Is Dad in ‘Knead’ of Some Pampering? Top Relaxation Gift Ideas

The top holiday gifts forDad are not just ties and watches, they are also spa gifts and relaxation gifts.  Massage chairs and massage gift certificates are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for dad.

A Massage Chair is a Great Gift Idea for Dad, Brownie Points if it Reclines!

Men of any age generally carry their mental stress in their muscles or their physical stress in their muscles and joints. An awesome Christmas gift for dad would be a massage chair. The prices for these chairs range from 0 to ,000 plus. You know your dad the best. Would he enjoy a simple, yet comfortable massage chair, or would he prefer the top of the line executive looking massage chair? These chairs come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and many come with other bells and whistles other than just massage. Your dad will melt sitting in one of these chairs and letting the massaging and vibration of the chair knead away at his neck, shoulders, back and legs.

A Massage Cushion for His Lower Back

Some men are a bit stubborn, dads included, and they don’t want to give up their trusty recliner. If this is the case, a great Christmas gift for dad and one that won’t break the bank is a massage cushion that he can place at his lower back while he sits in his favorite recliner or desk chair. These massage cushions come in a variety of colors and capabilities and range from and up. These can also be used while on the go, he can he use this in his car while he drives or during a pit stop to ease the muscles in his lower back.

Massage Gift Certificates

Sometimes a good massage from a skilled professional is exactly what dad needs and definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for dad. You may want to consider your dad’s feelings and might want to forgo the “foo foo” salon spa and get a gift certificate for a massage from the local gym or chiropractor’s office.  Your dad deserves a full body massage to help rid his body of pain, stress, and tension!

Dads can sometimes be hard to buy for; men in general are often hard to buy for. This is why relaxation gifts like massages are just one of the great gifts for men this holiday season. Massages chairs and  massage cushions are practical, affordable, portable, and effective. Your dad will love any one of these relaxation gifts and maybe he’ll let you sit in his massage chair every once in a while!

Christmas time brings lots of joy, love and laughter. There is nothing better than getting a gift for Dad that he absolutely loves. It makes you feel great and it makes him feel better. Sarah Wilmer gives tons of suggestions for finding perfect <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/3549876']);” href=””>Christmas gifts for Dad</a>. Visit her today at <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/3549876']);” href=””></a> for a wealth of information that you do not want to miss out on this holiday season.

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Last Minute Environmental Gift Ideas, Keeping Your Holidays Green

Article by Shannon Kilkenny

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas gift buying is in full swing. The challenge is on! With only a few shopping days left and perhaps many gifts still to buy; here are a few ways to minimize your shopping time and frustration and simultaneously make a significant difference for the environment. When making a few changes in your buying styles and habits you can have a considerable impact on the environment with little effort.

It’s really fairly easy. Just follow some of the gift ideas below and enjoy the satisfaction of being part of the “green” movement by greening your gifts. Make it a truly “green” holiday this year. Take heed!

Remember try to give presents people need, can use and are practical. Be creative! Try these……~ Tickets to movies, concerts, museums, sporting events, outdoor activities or an annual pass to national parks.~ House or garden plants, herbs, seeds and bulbs. Pots and planters boxes made from natural ingredients.~ Gift certificates to clothing, electronics, books, grocery, or vitamin stores.~ Music and books. itunes or the equivalent downloadable books and music.~ Give the gift of YOU! Make coupons for services such as babysitting, a night out at the movies, dinners dates, weekends away, massages, yard work, dog-walking or help write a resume or article, give a computer lesson or offer some other talent or skill you can share.~ An old book or collector’s item. Things with a unique meaning. Shop at antique stores, estate sales or flea markets.~ Cook home-baked sweets and put in a reusable tin box, a kitchen container, or another usable item.~ Any homemade item. A knitted hat or scarf.~ Fair-trade organic chocolate or coffee. Always a hit.~ Clothes and other items made from hemp, wool, or organic cotton.~ A roll of postage stamps.~ Office supplies such as recycled paper and envelops.~ Energy efficient light bulbs, battery re-chargers, or solar-powered products.~ First aid kits or emergency road side equipment.~ Board and card games that will be used over and over again.~ For your children, you can open a savings account, buy stocks or bonds.~ A gift gasoline card for your teenager or college student.~ A calendar marked with important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings.~ A book of favorite recipes.~ Carbon offsetting. This purchase erases negative energy footprint of reducing carbon emissions. ~ And last but not least give to one or more Charities in the name of your recipient.

The list is really endless if you just take a moment to think about your purchase. If you consider where the product was made, what it is made of, who made it, what actually went in to the manufacturing of the product, you might want to reconsider that purchase. Fact: A manufactured item will generate 70 times its weight in waste during manufacturing. Wow!

To learn more about how become more environmental conscious when planning your holiday parties and events, planning conferences, workshops and seminars, and events of all sizes, visit my website:

As an Event Planner, Writer, Author and Environmentalist Ms. Kilkenny is in the process of writing her next book which is dedicated to “greening” the hospitality and event planning industry. Her first book “The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning” is due out Dec. 06. Visit for more information.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Advice for the Last Minute Shopper

Article by Ronnie Adolf

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and guys everywhere are quietly panicking about what to get their girlfriends and wives for this most romantic of holidays. While flowers and chocolates are always in fashion, the one gift that every woman will always appreciate is jewelry. As February approaches jewelers across the country and around the world are gearing up to help men that have waited too long to visit their local jewelry store.

What to get the woman in your life is largely dependent on her lifestyle, her taste, and much you’re willing to spend (which can be directly proportionate to how much you’ve screwed up lately). With options like necklaces, rings, earrings, and even watches out there, here are few things to consider about each.


First of all, if you have small children, you may want to reconsider a necklace, however, necklaces are a great Valentine’s present due to their versatility. Whereas some other jewelry may be better suited for either casual or formal settings, with few exceptions, necklaces can work great with jeans and a t-shirt or a nice formal dress.Aside from being versatile with her attire, necklaces also have the advantage of coming in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from gold and silver, with or without gems, and in varying lengths to fit every taste and style.

Watches and Bracelets

The first thing to consider when looking at either a watch or bracelet is whether the person you’re buying it for is a watch or bracelet person. Some people just don’t like to have things around their wrists and nothing ruins an amazing present like a lack of use. That being said, the second thing to consider when looking at bracelets and watches is how formal you want to get. Both bracelets and watches are pieces of fine jewelry, and how fine you want to get will greatly affect what you end up getting.

Whether you want to get a bracelet covered in diamonds or a watch that gives the time zone in Batswana, keep in mind what setting you want the person you’re buying it for to wear it in. If you’re looking for a more formal gift, stick with a tennis bracelet. If you’re more interested in getting them a gift they can use every day, a nice watch can be classy and stylish, but still work with a wider variety of clothing styles to allow for more use.


Earrings, much like necklaces, are great because of their versatility and availability at numerous jewelry stores. When considering earrings keep in mind any small children as they tend to grab long, dangling earrings, which can result in injuries. Earrings can come in studs, hoops, and dangles, and are available in a variety of different golds, silver, and, of course, diamonds. If you’re not sure what kind of earrings your wife or girlfriend might like, simply take a peek in her jewelry box to see what kind she has the most of. Most people buy a specific style based on what they enjoy the most.


Buying a ring for somebody at Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to buy a diamond engagement ring. Fashion rings are a very popular way to give somebody a ring that shows you care without having to pop the question. Fine jewelry such as an emerald or ruby ring is perfect for those that enjoy their birth stones or have a favorite color. For those that are already married, Valentine’s Day is a great time to upgrade the diamond engagement ring you bought her when you first asked her to marry you. She said yes then, but a new, nicer ring will have her saying yes all over again.

Get Out There

Just because you’ve waited until the last minute to buy her something for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean there’s nothing out there. Do some quick research, talk to your local New York, Los Angeles, and Richmond jewelers, and make sure you get her something that will make her smile – be it earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, or rings.

Ronnie Adolf is the president of Adolf Jewelers, a local Virginia jewelry store specializing in diamond engagement rings, diamonds, and Virginia fine jewelry. They can be found online at:

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Get that last minute birthday gift delivered in time with a parcel delivery service

With a hectic work and family it is often difficult to keep track of things, as life seems to move at a mile a minute. This can mean you often forget and don’t recall upcoming events that you need to take note of.

One event which can often be missed is birthdays; this is especially the case if you have a large family to cater for. You will often remember which birthdays are coming up, however this can be difficult with large groups of friends and family to cater for. A simple way to avoid this kind of mental lapse, would be to put up a calendar of birthdays in an area you often see every day, such as the kitchen. This ensures you can quickly check the month and see what events are coming up for you to sort out any gifts and greeting cards you may need to buy. Another option would be to keep a dairy at home for the year, and check ahead every so often to see what things you to need to sort out.

From time to time you will eventually forget a special occasion such as a birthday, in this scenario you should try and sort out the problem as soon as possible to make sure you get the item to a friend or family member on time and don’t miss the special day.

If you find that the person’s birthday is at the end of the week and you don’t have the time to get to the shops, you should check out the options available online.

As a lot of online stores provide the option of next day delivery to ensure your item arrives on time. You may also find that you don’t have the time to deliver the item to its destination by hand; in this case you will need to find a service to deliver your parcel efficiently and at relatively short notice. The best option for this kind of service would be a parcel delivery company, who can handle your delivery efficiently and professionally using a variety of reputable courier services.

If you wish to book a delivery, simply fill in the size and weight specifications of the parcel you are looking to send along with the destination.

You now need to simply choose a courier service from the list of couriers and prices you are now presented with. This makes sure your birthday parcel gets there in time and doesn’t spoil the birthday of your friend or family member.

Browse for different courier services online to handle your last minute birthday gift, browse the various next day delivery companies to find the best price.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men Who Want to WOW Their Woman

By Otto Collins

Oops! So, it’s the day of your anniversary or it’s late the night before your woman’s birthday and you realize that you still haven’t found a gift for her.

In all likelihood your intentions were good. Maybe you had some ideas and just didn’t make the time to go shopping or what you had in mind was beyond your budget or your great idea fell through.

It could be that your partner is difficult to buy for. She might be particular in her tastes, she may want something that you just can’t afford or she may have already gone out and bought the things that you know she wants.

It could also be that you want to really WOW her with your gift and this is freaking you out. You’ve worked yourself up into a lot of insecurity over this. You want it to be special. You want her to be touched deeply by your gift…and you worry that you won’t be able to evoke that kind of a response from her with what you have in mind.

For whatever reason, you find yourself at the last minute searching for a gift for your woman.

You still want it to be something she will treasure and feel moved by and you’re possibly panicking a bit because you haven’t found that yet.

At this point, you might be afraid that the worst (in your estimation) will happen and you’ll show up with no gift at all!

If you’re down to the wire and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your woman, take a deep breath and slow down. Try this advice…

Get into a “loving feeling.”

I don’t care how rushed you feel about getting a gift for your partner, the first thing I urge you to do is to touch in with the loving feelings you have for her.

Dashing into a series of shopping malls or stores is only going to leave you overwhelmed and probably with some lame present.

Take a few moments to sit down and breathe. Clear your mind of any thoughts about finding the perfect gift, projects you’ve got to do at work or pressure you feel regarding anything at all.

Call to your mind an image of your woman– make sure this is an image that brings up feelings of love and appreciation within you. Intentionally bring up a memory of you two connecting and having fun together.

When you really get into a “loving feeling,” it is easier to know what to do next. Chances are, you’re going to feel more relaxed and at ease with this whole shopping and gift-giving process.

You’ll undoubtedly be more inspired to buy, create, make or give her the kind of gift that you’ve been searching for.

Take the time to choose your gift with care.

Keep that loving feeling at the forefront of your awareness as you pick out a gift. Set aside any beliefs you have that you should spend a lot of money, buy from a certain store or whatever those “shoulds” are for you.

Again, continue to remind yourself of the purpose of this gift. It’s probably to express to your partner how special she is to you and how much you love her.

Allow yourself complete freedom to choose a gift that will best reflect your intention and your feelings for her.

This might mean that you buy her something extravagant and expensive and it might mean that you make her a gift from items you already have at home.

She’s probably not going to appreciate you running up the credit card just so that she can have a pricey piece of jewelry. Instead, she may be thrilled to receive something like a picture of the two of you in a nice frame.

She might still want a diamond encrusted bracelet, but she’d also feel pleased to be pampered by a home-cooked dinner, bubble bath and massage compliments of you.

It’s a lovely treat to receive something that feels luxurious from time to time too. If you are able to splurge occasionally, this could make a positive impact on your woman as well.

Choose carefully and mindfully.

You know best what you truly can and cannot afford at this time. Above all, don’t just pick up a card, chocolates and flowers from the grocery store on your way home and expect her to be WOW’d.

The lack of feeling and time that you spent on that kind of gift will show and it will most certainly fail to impress her.

Give whatever you choose with presence and sincerity.

Even if you do buy your woman a card, chocolates and flowers from the grocery store, make sure that you give them to her with presence, sincerity and feeling.

You can be thoughtful in the type of card, chocolates and flowers that you pick out. What are her favorites? Show that you kept in mind what she prefers when you made your selection.

Tell her that you love her. Be honest if you struggled to find the “perfect” gift for her and let her know that she is special to you. Make sure that she understands that this gift is only one expression of your feelings for her.

The real gift is your consistent attention, your love and your willingness to create a closer relationship with her.

Otto Collins teaches the secrets to lighting up their woman and offers men’s marriage advice. To get Otto’s free report: “The 10 Biggest Relationship & Passion-Killing Mistakes Men Make and What To Do About Them” sign up for his FREE relationship advice newsletter for men at

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Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Article by Sue

Have you waited before last second to think about the valentine gifts that you will share with others this season? Time is running away from us swiftly and shortly Valentine’s Day is going to be here and gone.

If you have waited before last second to determine the best gift ideas for all those on your gift-giving list, it’s time to wake up and get something done concerning the situation. Everyone knows that postponing getting gifts for others does happen, they also know that when this occurs during the holidays that everything will already be gone or picked over a great deal that there is little from which to choose.

It does not matter that you have been working non-stop and also have not had the chance to go shopping. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big wad of money to spend on others. There are still some presents which will prove useful whenever you do get started trying to determine your valentine gift ideas.If you do not possess a fortune to spend, you may make a variety of items for gift giving. For instance, you may make your personal valentine cards, or pen an amazing love letter. Heck, you can even print your own free Valentine cards or send Valentine eCards making use of your computer, when you sit and ready this article. You can even do things as gifts for other people. For instance, you may make a great Valentine’s Day meal with all the trimmings and dessert. If you want something simple and easy you can make heart-shaped sugar cookies and tie bows on them for your sweetheart or members of the family to enjoy. The options of the things you can make are nearly limitless, depending on what you have to work with, regardless if you are cooking, baking or crafting a gift idea.

However, if you’re within the mood for any really quick last minute shopping, head out to the local department shop. For example of items you can pick up to provide as gifts.

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts Ideas

- Flower Bouquet

- Chocolate Candies or any type of Valentine candies, if you will find any left

- Candles

- Perfume

- Jewelry

- Gift Baskets

- Send iphone valentine ecards make use iphone ecard.

Now, if you want to create a Valentine’s gift basket for someone you can do it yourself. First, you’ll need some type of holding container, such as a basket, pail, bucket or perhaps a backpack will do, with respect to the stuff you choose to include.

If you are shopping for kids and teens, you can include any number of school supply items because these will come in handy. Sometimes, you will find Valentine related school supply items such as paper, stationary, notebooks, pens and pencils. You may want to find socks who have a Valentine theme. Grab a bag or box of candy and they will be thrilled.

If you are searching for your partner or sweetheart, you need to choose items for their gift basket that are some of their favorite things. Needless to say, those items you may decide for them will depend on how well acquainted you are with him or her. For instance, personal items for example razors and shaving items will be fine in a gift basket as well as some socks and Valentine theme boxers, pajamas or nightgowns. However, you don’t need to to settle on such personal items should you not feel comfortable the process.

The purpose of gathering things up in a gift basket is always that the items are enjoyable, and can be informative or entertaining for the person you are making your Valentine gift basket with this year.

However, some of the best Valentine’s Day present ideas are endearing words, a hug and a kiss.

I grew up in the village of Romsley, to the south of Birmingham in central England. At 18 I went to Loughborough University to do a degree in Journalism – Right now I’m a professional writers for iphone valentine ecards.

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The Perfect Gift: How to Make a Last Minute Gift Look Thoughtful

Article by Jon Jacobson

As the holiday season approaches, we are once again overwhelmed with the task of buying the “perfect gifts” for our loved ones. Toys, clothing, DVDs, HD televisions, I pods, video games, the latest version of the talking Elmo, the list of possibilities seems endless, as we are constantly bombarded with advertising propaganda, telling us about the latest and most lavish products. With all of the advertisement, not to mention attending a million parties and traditions, it can seem near impossible to keep our minds clear enough to remember everyone we need to purchase a meaningful gift. While often times our children and friends come to the forefront of our minds in this purchasing frenzy, it is often the case that our parents are left out of the arena. That’s right, our parents, the most important people in our lives, the ones who raised us to be who we are today, who bandaged up our scraped knees, taught us how to play sports, always made the best lemonade, for some reason almost always seem to get thrown into the dusty back corner of our minds until the very last minute. So the question becomes, at the last minute what do we buy for our parents?

The trick to this conundrum is to search for a gift that appears as though you have truly thought out of the box, while of course, not taking to much time to find. To put it simply, adding to your father’s tie collection, when the man only wears a tie once a year to Christmas Eve service, is a dead give away that you did not put much energy into the gift. So, what then is the key to quickly finding a gift, that also appears as though you have put thought into the purchase. The trick is simple; it is to examine your parents’ daily activities, even though at times we feel they simply sit in front of their satellite T.V. For example, as in many families across America, is your father the type that only wears a tie once a year, because he would rather watch the football game on his HD television, than go to the theater and dinner with your mother? If you answered yes, why not look into signing him up for a more inclusive sports programming like the NFL Sunday ticket? As for your mother, wonderful gifts to consider are gift certificates to a new restaurant, or perhaps a membership to a museum or local gardens? These memberships are very moderately priced and provide her activity she can do by herself, with your father, or with her friends.

Whatever your next purchase is this holiday season, remember that with parents it is rarely the material products that you buy them that matter, but the thought you put into the gift. It always means more to give a parent a gift they can truly enjoy and that shows your appreciation for all they have done, than simply buying them something like a tie.

There are plenty of great DirectTV deals available to give as gifts this holiday season. With the fantastic DIRECTV deals out there, there’s no reason to delay.

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Stock Gift Card Envelopes Are The Economical Last Minute Add On For Your Holiday Gift Cards

Article by Michael Del Chiaro

Stock Gift Card Envelopes Are The Economical Last Minute Add On For Your Holiday Gift Cards

A gift card envelope will help you sell more gift cards. And, there’s still time to have stock gift card envelopes in your hands before the holiday buying season., The best gift card envelope suppliers, like, can have gift card envelopes and gift card sleeves on their way to you – anywhere in the world. Here’s what you need to know to get your stock gift card sleeves in-hand at a good price before the holiday crunch.

Look For A Simple Thoughtful DesignYou want your stock gift card envelope to coordinate as much a possible with your gift card design. That’s why you need to find a simple design. Black on white or white on black themes work well with almost any gift card design. You also want a “thoughtful” design. A thoughtful gift card envelope design includes “To:”, “From:” and “Amount” areas with lines for you to write on. Good suppliers will use a simple type style and probably add a generic message at the top of the gift card envelope, such as “A Gift For You”. Keep in mind, too, that the best suppliers will offer you the choice of a gift card envelope or a gift card sleeve – usually at the same price.

Order Just What You NeedYou can have your gift card envelopes in-hand within a few days – so avoid the temptation to over-order. This goes for gift card sleeves, too. The best suppliers will offer a low 250 minimum with price breaks for larger volume purchases. Expect to pay from 20 to 30 cents per gift card envelope. How many to order at once? Figure out how many gift cards you ordered and add 10%. That approach will ensure that you have the right quantity of gift card envelopes on hand all of the time.

Get Your Order Placed – Today!While the best suppliers will have plenty of stock gift card envelopes on-hand, play it safe. Get an instant online price and place your order today. You’ll avoid expensive shipping charges if you’re not in a rush to get your gift card envelopes. Be sure to work with a gift card envelope supplier who offers instant online pricing – and toll free off line support. It’s always good to know that there are real people behind your online purchases who are willing to help.

Use the tips above and you’ll find a gift card envelope supplier who

This article was written by Michael Del Chiaro for Please visit for high quality custom online printing.

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Key Way To Select The Return Christmas Gift

It is more crucial to select proper Christmas gifts of your choice. You must have to make proper selection for the return gift for offering your relatives and even to get the effective shopping benefits. It is more important to firstly watch for a variety in types of Christmas gift which are to be given as a return gift to any beloved person. If you make an arrangement of the Christmas party than you must need to get different types of gifts that are based on your choice.


1.  You must have to make a proper list of gifts to be aware about how many people purchase gifts to return them to their family & friends and what are the common products purchased at any online or physical store.


2.  You must have to decide the budget for the return gift to get the proper choice based on the types of gift you need to distribute.


3.  You need to do Christmas gifts shopping based on the effective type and genre you want to offer a person. It is more crucial to get aware about the terms and conditions of the gift that you are going to purchase.


4.  It is more crucial to get selected gifts which satisfy your needs and requirements to be fulfilled for the relatives. You can select a number of gifts at the better discounts from most popular stores.


5.  You must have to search for the accurate information where you can get the generic gift of your choice at proper discounted prices. Select gifts that accomplished all your terms and needs.


Abashely Barnett is a freelance writer for, which is one of the outstanding deal web-site for offering best online deals, last minute deals, online discount codes and many more services from top-most online stores. He also freelances and provides details regarding , Christmas gifts and gift ideas for

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Great Guide On Looking For A Last Minute Gift

Have you ever realized you need a gift which was some kind of 5 minute emergency. You were too busy and you totally forgot. As you don’t know what to buy, you keep putting off the meeting. The article below will giving you some ideas and strategies on dealing with the times when a last-minute gift are needed. You can do things in adance and sometimes, you should buy new shoes.


If it is an emergency then there are several things you can do. The first is go through some last-minute gift choices that require little preparation. The usual choices are chocolates, wines and flowers. These can be purchased at many outlets such as gas stations. Instead of wrapping them put them in a gift bag, this removes the need for sticky-tape, bows and ribbons. If you can, get the shop to wrap it for you. You could even keep a gift bag or two in the car if you do this a lot.

If you do buy from somewhere like a gas station then try to remove any indication of the shop and price. A great last-minute gift for most special occasions is a bottle of Champagne.


If you have a little more time then consider a gift certificate or voucher. These can even be bought in advance. Then all that you need is a suitable greetings card. You need to ensure that the voucher has a good general choice of shops. You would want one from a big chain or a large local mall. If the recipient is on the Internet then you could even send the voucher electronically. Many large Internet sellers such as Amazon and iTunes have voucher schemes. If you do send the voucher electronically then you need to ensure that the method of sending is secure. It is better to print off the voucher and add a personal message. This shows that you have put a little thought into the gift.


To avoid the situation in the first place you need to have a list of all of the occasions for which you need to give gifts. If you use the Internet or a calendar then ensure that these events are listed with a reminder if possible. Some Internet calendar systems and smart-phones will give you a reminder of an event several days before.


Some people have a ‘Gift First Aid Kit’. This is invaluable when you need to supply a gift at short notice. You need a drawer or box to hold your kit. The kit will contain emergency gifts, greetings cards, postage stamps, wrapping paper and the like. You will find this is useful for Christmas and Birthdays too as you will have everything you need at hand.


You should have a good selection of greetings cards for all occasions. You should ensure that you have some cards without specific messages so that you can always create a suitable card. If you forget or cannot get a gift then a card is always welcome and shows that you have not forgotten. You can say in the card that you did not want to send a gift in the mail and you will present it when you next meet. If you do this then you must ensure that you have a gift by then.


You can keep your eyes open for suitable gifts throughout the year. Look for clearance and sale items at places like outlet shops. Especially if the bargain is for a brand that the recipient will recognize and is of high quality. Examples are perfumes, toiletries, ornaments and the like. You will want to make a list of what is in the drawer. You may even find that you have a lot of your Christmas gifts when that time comes around. Note that if the items are there for a long time then you will want to check if there is a date beyond which they should not be used.


This article is intended to help you find those last-minute emergency gifts and help you to prepare in advance to make this sort situation easier to deal with. If all else fails a simple call or letter to say that you have remembered may be all that is needed.


n you think of a time when you realized almost too late that you needed to get a gift for someone? You were too busy. You forgot. You had no idea what gift to get and kept putting it off. This article will give you some ideas and strategies for dealing with the times when you need a last-minute gift. Some things you can do in advance and some are just for emergencies./

Gary Roll is co-founder of Unique Gift Inspirations, a website that provides help in finding unusual and unique gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. We also provide advice and tips about gift choosing, organizing and wrapping.

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