The 10-Minute Break That Could Last a Lifetime

How do you typically spend a quick break? Grab a snack, chat with a friend, or maybe do absolutely nothing. Perhaps you should consider using one of the quick breaks you take throughout the day and consider failures and success and what they can teach us. Unfortunately, failures are a part of everyone’s lives, and these can vary greatly in the scale or severity. These failures can actually be a blessing however, if the lessons they can teach us are applied to our lives. By evaluating the circumstances that surround a failure we can change the way we approach the same test and obstacle next time.

Successes can also be learning experiences as well. What did you do right? How can the process be improved for an even greater result and to ensure continued success? The bottom line in life is that to continuously succeed you must be able to adapt and try new things.

One success in one way is not a guarantee that the same method and approach will work every time and in every circumstance. Our society is so fast paced, that to maintain a competitive advantage and edge you must constantly improve you techniques and methods to continuously succeed.

This is where “thinking outside the box” can really make a difference. Sit down, take a step back, and think. Brainstorm and come up with ideas and thoughts of how your experiences and knowledge can work for you. Explore new opportunities and don’t be afraid to take risks. With risk comes reward. Your big break you have been waiting for just may arrive when you least expect it. So next time you get a chance just take a quick break to reflect, think, and take a chance. It could just possibly be the best 10-minute break of your life in more ways than one.

This site is a great way to Make Money and finally take the break from routine work that you have been waiting for. You just may find the success you seek.

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Active? Adventurous? Retired? Take a break with Pure Holiday Homes

If you are newly retired you will now find you have a lot more time on your hands to spend your time on things you enjoy. Travelling and discovering new places is a brilliant way to explore new and exciting things you may not have had the opportunity or time to do before. As the cold weather is beginning to set in and you are searching through your winter wardrobe, this is the time to book your winter sun holiday for January or February. Pure Holiday Homes invites you to escape to some of the world’s top winter destinations outside of peak time.

The benefits of travelling during January of February include off- peak costs, allowing you to get more for your money. Travelling during this period also allows you to extend your options as your money can often take you further, enabling you to explore new places that you may not have been able to reach before. The off peak season is also inviting as there is a lower amount of tourists giving a better atmosphere and less crowds when exploring cultural points of interests.

Now that you have left the world of full time work, why not reward yourself with a well deserved long break. Not only are they better value for money, but they allow you to settle into the local way of life and seek new experiences. Pure Holiday Homes provides you with an array of accommodation options across the globe, so now that you have time for yourself, why not bring out your adventurous side and travel across the globe.

Some of the best destinations to visit during the beginning of the year include Cyprus, Southern Italy and Morocco. Each of these places can offer you not only a chance to escape the dreary climate of the UK, but also beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and environments where you can experience luxury and tranquillity.

Self catering holidays offer you flexibility as well as comfort. Not only is it cheaper than staying in a hotel but self catering villas and apartment provide you with home comforts such as washing machines and the luxury of space. Pure Holiday Homes provides a vast range of properties perfect for winter sunshine, which enables you to really explore the country and not stuck in a generic hotel room.

The south of Spain is a fantastic long term rental option. Not only is the weather much warmer than the UK during the end of the winter, but the different regions offer something for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking, fishing or just relax by the pool, you can in Spain. Pure Holiday Homes offers the charming studio cottage (property ref: 18082), with floral vines and private pool. As the cottage is self catered, it allows you to explore local markets and taste authentic Spanish food during your time there.

Italian cities such as Rome and Campania are wonderful locations to fully explore during a longer stay. See the historical sites, discover Italian art and of course try the famous Italian cuisine. On a longer break during January and February, you can fully take advantage of your self-catering and use it as a base, to take yourself on am Italian adventure. Pure Holiday Homes offers the stylish two bedroom apartment in the heart of Rome (property ref: 18264), for only £1,400 per week.

Morocco culture and winter climate will enrapture your imagination and provide you with an extensive list of things to do. The temperate climate is a welcome environment to discover the treasures and wonders of Moroccan culture. Pure Holiday Homes offers the one bedroom apartment in the centre of Marrakech (property ref: 17889), which is perfect for a retired couple to escape to during the winter blues.

Pure Holiday Homes provides many long stay options if you desire winter sun and adventures. You can truly discover and experience the country when you stay in a self catering property.

Pure Holiday Homes is a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties within the UK and abroad for holiday makers seeking great value, flexibility and a large variety of holiday options. Pure Holiday Homes presents properties in 56 different countries, with thousands of properties in destinations such as France, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Spain. The website offers user-friendly, effective and quick ways to book and search the ideal holiday home. There are no hidden costs or fees as holidaymakers deal direct with the property owners.

Pure Holiday Homes currently has a catalogue of over 13,000 homes which is expected to grow to 30,000 properties by the end of 2011. The website is perfect not only for holiday makers to find that perfect holiday rental, but is also a cost-effective way for homeowners to market their properties, for a modest £147 subscription. This competitive listing price is approximately half of that of most, more established companies in this sector.

For more information please visit



* 63,500 searches analysed

Pure Holiday Homesis a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties at home and abroad for holidaymakers seeking better value, more flexibility and greater choice.

Pure Holiday Homesoffers fast, efficient and user-friendly ways to search and book that perfect holiday rental. Holidaymakers deal direct with owners so there are no hidden costs or fees. The website currently features over 13,000 properties, state-of-the-art search functions, and opportunities for last minute deals as well as fantastic early bird savings.


Other services include the section, helping holidaymakers to choose the very best of summer holiday homes, charming cottages and seaside retreats, as well as many lovely properties in France and Italy. The section reminds fun-loving travellers to book their accommodation in time for some of the most exciting events. The latest additions to the website are highlighted in .


For further press information please contact Mairi Lucas on Tel: 01753 728 730 or Email:


Sean Thompson writes about Travel and self-catered accommodation news. is a innovative new holiday accommodation portal. Find your perfect holiday home, villa, cottage or chalet from our vast database of luxury properties worldwide.

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Fabulous Flight Deals For Spring Break at Cancun Island and other Mexico cities

When it comes to Spring Break no one wants to be left behind at home and spend the entire vacation sitting ideal at home. Cancun, one of the best Latin cities, welcomes all its visitors from world over to enjoy and spend the best of holiday time to the fullest. With travel industry especially airlines offering flight tickets for cheap airfares to Cancun, the city is quite popular among young tourists. The Mecca for the students offers world’s best nightlife and day sightseeing to all its visitors.

The Latin American city possesses a treasure of nightclubs, bars and restaurant that offer absolutely spectacular night life to all the party animals. The city draws students not only from US and Canada but also from other continents such as Europe, Asia and Australia. Young tourists from around the world travel by international airlines that offer airline tickets for cheap fares to Cancun. International airways such as US Airways and Delta Airlines offer inexpensive flight tickets to Cancun.

The crystal clear waters, splendid beaches and world-class resorts organize exhilarating parties for the entire young crowd that includes students from all over the world. The city wakes up with discos and cantinas at every hook and corner and ends with the tiring star studded romantic beach night. Many airlines offer affordable airline deals especially for the students who travel to Cancun through their air flights. The crazy students do not even miss last minute flights to be the part of the fun that the city offers.

Apart from the fun and leisure, the city also offers many local attractions that include the archeological wonders at Tulum, Chichen Itzen and Coba.  The city connects itself with other important tourist destinations of Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. The airlines such as Aeromexico offer reasonable or cheap domestic flights that interconnect the three Mexican cities. The two cities also possess a treasure of beaches that offer fabulous nightlife to the students.

All the three cities are hub for Spring Break and thus the students above 18 make them the best place for spending their spring vacations. Apart from fresh beaches, the cities also offer water sports to all the visiting guests. The city poses a great challenge to all the youngsters through adventurous sports such as snorkeling and diving. Although there are many travel companies that offer discounted or cheap air tickets to Cancun, yet Fare buzz one of the leading travel company offers students special airline discounts on air tickets to Cancun.

Floresbrowns is an associate editor of The website offers exclusive information related to business flights and business tickets. We also provide online reservation for cheap business class flights, Cheap hotels, Car Rental and vacation packages. Wes appreciate your feedback and queries at

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How to Plan a Stress-Free Weekend Break on a Budget

Short weekend breaks are the perfect way to escape the norm and experience the highlights of a destination and unwind in new surroundings, but thankfully they don’t have to be a strain on your wallet. Thanks to low-cost airlines and cheaper online booking, having to plan a getaway far in advance is a thing of the past and quick, spontaneous and good value weekends abroad are now just a click away.

More and more people realise the benefits and perks of experiencing a snapshot trip to a new city thanks to cheap, last minute bookings which means that busier lifestyles now have the flexibility to still enjoy some spontaneous time away when required.

So what is the easiest way to plan a weekend break without breaking the budget? The first thing to consider is when you want to go. Both booking well in advance and grabbing a last minute deal have their advantages, but on a whim holidays usually benefit from cheaper discounts as airlines try to fill seats as the departure date gets closer. Obviously this option may not be ideal if you have children, or have a particular city, flight or date in mind, but if you’re truly flexible and keen to see somewhere new, last minute often means best prices.

Similarly consider what day you actually want to fly on. Fridays are notoriously more expensive than Thursdays, for example, so leaving that little bit sooner can often dramatically reduce the overall price, leaving you more money to soak up the atmosphere once you’re there.

Once you’ve decided when you want to fly and where exactly you want to go, take a look at what’s going on at your destination once you get there. Local holidays, big events and seasonal celebrations can often hike up the price of accommodation and travel considerably, so it’s always worth making sure you’re not going to get any surprises when you land. The flip side of this, of course, is that countless destinations are far cheaper ‘off season’ too, where the sun might not be quite as warm as it was the week before or the snow might not be quite so thick, saving you vital spending money for potentially minimal compromise.

Next thing to do is to get online and find the best things to do and start making a plan. A simple search for ‘top ten things to do in Prague’, for example, will bring up tried and tested recommendations and save you the time, effort and stress of having to scour guide books for tips. It’s important not to try and cram in too much though, as a budget weekend away should be relaxing and invigorating, as well as inspiring.

An important part of enjoy weekend breaks is scheduling in a little downtime, where you can spend a whole morning exploring a district on foot or enjoy people watching from a outdoor cafe for example.

Adam Singleton writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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Break the Sinus Curse!

Article by Jillian Phillips

Sinusitis is now one of the most common health conditions in the United States, affecting almost 40 million Americans every year. A sinus infection is not life-threatening, but has a very significant impact on a person’s quality of living. It is also found that sinusitis is one of the major causes of absenteeism from work. In addition, a big chunk of medical heath bills is also attributed to sinusitis alone.

Many individuals experience chronic sinusitis, a condition that exhibits prolonged symptoms such as headache, cough, congestion, facial pain and pressure, fever and malaise. 20 to 25% of patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis also develop nasal polyps, which are fleshy and watery growths in the linings of the nose and sinuses.

In the course of time, health professionals have researched and developed technological treatments (aside from oral medication) to address sinus infection problems. The old-fashioned hot steam inhalation method has now evolved into nebulizers and atomizers of different shapes and sizes. Nebulizers are devices used to administer medication to be inhaled into the lungs. However, with the many types of nebulizer devices available in the market today, it is hard to choose the correct one especially if it costs a lot of money. If you have tried several sinusitis treatments before but was unsuccessful, you should take a careful look, and do your own information research before getting your next treatment.

Here are some reasons why your sinus treatment can be a failure:

Your treatment device is hard to use. Large, bulky and stationary, old technology treatment methods are a thing of the past. Inefficient treatments just waste your time and money.

Relief is temporary. A lot of sinus medication only promises quick and instant relief but don’t give you lasting results.

The infection keeps on coming back. The sinus treatment you are using is not directly targeting your sinus infection. Enough with the hit and miss attitude.

You feel drowsy every time you use it. These are the side effects of medication such as inability to concentrate, lightheadedness.

To date, nebulized sinus therapy is the leading treatment choice of chronic and acute sinusitis patients. Nebulized sinus therapy is the most advanced, technological sinus treatment you could have nowadays. Out with the old, in with the new. Doctors and patients attest to the effectiveness of nebulized sinus therapy. Nebulized sinus therapy uses a compact nebulizer that is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go. Doctor-prescribed liquid medication (antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory) is pumped into tiny micron particle mist for inhalation by the patient. As in the case of a bacterial sinus infection, bacteria present in the nose are quickly killed by the medication since the small particles enter the sinus region easily. Treatment time is fast, around 3 to 5 minutes. And since nebulized sinus therapy is a topical treatment, side effects are greatly reduced to a minimum or none at all. Even patients who have suffered chronic sinusitis for 20 years are amazed at the results of nebulized sinus therapy.

Nebulized sinus therapy gets rid of your sinus symptoms for real. Achieving complete sinus health gives your life, energy and health back to you. Ask your doctor about nebulized sinus therapy or call your sinus compounding pharmacy today.

For more information, visit

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How To Have Bigger Penis Don’T Break The Bank Trying To Increase Your Penis – Choose Natural Enlargement Get Big!

Article by chasitymaffit

Ever hear of penis exercises? Don’t worry the vast majority of men haven’t. What if I told you that they’re the only way to make your penis both longer and thicker for life? Would you believe me? That is you can make your penis longer and thicker for life with your own two hands. It sounds absurd but it’s not when you understand the science behind how they work. Yes science. This is why they work. I’ll tell you all about them in this article.

RESULTS ARE NOW GUARANTEED: Enlarge your penis 1-4 inches. You can enlarge your penis size and girth easily. Get started TODAY with no waiting. See results in as little as 7 days Guaranteed!

To be a successful lover one thing that all men need is a big enough penis. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones and you’ve been longing to catch up with the big boys then you’ve come to the right place because the natural penis male enlargement method will add a good four inches to the length of your penis – ensuring that lovemaking remains satisfying for you and your partner. And unlike over methods such as exercising pumps or pills this process is entirely safe and natural relying as it does on the body regenerating itself. It is the natural option that truly works each and every time leaving thousands of men happier and more secure than they previously were.

These 5 true penis male enlargement methods will help increase your size and confidence. The secret to naturally firmer and larger penis and erection size is simpler than you might think.

When it comes to penis male enlargement many guys simply throw common sense overboard and go for solutions that promise instant quick fixes. Pills pumps lotions… anyone? I’m sure you’ve seen these enlargement fads all around you. Truth is these style solutions do not work. And if you’re not careful you will even put your most prized possession at risk. Many guys become scarred marred or maimed without being the wiser.

Are you happy with the size of your penis? If you are not then take action today! Once you understand how simple it is to enlarge your penis you will wonder why you waited so long.

Enlarge your penis NOW >>

70% of men all over the world want to a bigger penis and that is because over 80% of our beautiful significant others prefer a longer thicker and harder manhood! After exploring many different options the best option I have found is penis exercises… hands down. Although they work incredibly well there still are 3 important tips you must take note of in order to get great results. Read on to learn more:

Not everyone has a big penis. Let’s face it; those who are often described as ‘small’ are always on the look-out to turn their dwarfed manhood a boost to satisfy both their self-esteem and sexual partner. There are two ways to address this problem you can either make use of medical treatment methods to increase the length and girth of your penis or you can do it the old-fashioned way through penis male enlargement exercise.

Most men tend to last just a few minutes in bed. premature early ejaculaiton can be a highly embarrassing problem. However there are some simple tips that can make you last longer in bed and please your woman.

Female Libido Enhancer What Makes A Penis Larger – How To Achieve A Larger Penis And Drive Her Wild

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Your Focus can Make or Break a Million Dollar Opportunity: A “Real Life” Story

Article by Melanie Benson Strick

I think we all have heard the adage, “What you focus on expands.” So why is it then that business owners and entrepreneurs will spend countless hours and tons of resources focused on solving the problems in their business? Why aren’t they focused on the opportunities all around them? Here’s a real life story that will explain why.

A few weeks ago I attended a revolutionary program called Christopher Howard’s Billionaire Bootcamp. One day we played a game where we simulated building and selling a business. At some point an idea was born from our team that was worth a million dollars. Our acting “CEO” and I began to draft a proposal and go through all the hoops to pitch it. The idea was accepted and we were told that we would win the game (and the 0 plus dollars on the line) if we took this same strategy and duplicated it five more times. All we had to do was rewrite the contracts.

At this point, one of the team members came to me with a crisis. Apparently, someone had received some huge penalties and the team was panicking about the financial impact. The “CEO” pulled us all together and said, “We have to brainstorm a way to solve this problem.” The entire team got sidelined from making money and focused instead on how to solve the problem.

Within about 15 minutes, something clicked inside my head and I began to wonder, was this really the best use of our time? I knew we had a potential – 10 million dollar deal on the table that wasn’t getting our attention.

I asked, “How much does this problem cost us?” No one knew the answer. We tallied it up and the problem was going cost us about 0k.

Now, here is the real kicker. All of our energy and focus was on solving a problem that was worth ONLY 0k. We were NOT FOCUSED on the opportunity that was worth over million that would have made this problem completely go away.

How many times have you missed opportunities in your business or life because you were consumed with how to fix a problem?

The point is this. When you are worried, consumed and stuck by a problem, you don’t have the energy or the time to focus on the opportunities. You probably won’t even see them.

Did we win the game? Well, luckily, I was able to redirect one of our team members to go resolve the problem with as little impact as possible. But, the “CEO” and I were able to get only one of the million dollar deals through in the time we had left. We did not win the game.

Every member of our team walked away with a valuable lesson. Always focus upwards towards the big wins. The payoff will probably cancel out and make completely insignificant the smaller problems. Here are a few questions to help you determine where your focus needs to be.

* What does the problem cost compared to the opportunities on the table? * Will having this problem cause you to be unable to pursue the opportunities (in other words, does it negatively impact your resources or time?) * What is the worst that could happen if you don’t resolve it? Compare that to the positives of what would happen if the opportunity is achieved. * Would the problem cause long-lasting damage that you could not recover from? * If you focus on creating a bigger opportunity, would it eliminate or mitigate the problem?

Sometimes you don’t have to focus so much on solving problems. Use your creative energy to create opportunities that are bigger than any of your problems. One of my friends and mentors, Stephanie Frank, author of the Accidental Millionaire, said something once that has always stuck with me. “You can focus on the debt and stay in debt. Or you can focus on creating the wealth that WILL easily eliminate the debt. I chose focusing on wealth.”

Take a few minutes each day to do a “focus check.” Are you focused on the problem or on the bigger picture? Changing your focus is going to make a massive difference in your results.

About the Coach:

Melanie Benson Strick, The Entrepreneur’s Success Coach, teaches entrepreneurs how to stop feeling overwhelmed so they can create more money, more freedom and more prestige.

If you’re ready to stop working in your business and start working on your business, go to to learn the secret to growing your company to a six and seven-figure success without employees or a 90-hour work week!

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Book early for your Christmas markets break

The coming Christmas period may well be something that you are looking forward to and a recent trend has seen people visiting Christmas markets across Europe. These markets sell a wide range of festive gifts and crafts, as well as a selection of food and drink, that can really get you into the mood for Christmas. In recent years the UK has followed in the footsteps of many European cities by starting up Christmas markets during November and December in many of its large towns and cities – an event that has become incredibly popular.

These markets, which are often found in large city centres, are like many other street markets except that they are held in celebration of the coming of Christmas. The trend originates from Germany and the Alsace but Christmas markets in many UK cities and other mainland European cities have sprouted up over the years, making for a perfect festive winter getaway for those looking to book a short break or Christmas cruise.

Christmas shopping can often be a stressful affair and a Christmas market holiday to Prague or Munich can actually be a great way to find original presents and at the same time relax during this hectic period.

As with most holidays, Christmas market breaks can be busy – especially as we draw ever closer to the end of the summer when many holidaymakers will switch their focus from last-minute summer holidays to plan for winter breaks – so booking early is advisable.

There are many cheap winter breaks to a variety of European cities that host Christmas markets, and whether you only go for a day or two or stay for slightly longer, there are many other attractions in these cities aside from the Christmas markets.

Many of these European cities are chosen for weekend breaks at all times of the year, whether because of their fascinating history, renowned culture or famous attractions, but with a Christmas market break you will see the true magic of these cities with the added bonus of the Christmas festivities.

Since Christmas markets have become so popular in this country, many people look to experience them abroad and see just how the originators celebrate Christmas in countries such as France and Germany. With such a growth in popularity, you’ll want to book sooner rather than later to get the pick of the accommodation, and to make sure that you don’t miss out on the wonderful atmosphere and experience of traditional Christmas markets.

Many breaks include not only your flights and accommodation but also a guided tour and transport to areas of interest, which is great for those wanting to fit a lot into a short trip.

Check online for the best christmas markets in europe for a great holiday with a difference, from munich to berlin christmas markets there’s plenty of choice.

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Searching for the Perfect Christmas Break

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas break, the UK population tend to be looking for the same thing. Somewhere that will allow them to kick back and relax, whilst at the same time giving them the options to get involved with activities and a range of entertainment. When it comes to families looking for Christmas breaks, this is extended further as they are going to need to have plenty on offer for the kids and they are going to want Christmas to still have that special feeling even though you are not at home.

It can be difficult to replicate the same warmth that is felt when having Christmas at home but the holiday parks that are available in the UK make it easy for a family to relax and have a great time during the festive period. The holiday parks in the UK have been popular destinations to visit during the festive period because the range of activities and sports available, combined with the effort they go to make your time there everything you expect make them the best option this Christmas.

If you are a regular at the holiday parks during the rest of the year, you will not recognise the place when you visit this December as it is turned into a winter wonderland.

With festive tunes and popular songs ringing around the parks, you know it’s that time of year again and everything you need to make it as special as possible can be found. This includes an onsite shop that you can do any last minute shopping that you have been leaving until you arrival at the holiday parks (or you just forget, we all do it!). For the kids, Santa’s Grotto is centrally positioned so everyone can find it and the kids can visit Santa and let him know what they want for Christmas.

Themed games and activities are designed to get the whole family involved and get everyone in the festive spirit.

Added to the fun and games, there are some excellent accommodation options available to make your stay that extra special. A trip to the holiday parks this Christmas will be one to remember and you will be planning your next visit very soon as you will have such a great time there. Get your family holiday booked as soon as you can as places are going to fill up very quickly.

To find all the latest deals on Christmas breaks this year, search online where you have got all the leading UK breaks at your fingertips.

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A Good Week for Spring Break

Earnings Preview 4/1/11


The fourth quarter earnings season is over, but now we are starting to get a few first quarter reports. That makes for a very light overall earnings week. A total of just 43 firms are due to report. Just three of those are members of the S&P 500, and all of the reports will be for February fiscal periods, which makes them part of the first quarter.


The fourth quarter earnings season was a strong one, and this week should start to provide clues if that will be true for the first quarter as well. The firms reporting this week include: Constellation Brands (STZ), Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), Monsanto (MON), Pier One (PIR) and WD-40 Company (WDFC).


It will be a light week for economic data as well, so this is probably a good week for Spring Break. We start the week with the ISM Services data, and end it with the report on Consumer Credit.

Along the way we get the minutes to the last Fed meeting and of course the weekly initial claims data. International and political developments, including the race to prevent a government shutdown, will probably dominate the week.




* Nothing of particular significance.




* The ISM Services Index is expected to have slipped a bit from the extremely strong 59.7 reading in March. The consensus is for it to slip to 59.5. This is also a “magic 50″ index, so we could see a decline and still indicate that the service side of the economy is still growing. A reading of 59.5 is still extremely strong, indicating robust growth. As with the ISM manufacturing index, the behavior of the key sub-indexes of business activity, new orders and employment are at least as interesting as the overall level of the index.

* The Minutes to the March 15 meeting of the Federal Reserve are due out.

This will provide insights into how the staff and the members of the Open Market Committee see the current state of the economy and the outlook for inflation. There was probably some contention over the QE2 program, but it is likely to be finished on schedule in June.




* Nothing of particular significance.




* Weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance come out. After being extremely erratic over the holidays, they have started to fall significantly, but are still bouncing around a bit. Last week they fell by 6,000 to 388,000, but only after a big upward revision to the previous week. I would expect the downward trend in claims to continue next week. The consensus is looking for initial claims to remain unchanged. A level of 388,000 seems pretty good compared to the experience of the last few years. After a huge downtrend from mid-April through the end of 2009, initial claims were locked in a tight “trading range” for most of 2010. We now appear to have broken out of that trading range to the downside. This could well indicate that the economy is about to start producing a significant number of new jobs. The four-week moving average (which smooths out the week to week noise) was under the 400,000 for the fifth week in a row. Historically that has been an inflection point at which the economy starts to add significant numbers of jobs.

* Continuing claims have also in a downtrend of late, but the road down has been bumpy. Last week they fell by 51,000 to 3.714 million. That is down 1.011 million from a year ago. I would expect a further decline this week. The consensus is looking for a level of 3.700 million. Some of the longer-term decline is due to people simply exhausting their regular state benefits, which run out after 26 weeks. Those however, don’t last forever either. Federally paid extended claims rose by 18,000 to 4.363 million, but are down by 1.687 million over the last year. Looking at just the regular continuing claims numbers is a serious mistake. They only include a little over half of the unemployed now given the unprecedentedly high duration of unemployment figures. A better measure is the total number of people getting unemployment benefits, currently at 8.770 million, which is up 4,000 from last week (there are some timing issues so the change in continuing and existing claims does not exactly match the change in the total). The total number of people getting benefits is now 2.767 million below year ago levels. What is not known is how many people have left the extended claims via the road to prosperity, finding a new job, and how many have left on the road to poverty, having simply exhausted even the extended benefits. Make sure to look at both sets of numbers! Many of the press reports will not, but we will here at Zacks.




* Consumer Credit (not including mortgage debt) is expected to have expanded by .8 billion, on top of a .0 billion increase in January. That would be the fourth rise in a row after a long, and unusual string of declines as consumers have tried to repair their balance sheets. Most of the increase will probably come from non-revolving debt, such as car loans, rather than from increases in credit card debt.

* Wholesale inventories are expected to have risen at a 1.0% rate in February, down from a 1.1% rate in January.

Dirk van Dijk, CFA is the Chief Equity Strategist for With more than 25 years investment experience he has become a popular commentator appearing in the Wall Street Journal and on CNBC. Dirk is also the Editor in charge of the market-beating Zacks Strategic Investor service. For more information, visit

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