Take Advantage Of All The Great Offers When Looking For Summer Breaks

As travel agents and tour companies battle for business during the recession, there are currently lots of summer breaks with a great price attached – if you do your research and look for the best deal, you can save some money and put it towards your spending cash.

It’s tempting to book a holiday months in advance, pay it off slowly and let your excitement build as you look forward to it, but this may end up costing you more money in the long run. This year, it’s a good idea to sit tight, do some research and find a bargain – making your holiday all the sweeter.

Summer Breaks – The Best Offers

There are a multitude of holiday deal websites on the internet all screaming about their great offers – and they are definitely worth a look – especially for last-minute deals. If you have holiday dates booked off work, you can search for summer breaks using the dates or if you can be more flexible even better. If you aren’t fussy about where you go, as long as it’s hot with nice accommodation, you will probably find what you’re looking for on these sites.

If you have children however, you might have a specific destination in mind such as Florida – great for entertaining the kids while you soak up some sunshine. If this is the case, a travel agent might be more helpful as they are experienced in searching for summer breaks for customers with specific requirements, and you can often book a holiday whereby children under a certain age travel for free. In fact, a travel agent will be very helpful where children are concerned, recommending child-friendly holidays with plenty of activities.

Of course, nowadays many of us do our own research when looking for any sort of bargain, and summer breaks are no exception. Hotels, even luxury hotels, are increasingly putting out offers to encourage more guests through their doors and consumers should be taking full advantage of this. Surprisingly, a lot of the deals are over bank holidays and the summer – usually a time when hotels operate on full prices knowing people will book regardless. Bargains will often include a percentage off the final price when you book for a certain length of time, or a book so many nights, get one night free offer package.

Do Your Research

Summer breaks can be found on a budget, it’s just a matter of putting in some research time and being a bit more flexible about where you want to go. If you are surviving the recession, and actually have a bit more money at the end of the month than usual, you can save even more by keeping an eye out for a bargain break.

Harvey is passionate about getting you the best travel advice possible.

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Perfect picnics for romantic weekend breaks

The art of picnic packing…

These days, the art of packing a perfect picnic seems to have been forgotten. For many people, throwing a couple of sausage rolls and a few scotch eggs into a bag will do the trick, but whatever happened to the traditional picnic hamper? There could be nothing more romantic than opening a wicker hamper containing gourmet food whilst on your short break together. Why not give it a go?!

Here are my tips on how to pack the perfect picnic.


* Preparation

If you’ve planned your picnic in advance, think about the types of food you want a couple of days before. Choose foods that don’t need to be kept refrigerated and that taste good served at room temperature. Try to make as much as you can yourself the night before your picnic, leaving more time for you to enjoy the sun the next day! If you organise your picnic at the last minute, you’ll normally have enough food in your cupboards to throw something together, it just takes a little imagination! If you’re on a weekend break then check out the supermarkets and food markets for local delicacies and gourmet produce.


* Find a blanket

You’ll need something to sit on for your picnic, so try and find a traditional picnic rug.

You’ll need something large enough for everyone to sit on (if there’s more than two of you) as well as have room for the food. Think about where you will be sitting – if the floor is likely to be a bit damp use a rug with a protective backing or lay a groundsheet down underneath your rug, these are also good for beaches. Fold it up neatly and place this in the bottom of your picnic basket.


* The picnic basket

For a perfect traditional picnic, you’ll need a picnic basket or hamper.

Usually made from wicker, they are perfect for transporting everything you need and there are loads available in the shops to suit all sorts of budgets. Think about how many people usually come on your picnics and make sure you get a basket that’s big enough. If you’re not using a traditional picnic hamper or are away from home, a sturdy bag or rucksack will usually do the job (but won’t look as good!).


* What should you take?

What you take with you on your picnic will largely depend on where you are going. If you’re going on a romantic picnic with your partner, then you may want to pack a wine cooler, disposable champagne flutes, a corkscrew and some nice napkins. If you’re having a family weekend trip you’ll need lots of disposable or plastic plates, cups, knives, cutlery, serviettes, wet wipes and bin bags. Stack up your cups in the corners of your basket and fill the top cup with cutlery, and pack the plates on top of your blanket making a good sturdy base for your food to go on top.


* The perfect chance to sample local gourmet food on your weekend break

Sandwiches are usually the staple of a picnic. Why not try something different like ciabatta bread, wraps or bagels and try a more unusual filling such as coronation chicken or local produce from the shops and supermarkets nearby. Pasta salads make great picnic foods – try mixing cold pasta with chopped roasted vegetables and a little mayonnaise, lemon juice and herbs for a simple and tasty pasta salad. Vegetable sticks with humous are a healthy and easy snack especially for kids and take little or no preparation and potato salad is always a picnic winner. Home-made quiches were made for picnics and are easy to transport as are cold chicken goujons and sausages. Once you have the food prepared, pack it in Tupperware tubs or Ziplock bags to keep it fresh. Make sure you place the heaviest items at the bottom of your basket and delicate foods like sandwiches or crisps on the top.

If you’re enjoying a weekend getaway abroad and don’t have self-catering facilities then stock up your rucksack with local food products such as wine and cheese and find the nearest supermarket for your disposable cutlery.


* Enjoy!

The most important thing about having a picnic is that you spend quality time with whoever you are with and that you enjoy the beautiful sunshine and surroundings! Remember you’ll not only be saving money if you decide to have a picnic on your weekend break, but you’ll also get the chance to sample lots of new things. All you need now is the sun!


To find the perfect hotel for your weekend break please visit:


Kristel van Winkel


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Great Hotels of the World




Note to editors:


Great Hotels of the World


Great Hotels of the World ( provides global hotel reservation, sales and marketing services for an exclusive portfolio of primarily independent hotels and resorts worldwide. Great Hotels of the World provides a range of products, services and innovative technology solutions for over 250 hotels worldwide through trade shows, e-marketing, business travel sales, meeting and incentive sales, public relations, Meeting Forums and a private label GDS chain code (GW).


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Financial beliefs of your own makes you or breaks you

Article by esteri maina

This is an original article written by Esteri Maina on FINANCIAL BELIEF, Esteri Maina is an author with a great gift and full of inspiration.

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Exciting Christmas Breaks In Belfast

Belfast is a great city to visit during the festive season, and planning a Christmas break with friends or family can be a good way to relax and get everyone into the festive spirit. Belfast hosts an annual continental Christmas market, which is a great place to visit if you are planning a trip to the city. Hotels at Belfast city centre can offer a great location for exploring the Christmas market, and you can wander amongst the stalls sipping hot mulled wine, look for those unique gifts for family and friends, buy decorations for your home and soak up the festive atmosphere. Located in the grounds of the beautiful City Hall, the market runs from November 20th until December 19th, and opens at 10am from Monday to Saturday.

The market will close at 8pm from Monday to Wednesday, however if you fancy a little late night shopping it will stay open until 10pm from Thursday to Saturday. Sundays are the one exception, where the market is open for visitors from 1pm until 6pm. Hotels at Belfast city centre are very well placed for enjoying the city after dark, and you might like to visit one of the city’s many restaurants for a warming meal on a cold winter’s night!

Searching for Hotels at Belfast city centre is a great way to make sure that you have everything you could want within reach. If you are visiting with friends and family, you may want to do a spot of last-minute Christmas shopping. Hotels at Belfast city centre should allow you to walk to the main shopping areas of the city, and there are a wide range of shops to suit every taste! From large department stores to quaint boutiques, you should be able to find a gift for everyone, and you can then head back to your hotel to rest and recuperate, or get ready for your evening! If you are going on a winter break with friends, then you may want to hunt out some of the city’s bars and clubs.

There are hundreds for you to choose from, depending on your musical tastes and location. Looking for Hotels at Belfast city centre is a good way to be within walking distance of some of the city’s finest evening entertainments. It can be a good idea to look for a hotel which has an on-site restaurant and bar, as there may be evenings where dining at your hotel is more convenient. If you have had a long day of shopping or sightseeing and need to get ready for an evening out, it may be quickest and easiest to dine at your hotel.

Alternatively, if you have booked tickets to see a show or play, you may need to dine earlier. Many hotels offer a special menu for guests who are attending the theatre, and you can be served at an earlier time to allow you to get to the show promptly. Belfast hotels can offer a range of facilities to help you enjoy your stay and make the most out of your time in the city.

If spending time in hotels at Belfast is something you’ve always dreamed of, why not pay us a visit at where we can meet all your accommodation needs.

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Planning Your Weightlifting Breaks

Article by Dane Fletcher

Life throws a lot of things at us. We might be flying high one minute, and in the dumps the next. Just when everything seems to be going great at work, at home, and in the gym, something will arise in one of these areas which will suddenly limit our abilities. When life tosses you a curveball, all you can do is swing at that curveball with everything you’ve got, and knock that ball out of the park. When you are given a set of problems, you often have to place everything else on hold and tackle the tasks at hand. That can mean suspending your gym attendance for a short time, giving you more time to devote to the problems (or opportunities) in which you’ve been presented.

Don’t end with a whimper…End with a bang! If you foresee a major series of events in your life which will preclude you from training for a bit of time, then you should prime yourself for this break by training like a madman until the very end! Ramp up your training so that you peak on lifts such as squat, bench press, and deadlift, then enjoy the break your joints and muscles will be craving from there.

Keep your diet steady, with fewer caloriesYour naturally attained levels of muscle mass will remain constant for some time, provided you keep your protein intake steady. Reduce your daily caloric consumption by 500, however, if you wish to keep your body fat levels in check.

Continue stretching on a daily basisThe last thing you want to do when you finally do return to the gym is sustain a major training injury. Don’t increase the likelihood of this by losing some of your hard-earned flexibility during your break. It doesn’t take a lot of time, thought, or energy to swing your arms around or stretching your legs in the morning – but it will go a long way to keeping your muscles flexible so you’re in a better position when you do finally return to the gym.

Grow your brainUse this spare gym/driving time to your advantage. Pick up a book or three on nutrition. Learn more about the nutrients you should be consuming, and when they are most effective. Remember that somewhere out there, a bodybuilder with the same genetics, strength, and work ethic as you is making twice the gains because he times his nutrient consumption better. Learn about what foods work best when, so that when you do return to the gym, you’ll see a series of new gains.

Keep an eye on the bigger pictureThe resources you dedicate to solving the problem that has arisen – in your career, family, school, relationship, or whatever – will result in a better quality of life down the road. Keep that in mind, and realize that weightlifting is only one of many tools we use to improve our quality of life. You can always pause it and place it on the shelf. Muscle memory will ensure that when you do return to the gym, your gains will be back before you know it.

Dane Fletcher is the world-wide authority on bodybuilding and steroids. He has coached countless athletes all over the world. To read more of his work, please visit either or

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Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate breaks ground as the Kennedys build their legacy in bricks and mortar.

Article by Carl Mortimer

I feel Dr. Lant has really brought forth a great indication that the Kennedys are in fact gone, but never to be forgotten. How about YOU? What are your feelings? You can send your comments to me at my email listed below or Skype me at: CarlMort, call me at 6503874820. If you want to find out how YOU could be publishing these articles for FREE contact me.

“Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate breaks ground as the Kennedys build their legacy in bricks and mortar.”

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

“You will never understand the Kennedys until you understand their obsession with controlling their legacy, making absolutely sure they have the last word on every aspect of their lives, particularly the public services on which they base their utility and credibility.

This is why they are so keen on building… because in the long run building and controlling the edifices and complexes they create about themselves enables them to control their legacy. Whatever anyone says or writes about them, the Kennedys themselves will have the chance to rebut, to shape, and to control to the furthest extent what people know and think about them.

In short, like the Caesars of Rome, their focus is on eternity… that is why they write in marble and why the faithful gathered in Dorchester, Massachusetts April 8, 2011 for the ground breaking of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

Not the institution they wanted, not the place they wanted.

To begin with, the Kennedys wanted President John F. Kennedy’s presidential library to be in Cambridge, as snug as possible to Harvard. There was a site they wanted, and it is easy to see why they wanted it. It was a splendid site right across from the Harvard Business School, on the river Charles on the street named in 1805 for Massachusetts governor James Bowdoin. Traditionalists (and people who were not enamored of the family Kennedy) opposed the change. But changing the name of that street had a precedent. Bowdoin Street had originally been called Middlecott Street from as early as 1750; now it was changed to John F. Kennedy Street, and so for the moment it remains.

In the process, Harvard’s officials got a glaring indication of what the Kennedys wanted… a Kennedy theme park that would overshadow the world’s greatest university.

This is not what Harvard wanted from anyone, and it is certainly not what they wanted from the Kennedys, a family with which Harvard had always had, shall we say, an equivocal relationship. The negotiations went on for years and were “frank” as they say in diplomatic parlance; in other words, behind closed doors the discussions were blunt, candid, revealing.

In the end, a compromise came about. The Kennedy name went on an institute for the study of politics. The beautiful site on the Charles is now a quiet park, where several of JFK’s signature remarks and observations are chiseled in stone and under a fountain where it is a pleasure to sit on a hot summer day.

The Kennedy Institute itself is a refuge for retired (often defeated) politicians who come, after clobbering their way into office, to tell us that comity, amity, togetherness and brotherly love are the way to go; that rancor, negativity and distortion have no place in the American way of life and government..

Then, if they get the chance, they go back into the fray, raising funds to clobber their opponents better and more effectively than these opponents clobber them. It is very much the American way, the hypocrisy so ingrained in our national way of politics and governance we never see it at all. It is just the way things are.

The greatest irony.

As for JFK’s presidential library and museum it went to Dorchester, Massachusetts, an event of great irony. The Kennedys, like every upwardly mobile Irish family, left Dorchester the minute they could; always wanting to be from Dorchester, not in it. Now they were linked to the place forever. In such ways do the gods of great Olympus amuse themselves.

Now they add another level of irony in the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. First because this is hardly the institution the Kennedys really wanted. Had there been justice in American politics, Edward M. Kennedy would have his own presidential library.

But EMK muffed his chance to be president, losing at the hands of Jimmy Carter, of all people, a man who never connected with the American people, losing big to Ronald Reagan, a man who did.

Kennedy kept his Senate seat for his entire life… but for him it was always a destination, never a launching pad to the bigger office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It must have rankled once upon a time, but he got used to it. Still, he wanted something that was as close to presidential as you could get. And his Institute for the United States Senate was the result.

First off, like JFK’s library it is located in the wrong place. If it was necessary at all, it should have been in Washington DC. Moreover, it shouldn’t have particularly focused on EMK but clearly on the institution of the Senate itself, with Kennedy and his famous brothers a part but only a minor part of the story. Again, the Kennedys have seized an institution and linked themselves forever with it. Harvard officials could tell you what that is all about.

The institute and its ground breaking.

As its prospectus says, “The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is dedicated to educating the public about our government, invigorating public discourse, encouraging participatory democracy, and inspiring the next generation of citizens and leaders to engage in the public square. The Institute will be a dynamic center of non-partisan learning and engagement that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide each visitor and other participants with a unique and information rich, personalized experience that will bring history alive.”


But the very ground breaking showed something quite different. At the place where the new 40,000 square foot institute will stand, the shards of Camelot gathered, to inaugurate, for probably the last time, a named Kennedy monument. The usual suspects were there, lead by Kennedy’s widow Victoria Reggie Kennedy, always decent, well-spoken, likable.

But two figures were particularly notable for very different reasons.

As they toasted non-partisanship and all the rest, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, Democrat, decided to take this of all moments to chide the Tea Party movement, then engaged in taking charge of the national budget crisis. His excellency wouldn’t bite his tongue, saying

“Decades of poisonous rhetoric about how government is bad, taxes are bad, and greed is good has begun to jeopardize the can-do spirit of this country. My greatest disappointment with the conservative movement, so-called, is that it is sapping the optimism out of our country.” And so right from the get-go, to the astonishment of the audience, the bitterness that is American politics was present, prominent, ingrained, intractable.

But the real winner of the day was Senator Scott Brown, the Republican who, to the consternation of the Democratic establishment, turned the”Kennedy seat” into the People’s Seat by a magic all his own. “I told you I’d come,” he said. “A little surprise to everybody, isn’t it?” In those few words, he showed just why he’s such a strong contender for re-election next year in this overwhelmingly Democratic state… and why there was such a feeling of pathos and the past about this event, yet another indication the Kennedys are about yesterday, not tomorrow.”

Dr. Lant composes his articles in such a way as to make the readers think. Do you agree with his point of view? What experiences do you have relating to this article?

Contact me at: or by phone (650) 387-4820. You can also reach me on Skype – my contact name is CarlMort.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. He is also the author of 18 best-selling business books. Republished with author’s permission by Carl Mortimer Check out Affilorama ->

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Brilliant Breaks to New York

Article by Jennifer Quirk

New York is a simply fantastic place to visit. Regardless of what you are interested in you will be sure to find many activities that you will thoroughly enjoy.

New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with over 8 Million people calling the city itself alone (Not New York State) their home. The whole of New York as a state holds more than 19 million civilians. The city is made up from five counties, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. The Majority of the city’s attractions can be found throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

If you are looking to visit the famous buildings seen in so many of your Hollywood blockbusters you will likely find most of them in Manhattan. Examples include the Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and the United Nations Building. Other must see locations within New York include Central park, Times Square, Little Italy, China Town and Broadway. Each of these areas offer a different world of music, dining, entertainment and nightlife.

If you are after some culture, you can soak up as much as you can manage in the many museums and art galleries within the city, ranging from natural history to sports. Why not take in a Broadway show on 42nd Street and experience some of the world best theatre?

Another aspect of New York that can not fail to be mentioned is the shopping. In a city such as this you can peer though glass cabinets at some of the most expensive products you will find in the world and just around the corner you can find a bargain on sale for something equally beautiful.

Something that is very helpful when shopping in the Big Apple is the delivery service of the many shops selling clothing, accessories, electronics and even food. If you request for the products to be sent to your home address, the majority of businesses will be used to doing so. This avoids you having to cram everything into your suitcases and risking having items confiscated by customs if you have too much on you.

New York City is a foodie’s heaven. From anything as simple as a hotdog stand to the black tie required restaurants you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding something divine to put into your mouth. No comments, Chris :P New York is like another world in itself. With the huge variation of people, cultures, activities and lifestyles in the city you could quite easily have breakfast in tiffany’s before going for a spot of jet skiing in the harbour and then settling down for a show on Broadway in the evening!

For All inclusive holidays in the heart of modern America, be sure to check online for the best prices on Holidays . If you are looking for Last Minute Holidays you should consider New York as a destination for you!

Jennifer Quirk is an experienced reviewer of travel and financial products based in and around the UK.

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Cheap Las Vegas Holidays- For A Wild And Exciting To Relaxing And Luxurious Breaks

Holidays in Las Vegas are perfect for gambling and shopping. Whether you have plans to explore the legendary nightlife of Vegas or tour the Grand Canyon or wish to spend a romantic getaway with you loved one, you can save a lot of money by booking your cheap Las Vegas holidays. Such affordable vacation packages will let you save money that you can use for other purposes. Proper research and comparison of the holiday packages are the best way to ensure that you get a holiday package based on your budget and taste.

Las Vegas is without a doubt a top-notch holiday destination full of shopping opportunities, magical desert landscapes, and award winning restaurants. During your vacation do not miss a tour to the Lake Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The round the clock open casinos are mostly located around the Strip. The city also offers plenty of non-gaming activities to offer you an action-packed family fun.

Once you have booked your cheap Las Vegas holidays you can be sure about great treats in store for you. The wide options for accommodations, entertainment and dining are sure to confuse you. But proper research ahead of planning your vacation can help you stay away from such confusions. Whether you want to sit back and relax or party all night, Las Vegas provides it all to fulfil every person’s particular fancy.

During your cheap Las Vegas holidays you can also plan to visit the Liberace Museum, the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum, Las Vegas Art Museum or the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. You can also enjoy the many star-studded Las Vegas shows or dance the night away at a night club. The best way to ensure that you get the best price, book your vacation package in advance. There are many holiday suppliers who offer last minute holiday packages as well. You can also make your vacation affordable by opting for an all-inclusive holiday package that will include everything right from accommodation, meals to beverages and flight fare at times as well. Book your cheap Las Vegas holidays today!

Find discounts and offers on cheap Las Vegas holidays and to book visit at

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July breaks are better spent the seaside

Article by Jamie Francis

There is one thing that is a sure fire thing in the UK, when the sun is out people will head to the beach. This is something that happens every year and as we have been fortunate with the weather in recent years, everyone is hoping that the sun, once again, will shine this summer. If it does you will see some very busy beachside locations and it also means families may have second thoughts about travelling abroad, especially if they are only going for the weather.

A few years ago, last minute holidays used to mean that customers would get a better deal than if they booked earlier and even though this is not the case anymore they are still very popular amongst holidaymakers. What this means is when customers are searching for their holiday they are going to be looking for a destination that is by the beach, close to home, has plenty of activities available and has a range of accommodation options. If you have young children then you need to throw child friendly into the mix as well. This is why the holiday parks in the UK are so popular with families up and down the UK as they tick all of these boxes.

The fact that some of these holiday parks are located in places such as Skegness and Minehead means that families can make the most of the excellent weather during June, July and August whilst providing a range of activities and sports for those not content with just catching some rays on the beach. Holiday parks have been a popular place for families because they provide something for the whole family which is something that is very important for them as they want everyone to have a great family holiday. The holiday parks understand that not every member of the family wants to do the same thing which is why there is a kids club on site so they can meet some new friends as well as bars and restaurants when you need to refuel and plenty of sporting activities available.

The range of entertainment that is available also means that, even if you do your own thing during the day, the family can come together to enjoy some entertainment. After a day of fun and games, you will need to relax and get some much needed R&R in the comfort of your hotel which are top of the range.

To find the best deals on July family breaks and many more family holidays, go online where there are some great deals available.

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Great Breaks to Costa del Sol

Article by Jennifer Quirk

Costa del Sol, or translated, The Coast of the Sun, is the most famous of the three coasts in Andalusia in Spain. The very holiday tailored area is a perfect destination for those after an easily managed and effortlessly personalised holiday to Spain.

The region offers an abundance of restaurants, entertainment, activities and sights for all audiences. If you want to enjoy your pub lunch in guaranteed sunshine this is the place to come, with its heavy British presence. However, the good news is, if you wish to embrace real Spanish culture there is a balanced amount of Spanish restaurant and notably Tapas bars to even out the British influence.

This balance of home from home and the exotic is notable throughout the area. There are plenty of places you can enjoy a drink and a dance, a bite to eat or grab some compulsories from that are obviously hosted by English owners, but this does not seem to ruin the atmosphere of being on holiday!

In recent years the area has been a very big attraction to those who enjoy Golf. There are more than fifty high quality golf clubs available within Costa del Sol alone so if you can fit your gold clubs in your hand luggage by all means do so!

This area of Spain is heavily urban based, but thanks to the old fashioned architecture being continued by modern builders the old world Spanish city feeling has not gone away. However, be sure to pick up a street map as soon as possible if you intend to drive as the little streets and (unfortunate) local lack of road rules can make driving a real experience!

If you wish to rub shoulders with the rich and famous visitors of the Costa del Sol be sure you take a look at the marinas and docks where all the gleaming white yachts and boats will be docked, and you may be lucky and catch a glimpse of an A-lister!

Find great holidays and breaks online. You can always find cheap holidays if you look for last minute holidays when hunting for a deal.

Jennifer Quirk is an experienced reviewer of travel and financial products based in and around the UK.

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