A Lesson from South Korea

How calm, present, and non-anxious can you stay in a life-threatening crisis?

A BBC News report from John Sudworth in Seoul, South Korea, says that the recent skirmish between North and South Korea “is of a different order” from the usual exchanges between the two nations. It seem that civilians were killed in the shelling of the South Korean island by the North.

So how are people handing this? Realizing it could escalate into all-out war on the peninsula that would wreck the South Korean economy, what are people doing to prepare?

Well, actually, nothing.

The BBC report goes on to say that “there is no sense of panic here in the capital Seoul. This busy, bustling city has been going about life as normal…”

There’s no hoarding of provisions or desperate flurry of last-minute flight bookings out of South Korea. Says the BBC reporter, “North Korea is simply a fact of life that South Koreans have learned to live with for many years.”

If we get into our thoughts and let them have free rein, there are so many possible tragic scenarios we could imagine for our own life, ranging from being a victim of terrorism to being in a car crash, losing our income, a fire devastating our home, or being traumatized, injured, or killed in a crime.

In contrast to the people of Seoul, many in countries like the United States arehoarding, expecting a collapse of the economy. And there are blogs and newsletters online that promote the fear that drives this.

Years ago on the Tonight show, Johnny Carson did a piece that was tongue-in-cheek about a toilet paper shortage. There was no shortage—until the day after the show.

Do you remember back when there was an announcement of a shortage of oil, and gas stations were emptied because people came in droves to fill up, lining up for blocks?

Most of the crises we find ourselves in are created by thought—ours, or that of someone else.

In his second book, Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle comments:

Thinking that is not rooted in awareness becomes self-serving and dysfunctional. Cleverness devoid of wisdom is extremely dangerous and destructive. That is the current state of most of humanity.

Eckhart adds:

The next step in human evolution is to transcend thought. This is now our urgent task.

If consciousness prompts you to a particular action, such as vacating a city or country, that is one thing. But if actions come from thought, they are bound to backfire.

There is a lesson in the behavior of the people of Seoul. It’s not that they are living in a peaceful situation that never evokes worry, or that they are particularly conscious, but that they are able to go on with life despite this kind of threat. There is a measure ofpresence in this.

After all, one isn’t either not present at all or totally present. Presence happens to different degrees, at different levels in different situations. The universe has lots of shades of gray, little that’s either black or white.

Elsewhere, Eckhart asks, “What problem do you have at this moment?” Not when you get to the office in twenty minutes, but right now in this minute.

The only thing that takes us out of this moment is thought.

Consciousness operates in the now, not in speculation about the future. So if the South Koreans can go about their lives in the face of a serious threat, can we not live our life without becoming so anxious and spreading such panic, with its loss of confidence, that we bring down an economy?


David Robert Ord is author of Your Forgotten Self Mirrored in Jesus the Christ and the audio book Lessons in Loving–A Journey into the Heart, both from Namaste Publishing, publishers of Eckhart Tolle and other transformational authors.


If you would like to go deeper into being your true self, powerfully present in the now, we invite you to enjoy the daily blog Consciousness Rising –






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Hello From Montreal – Part 2 – A Comfortable Ride In The Train And First Impressions

Article by Susanne Pacher

Susanne Pacher is the publisher of Travel and Transitions (, a popular web portal for unconventional travel & cross-cultural connections. Check out our brand new section featuring FREE ebooks about travel.

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Flights to Cape Town- From Isle of Man

Article by Robert Moore

Isle of Man is an island in the British Isles, which is located between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. Planning for travel from Isle of Mann to Cape Town? Here are some tips that will help you a lot while planning for your travel to Cape Town or the other destinations world wide.

If you want to travel from Isle of Man to any destination on the globe, you have to visit either Ireland or UK first. You can take a flight or hire a ferry to reach UK and Ireland. There is no other mean of communication other than this. The only flight available for UK from Isle of Man is KLM. If you want to go UK and Ireland through ferries than you will reach.

Liverpool, England – 2h 30m (Fast craft) / 4h (conventional ferry)

Heysham, Lancashire, England – 3h 30m (conventional ferry)

Belfast, Northern Ireland – 2h 45m (Fast craft)

Dublin, Ireland – 2h 50m (Fast craft) / 4h 45m (conventional ferry)

You can reach any major city of UK like Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, London, etc. Flights to Cape Town are available from all these cities. Flights that are routed to Cape Town are South African Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, etc. Cape Town is a wonderful place in South Africa. It is one of the most visited tourist place in South Africa. It is the provincial capital of the Western Cape and the second most populous city in South Africa. Offering a Mediterranean climate it welcomes its tourist all round the year. For your lights to Cape Town, you just need to navigate through web pages, date of departure, date of return and where you are flying from to Cape Town. All the information will be in front of you. It will help you in comparing prices and analyzing your travel.

Travel the destinations world wide by booking cheap flights, discount flights, low cost flights, last minute flights, etc. Plan your journey from Isle of Man to Cape Town. You must remember that you cannot travel direct from there; you have to visit the cities of UK and than have to take flights to the destination you want to visit.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Made Using Items From The Stationery Cupboard

Given how close we are to Christmas and the chaotic unpredictability of the postal service due to the arctic weather it’s with a heavy heart that I share the news that it is unlikely that any gifts you order online from this point onwards are going to arrive in time for Christmas. The hard working ladies and gents out there may also find that they are stuck working up until Christmas Day itself and are as such unable to find the time to actively go out and purchase last minute gifts for friends and loved ones. This is something of a predicament, but thankfully one which can be solved with ingenuity, moderate dexterity, creativity and a well stocked stationery cupboard.

Homemade (or in this case ‘officemade’) gifts show true effort and consideration which goes beyond merely buying last minute token items from a 24 hour petrol station. They are also allowed to be a little bit shoddy as ‘it’s the thought that counts’, with this in mind here are 3 ideas for thoughtful, last minute Christmas gifts made using office supplies surplus:

The Recycled Trinket Storage Unit

Environmental awareness shows sensitivity, compassion and realism – all admirable traits which are exemplified by the creation and giving of this innovative trinket storage unit. Have a rummage through your stationery cupboard and liberate different sized storage boxes, from marker pen boxes, through to staple boxes – empty the contents (neatly) and you find yourself a rigid piece of cardboard. Glue the boxes to the cardboard in any configuration you desire (ensuring ease of individual box opening) and decorate using whatever tools you have at your disposal, whether correction fluid, marker pen or if you’re lucky ; glitter.

Personalise the storage unit to show that you really care and be sure to note on it that it is 100% recycled. Give as a gift to a loved one who has an abundance of small items in need of storage and an appreciation of environmental issues.

The Groovy Disco Ball

Young children, fans of glam rock and furry pets all love shiny things – it’s a fact of life. With a pile of unwanted CDs, sellotape, a biro and a stack of old paper you can appeal to this facet of their personality with aplomb. Scrunch the paper into a dense ball about the size of a football and hold together with generous lashings of sellotape, cover the surface with the CDs with the shiny side facing outwards and secure in place with further lashings of sticky tape. Jam the biro (point first) into the ball so that it is firmly wedged, voila: a shiny, wonder object which can be rotated by rolling the biro handle between the palms of your hands! The end result is comparable to a portable (silent) disco.

The Mystery Envelope

If time is incredibly short then the mystery envelope could well be your only hope of gift redemption. Find an unused envelope (size irrelevant) and stuff with anything that will fit inside it (pens, staplers, confidential documents, a health and safety poster, biscuits etc), fasten the envelope and write ‘Mystery Envelope’ on the front. This minimal fuss ‘lucky bag’ is best given anonymously to enforce the mystery aspect.

Written by Jamie Rock Lyons for office supplies blog on behalf of DGOS office supplies

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Discounted Offers for Cheap Flights to Orlando from London

Article by Vinod Kumar Saini

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Cheap holidays: Great Ways to benefit from Cheap Holidays

You can’t forget those spent days that you had enjoyed with your family at any hill station or any other holiday place! If you have enjoyed them through cheap holidays, you will like to grab them over and again. Everyone is willing to go with cheap and affordable holidays that can help them save money with less efforts. Honestly, you can find better opportunities of doing so, if you make a sincere research through online mode.

Nothing special efforts to do! You only need to sit silently and look for the best and cheapest deal that is arranged by online agents. To grab such a chance, you need to decide on the place very first and then, start searching for packages offered for that particular place. Well, you must go with the most famous websites that deal in holiday packages. But if you find the great discount available with any new tour and travel company, you can also opt for a holiday deal from there. It is because you will get here cheapest deal. Basically, new companies try to give more reliable deals for their clients so that they could feel comfortable with them and enjoy their services every time.

So, it is a cheap holiday that enables you to go anywhere in the world and so, you don’t need to be disappointed. The only thing before going is to find out that the cheap holiday deals meet your aims successfully or not. If you are not satisfied with the services of any company, you can look for another as there are numerous online entities to grab the most suited deal as per your choice.

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Best-Selling Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

You will find there’s vast number of Grand Canyon heli flights from Las Vegas. From air-only trips to rafting-combo bundles, Vegas has every thing. To get you shopping in the right direction, I’ve put together this informative article spotlighting the top flights. I’m positive that your canyon adventure will be off the charts if you book any one of them.

Las Vegas helis only fly to Grand Canyon West, which is also known as the West Rim. This section of the canyon is just 125 miles from Sin City. Flight time is 45 minutes. Those searching for a South Rim chopper tour will have to bundle that with a bus or plane ride.

Grand Canyon West is situated on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, which is adjacent to the Grand Canyon National Park. This rim is famous for a number of things, including the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the glass observation deck that allows you to go walking 70 feet past the edge. It’s also the only place in the whole Park where you can fly to the bottom.

There are two types of helicopter trips: Air trips and bottom-landing tours. Here’s specifics:

1. Air Only. Fly out of Las Vegas. Goes over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Switches back over the West Rim, where you will see the legendary Colorado River, the Sky Walk, Grand Cliffs Wash, Eagle Point, Guano Point and more. Total tour time is around 4 hours and comes with complimentary hotel shuttle service.

2. Landing Tours. These trips follow the same route as the air trips but land in the Reservation. Specifically:

A. Bottom Landing. Descends 4,000 feet to the bottom of the canyon. Disembark, enjoy Champagne toast, brunch, or breakfast. Explore the floor and riverbank. Trip duration is 5 hours and includes free shuttle service.

B. Bottom Landing with Boat & Skywalk. This tour extends the one above with a Colorado River boat ride and VIP passes to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Usually lasts about six hours and includes free transportation to and from all Vegas resort-hotels.

C. Grand Canyon Skywalk tour. Lands at Grand Canyon West Airport. Shuttle to the Glass Bridge. Unlimited entry on the observation deck, plus about 2 hours to look around the rim. Sights include Eagle and Guano Points and the Indian Cultural Center.

These are the best selling tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and they sell out quickly. My advice is that you reserve your flights no less than one week before you go. Trying to book last-minute flights is a crapshoot and generally only encouraged if you’re a solo traveler.

Purchase your trip while in Las Vegas and you will be overcharged. If you’d like to receive the best deal, adhere to these 3 easy steps:

1. Book in advance (further out the better!)

2. Get your tour on the web

3. Finish the whole purchase on the web.

I’m very specific about #3. If for whatever reason you let a broker complete your online booking, you’ll in all probability be charged more. Today’s travel websites are safe and secure. This is the only way I order travel nowadays and I’ve never had a problem.

Vegas is a great place from whence to take a excursion. There’s lots of variety and prices are competitive. Additionally, the West Rim is less than 1 hour away. It is also the only place in the National Park where one can fly to the bottom. So, as you plan your trip to Sin City, by all means include a canyon helicopter trip. It’ll be the time of your life.

Mr. Plunket is a travel journalist who reports on all things Grand Canyon. He recommends going here for cheap prices on Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Vegas.

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Exercises To Last Longer In Bed 3 Facts About Penis Male Enlargement Every Man Should Know – How To Get An Explosive Size From Home

Article by cariearmento

When my last girlfriend dumped me because I couldn’t satisfy her (she didn’t say it explicitly of course but it was obvious) I decided to make a short research about penis sizes. I was totally shocked and despaired by the results! Scientific research was not only saying that my penis size was below average it also said that women found penis size a ‘very important factor’ in satisfaction.

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So many methods of penis male enlargement actually involve quite a lot of discomfort. After all no-one can say it is pleasurable hanging weights and pumping vigorously at your penis – and actually by using methods like this you can actually cause irreversible damage to its delicate tissue. Now there is a way that you can increase your size without the need for anything artificial to strap on or ingest. All you require is your body.

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Most Natural penis male enlargement methods that utilize the ‘exercise’ approach to penis male enlargement focus on only a small aspect of what is required to get the most out of your potential penis size. With information gathered from old Soviet gymnast instructors we hope to show that there is much more involved.

Do you currently feel happy with the size of your penis? If you answered ‘no’ then it may be because you are smaller than the average man. Everyone knows how important the size of your manhood is to women and so it’s understandable that you are thinking of ways to increase your size. Before you do that you should first consider how small you really are. Do you measure up to other men?

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The stereotype that all Asian men have small penises may effect how others see us especially women. As false as this claim is there are ways to break out of this myth if you feel it will help with your confidence.

Did you know that it’s possible to enlarge your penis at home using nothing but your hands and a few specially designed and highly secret NATURAL exercises that anybody with two hands can do?Just 6 minutes per day for a few short weeks will make your penis much longer thicker and healthier and give you permanent gains which you can enjoy for the rest of your life! Permanent gains Click here >>

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last minute

Cheap flight to Australia from UK – Enjoy a Great Holiday

Australia is one of the favourite holiday destinations among the travelers world wide. It is the only country that has a continent itself. Cheap airline tickets are being offered by many airlines and travel companies. A large number of travel companies are offering cheap flights to Australia from UK.

Famous for its natural wonders and wide open spaces, its beaches, deserts, “the bush”, and “the Outback”, it is a beautiful country. Cheap flights to Australia are available with both domestic and international flights. Australia is known for its thriving nightlife, sandy beaches, friendly people and wide cultures.

Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Auckland and many others are most livable cities in Australia. Travelers from all around the world visit Australia and its cities. To visit there, you can look for different online airfare packages catered by various airline companies. It offers a lot to do, see and explore. There are many cheap flights to Australia from UK available search around to find a good deal.

There are various skiing and surfing spots that people enjoy visiting, only in Australia. Uluru in the red centre, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney are the cultural icons. Visitors from all over the world visit Australia for enjoyment and relaxation, they are attracted by Sydney Tower, Luna Park, The Royal Botanical Gardens, the Great Barrier Reef and a lot of beaches.

Cheap flights to Australia from UK are available online with various travel companies. You should be very careful while booking flights online. Search the companies providing best deals for your travel and book cheap flights to Australia. Most of the travel companies offer not only cheap flights, but also different hotels, car rentals and city tour activity packages.

Enjoy Hot Air Ballooning, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Sky Diving, Skiing, Snorkelling, etc. Take a trip to Great Barrier Reef, swim in the beaches, rivers and man made pools. It will be a lovely experience to have a vacation in Australia. To get cheap flights always avoid last minutes flights, peak season visits and prefer cheap holiday packages.

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