitan suburbs boast of a prosperity level that can overcast the financial status of a nation. In this regard, it can be said that the growing demand for cheap Paris hotels is helping in bolstering the national economy, further.

The commercial success of Paris is solidified by the existence of about 30% of France’s government employees and 40% of the headquarters of French companies inside the city territories. It enjoys the reputation of being the third largest metropolitan of Europe with an internationally recognized manufacturing industry. However, above all this commercial nitty-gritty, this illuminated ‘City of Lights’ can be best relished from the comforts of the luxurious Paris hotels. Paris indicates city of joy, with lavishness flowing in from simply everywhere.

The grandeur of the ultimate French landmark the 300 meters high Eiffel tower, the unparalleled collections at Louver museum, and Saint Sulpice Church (Da Vinci Code)- all have been attracting tourists to its doorsteps over the centuries. Nevertheless, it is said that a stroll through the fashion, art and culture-splashed streets of Paris is the ultimate experience of a déjà vu and gives you the feel of the pinnacle of luxury.

To make your trip to perfect, all you just need to know is where the best Discount Hotels in Paris are. It is at this point, online hotel booking websites working at the global level can help you. With contacts in the hotel and tourism industry, direct negotiations with some of the best hotels in Paris, and availing the benefit of discount offers available to wholesale hotel dealers for bulk bookings, these websites offer you best Paris hotels at best rates and extend you great deals. On your next visit to Paris, compare discount hotel offers available online before booking a hotel and feel the bliss of free information highway.

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Family Attractions in Scotland’s Capital City

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city. Located on the southeast of the country on the coastline of the North Sea, Edinburgh is known for its history, culture, education and castle. While the region has visitors from all over the world who book hotels in Edinburg for many different reasons, the city has established itself as a family holiday destination. Those who plan to bring children along for their stay will find reasonable rates for hotels in Edinburgh, many family friendly attractions, and both friendly and beautiful surroundings. Some of the best examples of sites sure to interest families are briefly described below:

Edinburgh Castle

The fortress watches over the city from its elevated Castle Rock. Evidences of civilization on Castle Rock date from the 9th century B.C.

Guests of all ages who visit the Castle experience history from themselves. They can tour the Upper Ward with David’s Tower, the Middle Ward with the National War Museum of Scotland, and the Lower Ward. The Royal Palace is the residence of the Stewart Monarchs and other connected halls and buildings can be toured, as well. The view of Edinburgh from the Castle is spectacular.

Adventure Golf Island

Just across the River Forth, about a half hour’s drive from downtown Edinburgh in Fife Leisure Park, Adventure Golf Island offers a variety of challenging, innovative holes for putting practice. The entire family can test their putting skills and enjoy a fun afternoon together. Adventure Golf Island is open every day with only one day closed per year.

Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

This enlightening venue has five floors of enjoyable, interactive activities for people of all ages. The Camera Obscura in the tower has been entrancing people for one hundred and fifty years. The guide will tell many stories of Edinburgh’s past while visitors observe the city live at a round table showing views captured through a large periscope and modern, digital cameras. Other points of interest are the World of Illusions with its holograms and optical illusions.

Edinburgh Zoo

Open every day of the year, this zoo, three miles from the city centre, has over eighty acres of rolling hills and animal habitats. Then, many educational programs, a petting zoo and interactive animal exhibits make the visit even more exciting.


Museum of Childhood

The museum has two historic buildings and twenty-one rooms of entertaining displays, a free, fun place to take the entire family. An amazing exploration of growing up in different periods of world history, guests can participate in dress up and puppet theatre, and learn about toys, games and more enjoyed by children of long ago. Adults will see toys they used to have as children.

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