Things to Consider When Shipping Your Animals Away Throughout the United States

Article by Rick Powell

When life calls upon us to travel, whether it be a move away, a business trip, or a vacation, it is important to tie up all loose ends and to make sure that all of our loved ones are taken care of, especially the furry ones–our pets. If you plan on traveling with your pet, there are several steps that you must take to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. Here are five tips for pet shipping to help you accomplish this:

1. Your pet must be healthy.

A healthy pet will better withstand the stress of travel. Schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian and ask for a domestic health certificate that states your pet is fine to travel. If your pet is not healthy, certain travel conditions can affect your pet adversely.

2. Buy a Crate in the Appropriate Size for Pet Transport

Another very important tip to traveling with pets is making sure that you have the appropriately sized crate for pet transport. A top quality crate with enough room for your pet to move around in the crate is perfect. A sufficiently sized crate will ensure that your pet is not injured in the cargo compartment and that your pet is not turned away by the airline. If your pet is small enough to fit in a carrier that can be placed beneath your seat, this is your safest and most worry-free option.

3. Schedule your pet transportation in accordance with your schedule.

If you are moving and shipping your pet, please be sure that your pet transport arrangements fit perfectly within your schedule. Also, be sure to cover the crate using stickers, paint or permanent marker, with notes that say your dog’s name, your name, flight number, and contact information.

4. Be certain of your travel plans well in advance of the actual travel date.

When it comes to pet shipping and pet transport, a last minute rush can spell disaster for your pet. Plan to arrive at the airport at least a half hour earlier than usual. Check in, but don’t let them take your pet away until the last moment, usually thirty minutes before departure. Once you’ve checked in, take your pet outside for a walk to allow him or her to relieve themselves. Because you can never be cautious enough, be absolutely certain that the door of the kennel is extremely secure, but do not lock it. In the event of an emergency it may need to be opened. Just above the door, write, “Do not open this door without the permission of owner or a licensed veterinarian!” Also, never leave your pet before a baggage handler actually comes to collect him for pet transport.

5. Choose a reputable company to handle your pet shipping needs.

Whether you are planning a move or a trip that just includes your pet, a reliable pet transport company will see to it that you have the proper crate for pet shipping, provide a door-to-door service and handle boarding needs.

A family pet is usually as well loved as any human family members. Taking the time to plan your travel and pet shipping well in advance will make travel less stressful for both you and your beloved pet. Hiring a well-known pet transportation company to handle the travel arrangements for your pet will let you breathe easier, knowing that the arrangements from A-Z have been made by professionals who treat your pet with the same loving care as you do.

Rick Powell is with the pet shipping company Animals Away. Animals Away is a pet and anmial shipping and pet transportation company. Please visit our website at for more information.

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Get Away to Rio de Janeiro



Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the world. Indeed, thousands upon thousands of tourists on last minute package holidays flock to this huge city to take in its amazing beaches and sites. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of this sprawling city.

Make sure to pick up some fun souvenirs to better remember your time in Rio, but do it in a way that won’t cost you a fortune. Bartering is common practice in street stalls in Rio, so be sure to negotiate whatever you buy. Start by asking the vendor for a price,and thencut that figure in half to come up withthe starting point for your bargaining. This adds some excitement to regular purchases and will save you lots of money. Bartering does not apply to all purchases and should be avoided in supermarkets and large retail stores.


Rio is famous for its beaches, but don’t forget about the sea and the wide variety of delicious seafood on offer. Shrimp, lobster and local fish are available in abundance and make great, fresh meals. It would be a shame to spend time on the coast without sampling some seafood. Also be sure to try some of the local street food, especially local pastries which can be purchased for very cheap prices.


Finally, if you are spending a lot of time on the beach be sure to look after yourself. Sitting all day on a beach chair drinking beer may sound great, but it will leave you de-hydrated and sunburnt. So be sure to put on suntan lotion and limit your hours outdoor. After all you want to enjoy your time in this magnificent city rather than spending the whole time bemoaning your burnt skin.



Paul McCann is an independent travel writer who enjoys travelling and writing about destination all around the Mediterranean. One of his favourite destinations is Coral Bay on Cyprus.

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Cheap Flights To Orlando Florida Are Just A Click Away

All Londoners looking forward to visiting Orlando can fly in cheap flights to Orlando from London provided by some of the leading online travel agents.


A vacation in the dream city of Orlando can be an incredible experience for family fun, but it can also drain your pockets. With high-priced theme park tickets, lavish food, and souvenirs the cost of an Orlando vacation can easily head skyward. It is thus very essential to determine carefully a specific budget before flying off to this magical destination. With a proper budget in hand and a well-researched travel map, Orlando vacations can be affordable, fun-filled, and overflowing with sweet memories.

Your first step in planning a vacation in this magical land would be to decide when you would like to fly. It is better to avoid travelling during weekends. Weekdays are actually meant for business travel and tickets would be comparatively cheap. While Sundays are the most expensive, Mondays are the best and you can avail of cheap flights to Orlando Florida. Your second step would be to select an air carrier.

The city of Orlando is a major airport hub and flights are generally affordable, since there are a number of airlines flying to and from this destination regularly. Booking your cheap flight to Orlando can be done over the internet. They are also the best places to get detailed information regarding Walt Disney world, Universal Orlando Resorts, Gatorland, Wet & Wild, Ripley’s Believe it or not, and other notable attractions. Another great tip to get cheap flight tickets is to log in after 12pm in the middle of the week. Many airline carriers slash their ticket prices during the mid-week after reviewing their needs to fill flights.

If you want to secure better Orlando travel deals, start your travel plan at least 2 weeks before the vacation. You can also look into the vacation packages from time to time. Most of the travel agents in this area are competing to lure more visitors; therefore, they tend to offer special packages.

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Break Away from the 9-5

There comes a time every year when you need to get away from it all, and escape from your habits and routines at home. While this may be easy for some people, others, such as people who do shift work, or work 9-5, five days a week can find it a little bit more difficult to break, so if you’re longing to run away from it all for a few weeks, here are a few tips that should make it a lot easier.


Get Organised


Know when and where you want to go months in advance, you could hold out for a last minute deal, but if you want to avoid stress and rash decisions, then it’s best to book time off work and find your flights well in advance of your proposed holiday. If you have things to do at work, such as handing over work, assigning tasks, or informing clients of your absence, make sure you do this before you leave-nothing’s worse than coming home to angry colleagues and even angrier customers.


Lose the Guilt


Some people can feel a lot of guilt when going away on holiday, because they are leaving family or co-workers behind, but everyone, even the hardest workers need to take a break from time to time, so don’t feel guilty, after all, you deserve this holiday.




Leave all your cares and worries at home, you’re on holiday now. While some people may find this hard to do, it’s important that you do this, and whether you’re on an all-inclusive Spain holiday or a backpacking trip around Malaysia, remember to have fun immersing yourself in a new culture.

John Blank has been a freelance travel writer since 2001 when he left his office job to travel world. An enthusiastic blogger, John published articles about his own travels and about things happening around him wherever he may be.

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THE PANIC AWAY PROGRAM: Break The Cycle of Anxiety

Article by Kathleen Falken

“I never used to have panic attacks! I think it must be the stress I’ve been under. What can I do to stop them?

The first time a person experiences a panic attack it can feel like their world is falling down around them. Nowhere feels safe as the anxiety becomes like a stalker lurking in the background. When this happens people begin to either avoid situations that make them anxious or they medicate themselves to the point where they are numb to the fear. I am sure you will agree neither of the above is a satisfactory solution…

After a person experiences a panic attack for the first time, the experience can be so impacting that it leaves a strong imprint on the persons psyche. This mental imprint generates a cycle or loop of anxiety whereby the person develops an unhealthy fear of having another panic attack. People can spend anywhere from months to years caught in this repetitive cycle of anxiety.

I recommend Joe Barry’s PANIC AWAY Program… PANIC AWAY teaches a technique that now allows that person to break the cycle of anxiety and return to normal everyday life.

The proof is what his clients have been saying about Joe and his PANIC AWAY Program:

1. “Today, I feel so positive, I can’t wait for the next panic attack!”

“Just a short note to thank you! I downloaded your information pack yesterday, having suffered from severe panic attacks for over 22 years. One of my biggest fears is that of fainting in public. Having read the part on fainting, it has helped enormously to understand what goes on during a fainting spell.

“Today, I feel so positive, I can’t wait for the next panic attack to come, so that I can test it out again!” —MAUREEN

2. “Everything around me looks very different- in a very good way!”

“It’s been a week since my last email to you and I am doing much better. I held on to your book and read it daily. It was like my bible. I actually have started back on my normal sleep patterns 5 nights now and feel much better. The days have been very close to normal and I feel as if my life is coming back together again, everything around me looks very different- in a very good way! I thank you so much for your book and the email advice. If I could I would hug you so tightly. You have given me so much strength and courage, and of course hope!!!” –THERESA

3. “I am in tears (of joy) as I write this. I feel that I am no longerliving in a mental prison.”

“I have been anxiety attack free for three weeks now, and totally sober for 6 days! Yourmethod is so good, that I even stopped drinking for the anxiety. Iwasn’t drinking a lot, but I would drink when an attack would come onto try to stop it, or drink in social situations; for example, beforemy mother would come to visit me. I am not afraid of the attacksanymore, and because of that, I am not suffering like I used to.

“Yesterday, and today, I drove my car in traffic; Joe, traffic was mybiggest fear, other than crowded places, and I did not panic. I am sohappy about this, and so incredibly grateful to you. Without yourbook, I would probably still be living in total fear. You are anamazing, and totally logical person, and I can only hope that otherswith this problem find your book.

“If I ever hear that anyone hasanxiety issues, I will immediately refer them to your website.Please feel free to use my testimonial. Seriously, I can’t thank youenough, Joe, you have changed my life.I am in tears (of joy) as I write this. I feel that I am no longerliving in a mental prison.” –JENNIFER

4. “I wish to thank you for the amazing results the ‘Panic Away’ program hasbrought me in a very few weeks. Let me tell you a little about mysituation.”

“In mid July I had an onset of a general panic attack which hit me oneevening when I was reading a book. Being new to me, and having no idea howto deal with it, I fed the panic by trying to analyse it. There followed aweek of pure hell, as I fuelled it, and continuously added to the symptoms Iwas experiencing – sweating, tightness in the neck and stomach, inability tosit for longer than a few minutes and inability to eat or drink as usual.

“It was then that I found your program through an Internet search. I signedup.The ‘PANIC AWAY‘ program is so simple to apply. I found that I did needover a week to get it perfected, however knowing that it worked made thistraining period very bearable. Within three weeks I was back to normal,however know that I need to continue to apply the longer term strategies toensure that my success will be long lasting.

“Many thanks for your program. I have no hesitation in recommending it toothers. Since I had my panic attack and discussed it with others, I havebeen amazed at how common this condition is among my friends andacquaintances. I am also amazed at how many have experienced this conditionfor years and not been able to find a solution that works effectively forthem.” –SAM

5. “Amazing!”

“That’s what your book is, the Lord’s grace. I don’t know if you’re spiritual or not, but somehow I think most panic anxiety people are to some extent. Intense fear can cause us to dig deep for a solution. Mine started when I was about 10; That stayed with me, I started on Klonopin; this happened to my brother also, showing it can be hereditary. My Dad also showed signs, and liked drinking, but my Mom usually caught him.

“Anyhow your book was the answer. Everything you said was so identical to my symtoms, it was incredible. Thank you and the Lord. If you write any more on the subject, I’d be glad to pay for it.” –JERRY

In a marketplace crowed with products and courses telling you they have the solution to your anxiety problem it is very hard to find something new that is truly unique and effective.

Nothing I have come across is getting results like the PANIC AWAY program. What I have found is that there is a lot of rewriting of old cognitive behavior therapies and mixtures of relaxation/visualization techniques to help manage the anxiety. Click Here to Learn More About the PANIC AWAY PROGRAM!

For more articles on sexuality, psychology and marriage therapy, including the popular “WHAT WOMEN WANT: Her Favorite Sexual Positions,” see The GoArticles of Kathleen Falken

Kathleen Falken has been a marriage counselor and sex therapist for over 25 years. To read more about modern marriage therapy, see SAVE MY MARRIAGE TODAY!

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Breaking Away From Smoking

I smoked for 50 years. Willie “The Moose” Steinberg challenged me to smoke one of his Kools in Lyon Park one summer afternoon when I was 15 years old, and of course I wasn’t going to let him call me “chicken”, so I puffed, coughed, puffed again. And I was hooked. My later teen years were involved in the cycle of dependency… you know it… getting cigarettes often times stealing them from my parents, sneaking off somewhere to smoke them undetected, and hiding matches.

Actually is was the sneaky smoking that got me caught. I was trying to smoke in the upstairs bathroom at home and believed that opening the window and blowing smoke in that direction would keep my folks ignorant of the fact their only son was now a smoker. That lasted about two hours.

And so it had begun. It took a long time to get to an end.

I tried to quit at various times in life.

Outlasted the two pregnancies that led to beautiful daughters, but re-started soon after. I tried gum, Life Savers candy, Tic Tacs, toothpicks, hypnosis and everything from sex to zinc. My victories were marked in hours sometimes, even a couple of days now and then. Something continued to tell me to stop it!

I have a workplace friend named Giselle ( not her real name at all) and I would see her clinging to the water fountain unable to find more than just enough air to stay conscious. Her spells seemed to be coming more frequently as time went by, and yet at breaks and at lunch Giselle would be in the smokers area puffing away. And finally she was hospitalized and stopped coming to work altogether.

This Spring with achy lungs and trouble breathing after even the most minimal exercise – walking the dog for 10 minutes, for example – I was still smoking. I remembered Giselle telling me she disliked hearing my breathing. You don’t want to get like me, were about the last words I heard from her. I was desperate to stop.

Then, thank Fortune, the Obama Administration approved a large tax increase on tobacco products. It was enough to get me looking for ways to stop smoking. This time I wanted it to be different.

Florida had a smoking-cessation program which included counseling along with free patches or lozenges or gum. I signed on for patches which arrived very quickly. On April 28, 2009 I smoked my last so far. (I’m putting this on a One-Day-at-a-Time basis, so that I don’t get over-confident about it.) Point I’m making here is, your state may have a smoking cessation program which you can reach on the web. I know free patches saved me 0 over the prescription cost. Perhaps you can find similar savings.

Financial concerns was the tipping point for me, There are, and we all know it, many good reasons to stop. Whatever will do it for you is good enough.

I posted an explanation of addiction to nicotine and some of the benefits of cessation on my blog and I hope you take a look. I pray it will be a boon to your good health to do so.

Roy Sniffen writes on society, news and health matters at Blogspot.

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Run Away with the Best Last Minute Deals

Article by Imaculate Johnson

There’s a time in everybody’s life when you just want to pack your bags and go on a trip at that moment. The question, however, is how many people actually followed through. Most people are too scared to look out for last minute deals because they think that such deals do not exist. You have to understand that the tourism industry deals with all sorts of people, including last minute deal seekers. In fact, to encourage people plan at the very last minute, they give out discounts and special offers that would otherwise have been impossible.

When you want to opt for last minute deals, there’s no reason for you to believe in sky-high prices. Keep in mind that the airline companies want to maximize the fuel that they spend on every flight. That means filling up each flight with passengers as much as possible. When the airlines see that a flight is short of the passenger quota, they lower their prices drastically to entice people to get tickets – and that’s good news for you.

Sure, you’ll have to give up a little comfort because you might not get the exact plane seats or hotel rooms you wanted. With a good enough travel agent, though, the experience is worth the little sacrifice. Air fares often hit rock bottom a day or two before the flight schedule.

If you book your hotel room at the last minute, you might only get one in the city outskirts and not within the city itself. This actually works out to your advantage because you don’t want to be in the middle of the city bustle on a holiday. In fact, some hotels have extra rooms for last minute deal seekers, which don’t become available til the very last moment.

Where should you find the best last minute deals?

When you plan a last minute trip, you should be looking everywhere. The internet is undoubtedly the best place to look because it provides you with offers that no offline travel agent can give. You could also sign up with these travel agents on their respective websites so that they’ll send you promotional emails about their last minute packages.

Many of these agents will even give you membership in their travel club, where you can get coupons and discount offers. Those in turn can be redeemed at of the leading hospitality chains, airlines and even vehicle operators.

Travel agents make it possible for you to buy tickets at the airport or book hotels at the last minute. In fact, some of them will even give you coupons, which you can redeem for as much as a 65% discount. Top notch travel agents are especially handy in such last minute travel scenarios.

They’d know which hotels to contact, many of whom would be only happy to let out rooms at a discounted price in the last moment, instead of earning nothing at all. Great travel agents also know where and when to get airline tickets at 50% last-minute discounts.

Imaculate Johnson aka Ima Johnson is an expert copywriter who loves to write and explore on variety of niche including travel and tourism, fashion and jewelery, relationships and many diverse topics. She is a freelancer and keeps letting her pen producing more and more informative and engaging articles.

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That much needed couple get away

Life can be very busy, particularly as your career becomes more successful. You try to keep the balance between work and home life to ensure you keep the social fires difficult, but when do you find time for your significant other? It is a tricky one, you used to book though last minute hotels for that sneaky getaway, the hotel in the country one weekend, a city break hotel the next. Well maybe its time to get back on that track and put the thrill back into you as a couple, go for those last minute hotels again, surprise the better half and the spoils will be yours. What spoils are those? A much stronger relationship for one. A hotel break can be costly with prices ranging from £50 to £500 or more, however there are lots of deals offering last minute hotels on all manner of comparison sites.

Finding the right location

So you’ve decided that last minute hotels get away is just what you need, so where do you go? Do you want a peaceful break, city nightlife, a weekend hotel by the sea? I think it all depends on what is going on in your life at that time. If life is hectic and your always running around, then the peaceful retreat in the country may be for you. However if life is a little sleepy and you’re looking for that buzz you once had, then the city break may be just what you need. The location by the sea such as Brighton, can perhaps offer a little of both, over looking the sea it can be very tranquil and peaceful. There are also some great nights out to be had, late night clubs are all there. So when finding the right location, first ask what you need from those last minute hotels.

Getting it for the right price

Last minute hotels are just what you need, and you’ve decided on the perfect area for your breakaway with that special someone, how do you ensure you don’t need a second mortgage just to take advantage of this welcome break away? There are many great comparison sites out there which can help you get the best deal. Also don’t just take the advised price for the room, these venues are often willing to negotiate as they need the room occupancy to be high. The rooms can not be sold again the next night, so they need to sell them before the night otherwise they loose that income and it can not be regained. If you don’t want to ring the hotel to negotiate yourself there are room auction sites out there, where you can just drop your bid in and the site will do the rest for you. So if you need a much needed couple getaway, maybe now is the time.

Visit Room Auction Direct to know more about hotels and rooms

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Christmas – At home or away?

The words ‘Christmas’ and ‘New Year’ evoke a festive season usually spent at home with our close family and relatives. However, these words also bring for many of us the images of Christmas preparations, shopping for presents, food, cleaning and a lot of stress that somehow doesn’t go with the ‘peaceful wishes’ on the Christmas cards…

With Christmas time knocking on our door, many of us often decide to avoid the frenzied shopping time and instead take to the slopes or even relax on a hot sunny beach. If you haven’t tried it, perhaps it’s time to experience something a little bit different over this holiday season. Worried that you might be missing out on something special at home? Christmas time and New Year can be just as atmospheric when away on holiday. Whether you are in the mountains or in any exotic destination, the hotels would typically prepare the decorations and food to match the festive season, so you can feel at home whilst away from home.

Which destination to choose? Depending on your budget and mood, there are always several options. Many of us dream of ‘white Christmas’, so why not head for the wonderful mountain resorts in France, Switzerland or even Colorado? Also, Austria will never let you down with its authentic postcard-perfect villages amidst the sugar white mountain scenery. Enjoy your Christmas dinner and hot punch whilst listening to the wood crackling in the fireplace and start the next morning with skiing on the sunny slopes. The breathtaking views of the forested mountains with powdery snow glittering in the sunshine are sure to have you come back for more!

Okay, but what if skiing is not your thing? Then perhaps the hot sunny beaches of the Caribbean or the Maldives would tempt you with their exotic backdrop of swaying elegant palms and tiffany blue seas. Here you can unwind and forget the ‘reality’ for a while and let the hotel take care of all your needs. The gourmet food and drinks are always freshly prepared for you and there is no need to worry about that Christmas turkey in the oven. This is also laid out in style for you and your family on Christmas Day. It’s probably hard to believe just how spoilt you can get on your Christmas holiday.

If you don’t fancy going far or spend a long time away from home, a city break in Prague, Vienna or Venice is always a good option to treat yourself to just for a quick change of the familiar home scenery. Family days and short breaks in Lapland will entertain the kids no end with all the activities and personal meetings with Santa Claus.

To help you make the right decision, here are some advantages and disadvantages for you to consider before you travel on your Christmas break.

Advantages of travelling on holidays over Christmas period:

* You have a long holiday period on your hand to treat yourself to something special.
* Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping fever can be a true relief for many of us.
* Spending comfortable time at the hotel where everything is ready for us provides a nice change to the traditional Christmas at home where most of our time is spent in the kitchen preparing food.
* Many countries across the world celebrate Christmas differently, so this could be an enriching cultural experience.
* Being away from the British rainy winter weather can be priceless.

Possible disadvantages:

* As this is peak season, going away on holiday over Christmas can be a lot more costly compared to other seasons or travelling off-peak.
* Some of us might feel nostalgic when missing reunions with family and friends at home.
* As the season is in its height, holiday resorts and airports tend to be busier and the queuing longer.
* What if we just can’t do without the homely Christmas atmosphere and home prepared food?
* Our hope to pocket that last minute bargain can leave us disappointed due to possible lack of availability of cheap last minute holiday deals at such a busy time.

Booking a cheap holiday is not easy – you need to know where to begin. Once you understand the reasons why cheap holidays exists it should be easy for you to find one.

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last minute deals – Mexican Vacation Rentals are home away from Home">Hotel last minute deals – Mexican Vacation Rentals are home away from Home

Article by Lastminuteusvacations

Last minute hotel: Vacation rentals are a trendy rental accommodation where you can enjoy your holidays. Actually vacation rentals are the furnished rentals which offer you the best place to live in for few days or weeks. The popularity of vacation is gradually increasing among people at all levels. For people those who avoid spending their holidays at long distances due to discomfort they face over there, vacation rentals can prove to be the best option as it facilitates them with homely environment. It is really a good news for families those who wish to have memorable moments of their trip having complete freedom.

Mexican vacation are providing furnished accommodation and can be of any kind as condominium, cottage, apartment, single family style home such as villas. They are available at different sizes, differing in the number of rooms, at different locations like at beach front, near commercial areas or at country side area. It provide you a liberal environment with complete privacy along with amenities. Mexican vacation are one of the best ways to enjoy your holidays. They are not only facilitating you with spacious rooms, lounge, and well equipped kitchen but also with swimming pools and gym with full isolation which is unlike hotels. Hotels are the expensive place to live in but Mexican vacation rentals can easily be reachable by you within your budget.

Mexican vacation are highly beneficial from financial point of view as not only its rent suits to your pocket but you can also save your money by cooking your own meal instead of buying it from expensive restaurants. The cost of tips, taxes or service charges are also cut off which eases you a lot. One limitation which is often found in most of the Mexican vacation rentals is the lack of service staff which specially rises the matter of uncleanliness but now this problem is also tried to overcome by booking your vacation at Last minute vacation Rentals. They offer the rental’s occupier various services like hotel. These services involve front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, housekeeping, concierge service etc.

Mexican vacation rentals are suitable for those who has a stay of about week or more and for the people having two or three days stay hotels are prove to be good one. Have a nice stay!!!

For more details about

Last Minute Vacations do not include taxes or any fee for meals, drinks, activities etc. Prices shown for these Cheap Last Minute Vacations are for accommodations for a week and not per person. Normal cleaning charges upon departure are included in these Last Minute Sell Off Vacations. The only additional charge would be tax if the property is required to collect tax or located outside the USA.

Save on Cheap last minute affordable inexpensive discount family vacations and cheapest last minute discount family vacation getaway deals from 9/week.

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