Travellers Give Thumbs Up For Airport Hotels

The Southern Sun Ridgeway, Lusaka offers quality and comfort to tourists and business travellers visiting the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

Just 27km from the Zambezi International Airport, it’s one of the airport hotels that offer conventional facilities for conferences, and a business centre with optional secretarial services. The tastefully furnished guest rooms, which overlook landscaped gardens, provide a private escape to recharge one’s internal batteries.

Most airport hotels have wireless internet connectivity so that guests never lose touch with their business and personal contacts as well as world news. They can also manage their travel itinerary by booking flights online.

Southern Sun Ridgeway, Lusaka’s convenient location among airport hotels allows travellers to access main centres like Ndola, the third largest city in Zambia, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania or Johannesburg in South Africa on Zambezi Airlines.

If you want to absorb the big attractions of Zambia, you can start by leaving your airport hotels and flying to the stupendous Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can also charter a plane to the Lower Zambezi National Park, the country’s youngest wildlife sanctuary that straddles the great Zambezi River.

It’s a 40-minute flight to the park, which is opposite the Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe. Downstream from Lake Kariba, the Reserve is one of the great spectacles of this neighbouring country. The best way to see it is on safari – it has the highest dry-season concentration of animals in the land – or by canoe. If you opt for the latter, all you have to do is deal with sometimes choppy water and charging hippos to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. There’s an interesting warning at the public entrance to the park – take oranges in at your peril. Elephants have a penchant for the tasty fruit and will do anything to get them!

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Last minute Sydney hotels ? value deals

Sydney is a vibrant multicultural city of 4 million people.

Sydney receives over 9 million visitors annually- and accommodation in Sydney can be at a premium.

Family holiday accommodation can come at substantial cost – with the average hotel room costing over AUD7/night in Sydney.

Sometimes, planning ahead to get the best deals I not always possible – so if you need to find a Sydney hotel room at the last minute, a last minute deal may be your best bet to secure accommodation in Australia’s most popular capital city.

Many hotels at the last minute are able to offer great last minute deals – often 5 star hotels are able to offer 4 star prices, and so on. This is because hotels, especially large ones, have primarily corporate guests.

As corporate accommodation requirements can change at the last minute, these 5 star hotels are often left either full, or empty, at the last moment. As such, you can book a great last minute Sydney hotels, within a reasonable budget.

Whilst waiting until the last minute does not always ensure you will get exactly what you want, it almost always does ensure you can find a great deal you may not have otherwise been able to afford in a great hotel or apartment.

The best way to book a last minute deal is on the internet. These deals are not normally available for at least a week in advance, and normally, Monday, Wednesdays and Sundays are the best days you will find a great hotel deal.

Look for your deal during weekdays, as this is when reservations and sales departments are onsite working hard to sell every last room in their hotel.


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For cheap hotels in any destination, is the best

Areas of destination around the world are many. Just the same way, are also very available in these destinations. Finding them may be the only problem which you may face as you try to find a good holiday to stay in. you can now use the services of to be able to get cheap holidays in any destination that you may be heading for. we have affiliations with so many cheap holidays across the world. Most of the choices which we have for you are located near interesting tourist attraction sights that you can visit.

It is always advisable to our customers to be able to know how some of the hotels do their pricings. For instance, through experience, we would rather you consider options slightly further away from the attractions. Hotels located very close tend to be more expensive than those situated some distance off.  So if you need , these would be the options to take. You will still be able to get quality services and the chance to go to the attraction sights for fun.

We are a very reliable travel agency and getting you cheap holidays is not all we will do. We will ensure that you find a place that meets the standards that you are looking for. you should be able to enjoy your stay as much as possible. If you are satisfied, that is the time we can be sure that our service delivery is working. For the number of years that we have been in this industry, we have managed to get for many different people in different locations all over the world. We would love to add you to the archive of those that our offers have been able to satisfy.

are also in abundance during off peak seasons. If you want us to find for you some of the hotels with unbeatable charges during such times, it would take us very little time to do so. Many have their contacts listed with us that we will find you reservations within the shortest time possible. Other than the off peak season offers, are also so much affiliated with us that they let us know of any offers or even up coming ones. We are therefore always the first to know where you can be able to find cheap holidays at any time regardless of where you are travelling. We offer very realistic prices for our service search provisions; compared to the worth of the holiday that you will spend at the hotel in your destination of travel as compared to other market offers.



You can be able to find cheap hotels in absolutely any destination in the world. At we have many cheap hotels listed with us. Once we know what you need, you can be sure to stay in very beautiful but cheap hotels with quality services.

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New York City Last Minute Hotels Deal

Article by Monika Singh

Monika Singh is an internationally known author who writes on topics likeDiscount New York Hotels and Cheap Hotels Booking

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Find Last-Minute Rooms At Frankfurt And San Francisco Hotels

Most of the time, trips are planned months in advance but others – such as a Christmas trip requiring San Francisco hotels – are last-minute. When travelers make a spur-of-the-moment decision, they know they can count on Expedia to deliver competitive rates from their more than 80,000 hotels partners around the world. If you have a last-minute need for San Francisco hotels, Frankfurt hotels or hotels anywhere else on the globe, visit Expedia to find them quickly. Here’s how the leading travel website works:

Go to and select the hotels guide for the destination city. For example, those looking for San Francisco hotels will immediately find more than 300 options. To narrow your results into a more manageable list, simply begin checking boxes for required features and amenities. You can search only for San Francisco hotels in a certain neighborhood or of a specific hotel class.

You also can eliminate San Francisco hotels that do not have desired amenities. Check the boxes for room service, breakfast, spa services, climate, pets allowed, fitness equipment, pool, hair dryer, hotel restaurant, free parking, business services, free newspaper and high-speed Internet access if those are a must for your last-minute trip.

Next, explore the remaining hotels through detailed information and photo galleries. The more than 150 listings for Frankfurt hotels also come complete with Expedia user reviews. These guest reviews and ratings can factor greatly into your decision by providing first-hand information about the hotels on your short list. There are many highly rated Frankfurt hotels from which to choose on Expedia, many with last-minute deals to match your plans.

In fact, many of the Frankfurt and San Francisco Hotels サンフランシスコ  ホテル 予約 listed on Expedia offer last-minute deals.

Room rates are clearly stated in yen and Expedia never surprises users with additional fees at booking. Expedia also offers booking and competitive rates for flights and cars for hire, plus attraction and event tickets, and by booking all aspects of your last-minute trip at once you save even more.

You can book online 24 hours a day, seven days a week or over the phone by calling
0120-936-910 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. That number will also connect you to an Expedia travel agent who can answer any questions you might have about Expedia’s booking process or the San Francisco or Frankfurt hotels you which to book. Don’t hesitate to call if you have a question or need more information.

Last-minute travel can be exciting, and Expedia allows you to go anywhere you want with little notice thanks to its extensive hotel listings, robust search and competitive rates.

Namiko Kanto travels the world and writes about it for a variety of magazines and websites. She recently traveled last-minute to the United States and stayed in サンフランシスコ  ホテル 予約 she found using She has several trips scheduled for next year, including one to Frankfurt. She has narrowed her list to three possible フランクフルト ホテル at which to stay.

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Last Minute Hotels For Budget Travellers

Article by Soobash Badal

Greece and the Greek Islands are very popular holiday destinations. Being such a popular destination there are many hotels available for the tourist. The budget traveller has also a wide range of choice of different hotels in Greece. The choice of these hotels will make your stay more pleasurable.

There are many reasons to travel to Greece; it can be for its history and sights, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, or the nightlife and entertainment. With so many things to do and enjoy you have to limit your budget for room rent while visiting Greece.

There are many last minute hotels near Piraeus which will suit a low budget traveller. This port city is the main gateway to the Greek Islands. As your travel will start from this point and you will have to stay in a budget hotel.Hotel Piraeus Dream is a middle budget hotel right in the centre of Piraeus. The rooms comprise of air conditioner and television. You can have a full American buffet breakfast in the breakfast room too. Laptop rental can be obtained for a fee. Single, double, twin and triple rooms are available in this hotel.

A two star hotel is the Ideal Hotel in the middle of Piraeus. The rooms are comfortable having breakfast included in its tariff. The rooms are also air conditioned and can be a single, double, twin or triple room. It is a moderately priced hotel in Greece.

Lilia Hotel is very near to the Port of Piraeus. You have the facility of free transport to the port from this hotel every morning. The room tariff includes the breakfast. This hotel is suitable for those who are not fond of smoking as it is a no smoking hotel. The rooms can be single, double, triple or quadruple rooms. Triton Hotel is also located near the port. This hotel in Greece also offers the same facilities as other hotels of this range. The amenities include AC, TV, private bathrooms and breakfast. However, you have the choice of eating in your room or in the hotel’s breakfast room.

Another of the last minute hotels for the budget traveller is the Hotel Anemoni. It is in the centre of the city having rooms with AC, TV, private bathroom and data ports. As usual breakfast is included in this room tariff also. Hotel Argo is a budget hotel located in the centre of Piraeus, close to the port, and at only 20 minutes from Athens’ city centre. Though the rooms have AC they charge extra for them. There is bathroom attached in the room and also includes TV.

Mistral Hotel is near the Piraeus downtown area. This hotel in Greece has 80 rooms with bathrooms, phone, AC, Wi-Fi and TV. There’s also a restaurant within the hotel. The rates are mid range and are not very cheap. When you visit this port city you will find many hotels located within 10 minutes distance from the port. Though generally all of them are budget hotels, the price per room will depend on the number of stars the hotel has and the facilities it offers.

Author is a marketing specialist having great knowledge on Travel and Tourism. To find out last minute hotels visit last minute hotels, and hotel in Greece

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Cheap last minute hotels – Enjoy Best Costa Rica Vacations in Nicoya Peninsula Region

Article by Lastminuteusvacations

One of the highest tourist destinations in Costa Rica is that the Nicoya peninsula within the Guanacaste province. Eco-tourism is additionally a growing attraction as a result of the inside of the peninsula continues to be undeveloped and, in places, comparatively primitive. The realm is understood for its world category beaches, which magnetize surfers from round the world.

Outsiders who visit the Guanacaste region for either of those reasons pay per week or 2, perhaps a month visiting the realm, and do not essentially care concerning the amenities on the market for full time residents. As an emigre, the amenities on the market are a serious think about deciding whether or not or not the Nicoya Peninsula is true for you.

The cities on the Nicoya Peninsula offer all the services that anyone would need to measure, or retire, terribly comfortably within the region. Reckoning on where you ultimately settle, living on the Nicoya Peninsula is comparable to living on the Plains states or Mountain states in America.

There are several cities on the peninsula that provide fashionable facilities, that any yankee town would be pleased with having. fashionable medical facilities are on the market in Liberia, the Capital, and Nicoya within the middle of the peninsula. Either way, you’re probably to be nearer to an airport than somebody who lives in most components of the Rocky Mountain or Plains states.

The roads might not be paved in several areas of the Nicoya peninsula, however that solely adds to the agricultural atmosphere that a lot of individuals are yearning for after they move to Costa Rica. If you’re yearning for native turn out, ancient handicrafts, or homemade specialties, then you’ll realize everything you’re yearning for on the peninsula, most likely easier than you’d realize similar native things in most places within the States.

Last minute all inclusive:Grocery stores, hardware stores, clothes shops, and different specialty stores are located in major cities, constant as they’re in most different countries round the world. You’ll be living in paradise, however the wants of life are solely a brief vehicle ride away.

All the standard services that you simply would expect to search out in an exceedingly moderate sized city in America, Europe, or South America are all on the market on the Nicoya Peninsula. Banks, attorneys, hair salons, and nearly each different service you’ll finds necessary is provided by professionals who live regionally. Even smaller cities like Cormona and Jicarel have a stunning wide selection of services and outlets for his or her size.

More types of Cheap last minute discount holiday vacations available at

Save on Cheap last minute affordable inexpensive discount family vacations and cheapest last minute discount family vacation getaway deals from 9/week.

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Last minute hotels deals – Memorable vacation Experience With Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Article by Lastminuteusvacations

Last minute hols: A vacation in the Hawaii will be the most pleasant and memorable experiences in life. You will be amazed to its alluring beauty and exciting adventures. Along Kauai’s North Shore you can go for a helicopter adventure where you can almost touch the 3000 Napali cliffs. You can also rent a kayak and enjoy a relaxing journey down the Wailua River. The Waikiki beach which is the most famous attraction in Oahu Hawaii is there for you to explore. There are 69 beaches accessible in the island and 19 of it have lifeguards on duty for your protection.

Seeing the Big Island, it is the Hawaii’s largest in fact, bigger than all other combined islands. Active volcano, waterfalls, pristine beaches, scuba diving and the Kohala Coast for fishing are one of the popular attractions. Now is your mind already fixed going to Hawaii for your holiday? Take time and make sure to choose the best option, whether to stay in Hawaii vacation hotels or in Hawaii vacation rentals.

Actually there are number of Hawaii vacation rentals where you can stay overnight or a week and more when you are spending your holiday in Hawaii. These places are beachfront vacation rentals you may rent for a week. It is nice to stay in Hawaii vacation rentals, since they are actual homes come with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and private backyards. Since Hawaii beachfront vacation rentals are located along the beach then you can have the chance of having the ocean at your feet aside from having a private backyard.

Hawaii vacation rentals are commonly seen as large buildings and inside those buildings are a collection of small living spaces identified as condos. These condos are just located along the beach. They also come with dining rooms, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms fully furnished.

If you are planning on visiting popular area of Hawaii book at Last minute vacation rentals now for advance reservations before your trip since advance bookings will give you the chance to choose the best condo or home for you at reasonable price.

For more details about

Vacation Rental fee does not include taxes or a mandatory or optional all-inclusive fee for meals, drinks etc. Where the resort charges an all-inclusive fee, this fee is extra (from and up per person per day) and is required to be paid directly to the resort at check-in. Fees, terms and conditions of packages covered by an all-inclusive fee are determined solely by the resort, and are subject to change at their discretion.

Save on Cheap last minute affordable inexpensive discount family vacations and cheapest last minute discount family vacation getaway deals from 9/week.

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Benefits of Booking Last Minute Sydney Hotels



We all at some point plan things at the last moment. Many people are not aware that arranging things at the last minute can bring many benefits that planning something ahead of time cannot. So, whether you are looking for something quick during an emergency or for some cheap deals for a vacation, booking last minute Sydney hotels can bring many perks that you might not have imagined.
Here are a few factors that make last minute bookings for Sydney accommodation attractive.
One of the main factors is the price. Booking last minute Sydney hotels late in the day or a few days before your visit can result in a significant price drop. This is because hotels always prefer to fill out every room at any price, rather than keeping it vacant and making no money. For example, if you are planning to visit Sydney for your favorite singer’s concert, booking at the last moment will almost always get you an attractive deal. However, if you book months in advance, you might have to pay high prices because hotels usually make most profits from advance bookings.
Another vital thing to consider is that summer is the time when almost everybody is out on a vacation. So, the prices are a lot higher in the peak summer than winter seasons. Furthermore, people prefer traveling during daylight hours at the beginning of the working week. For getting cheap last minute Sydney hotels, book late in summer/winter, travel during the weekends and book rooms at night. At all these times, hotels and resorts can offer you insanely cheap deals. During off-peak seasons, you could even book some of the most luxurious Harbourside apartments at unbelievable prices.
The availability of last minute Sydney hotels has always suited those on a tight schedule. So, if you are in a job where last minute bookings are common or you are a free spirit who does not know exactly where you are traveling at the last minute, you can check out online for exclusive last minute Sydney hotels and Harbourside apartments and make the most out of your business trip or vacation.

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Llandudno hotels from Lauriston Court

More and more of us are choosing to holiday throughout the United Kingdom. This is often down to budget because the credit crunch has left many of us with less spare spending money than we would like. However just because we are holidaying within the UK doesn’t mean that we should expect luxury and to have an amazing holiday.

The seaside town of Llandudno in North Wales offers a whole host of things to do as well as a beautiful pier and everything you would expect from a coastal resort.

Llandudno hotels from Lauriston Court are the perfect choice when it comes to accommodation in the area. It is a small, family run establishment which means you get a personal experience s well as a sense of real luxury.

The restored Victorian town house offers double, twin and family rooms, all of which are en-suite. Each room is beautifully decorated and come complete with a DVD player, alongside a 22inc LCD TV to watch it on They also have fully stocked hospitality tray and individual toiletries. They also have free car parking and free WIGI internet access through out the hotel.

Since 2008 the hotel has been 4 star hotel which shows in the fantastic level of accommodation that they offer. It is not only inside the hotel that is fantastic, they have rooms with a view of picturesque Llandudno bay.

If you are after somewhere to stay in the UK that has something to do for the whole family then you cant go far wrong with Llandudno. There are places to take hikes, copper mines to visit and even dry ski slopes for those wanting something a little more energetic. All of this on top of the lovely bay views and everything else the seaside town has to offer.

Lauriston Court offers fantastic rates for all of their accommodation and they even have a section on their site for last minute availability. This means whether you are looking for a holiday or a last minute break Lauriston Court will do their best to match your needs and give you a holiday to remember.

Lauriston Court can provide the most beautiful sea front Llandudno Hotels , perfect for your break in north Wales and set near the pier with fantastic B&B accommodation.

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