Take a Trip to Johannesburg, South Africa and Explore the City’s Remarkable Admirations

Johannesburg is often referred to as Jo’burg or the ‘City of Gold, attributable to its rich and wealth-creating gold mining heritage. This South African city reflects a striking contrast and considerable wealth, even though it has just taken 120 years since the year 1886 for the city to establish itself. Presently, Johannesburg is the financial capital of South Africa and is a huge city that is considered as the largest in the whole of African continent, after Lagos (Nigeria) and Cairo (Egypt). Factually, the city is growing rapidly and may soon become one among the ten largest cities in the world.

Currently, Johannesburg is the biggest inland city in the world. It features large number well-developed suburbs, a modern city centre that is teemed with huge shopping complexes, towering skyscrapers and exciting lifestyle. The city is also coming up with new high-rise construction projects in Sandton and Midrand districts. It is however suggested that tourists stick only to recommended sights in tourist-friendly areas that are much safer. The city is linked to various other countries and key metropolitan cities through convenient transportation systems. To cover a far distance, many airline companies have flights to Johannesburg to land in the city in a convenient way.

Johannesburg travel packages include various travel agencies conducting sightseeing and package tours to take visitors to most of the important tourist spots in the city. The city has many brilliant hotels and accommodations that cater to all the tourists visiting the city. Johannesburg is a city of historical sites and renowned museums that give you an essence of the country’s ancient times. You can explore the wildlife reserves in the city, which will give you an up-close and unique experience with wild animals. Do not miss the buzzing nightlife of Johannesburg, especially if you are looking to have a good time at a pub. Jolly Roger in Parkhurst is a great pub and a fun place to grab a couple of drinks, pizzas and watch some rugby. The suburb of Parkhurst is located in northern Johannesburg. There are many good restaurants and street cafes here and it is also a safe place to walk around at night. Although the area is very middle-class, you can still have your share of fun here.

If you are a regular traveler, ensure that you visit Johannesburg at least once to experience the distinctive features and specialties of the city. Book your plane ticket online and also look out for airlines that operate cheap flights to Johannesburg. Several airline companies also allow you to book last minute flights to Johannesburg. You can avail discounted prices with many airlines and fly to Johannesburg and have a pleasure trip by touring all over the city.

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Cheap Flights to Johannesburg – celebrate Christmas, New Year and Easter in Johannesburg

Article by Amandeep Singh

Most of the passengers are looking for cheapest flights to Johannesburg. This is so because Johannesburg is an economically important city. It is also coming up as a hot tourist destination. Because of these factors, the number of passengers on flights going to Johannesburg has increased. This led to an increase in the revenue of the flight operators. The competition amongst various airlines has also increased. These international carriers operate flights back and forth Johannesburg from various international metropolitan cities.

This intensification of competition prompted the carriers to come up with special discounts for flight to Johannesburg. Customers choose to travel by cheap flights, whose tickets are not expensive. In this case, also, the passengers have to take care of many other factors like the duration of the journey, the services aboard the flight and other amenities. Passenger loyalty also matters a lot. There are passengers who prefer travelling by the flights of international airliners that provide the best services.

If one is looking for a cheap flight to Johannesburg, then there are good chances that one will find such flights. The first and foremost thing to do is to look for the flight tickets on the World Wide Web. With the advent of various sophisticated internet technologies, it has now become possible to update ticket information in real time. Customers can check the various deals and discounts on flight tickets. If they want, they can book the tickets immediately. This mechanism is far better than the traditional means of booking tickets through travel agencies.

Other factors also affect the cost of flight tickets. One of these factors is the starting destination of the journey or the final destination. This means the city from where one intends to take the flight to Johannesburg or the city from which a person intends to fly to Johannesburg. Travel agents and tour operators envisage fight via Europe, especially for US bound passengers. The main advantage of flying via Europe is that the cost of the flight tickets is lesser than the cost of ticket for direct flights from one the African continent to the North American continent.

The savings made on account of travelling via Europe is because of the increase in number of passengers on this route. The operating expenses of the flight spread out across a wider passenger base and the profit margin rises considerably. This enables the carriers to introduce special discounts and cheaper tickets, even for Last Minute Flight to Johannesburg.

Once in Johannesburg, one does not have to worry about basic accommodation facilities. Many hotels Johannesburg provide state of the facilities and all kinds of modern amenities to the guests and visitors.

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Johannesburg Advance Bookings is Recommended

You might be known to the great South African city, which serves as the financial capital of the country too – Johannesburg. Johannesburg is also known as the city of gold because of the presence of sundry gold mines here. Flights to Johannesburg were well famous amongst the business travelers from all over the world a few decades back when the entrepreneurs traveled to South Africa to explore the diverse business opportunities. However now, as per the depiction of its great tourism traits, cheap flights to Johannesburg are being searched over the internet anxiously by the travelers from all over the world and at the same time are being heavily book on line. The nick names of Johannesburg are Jozi and Jo’burg respectively.


The Johannesburg tourism offers misc. delights in the form of natural sites, opulent beach, great theme parks, traits of modern life style offered by the city, and much more than these to name. The city is a well place to spend holidays at as several people across the globe book cheap flights to Johannesburg to experience the greenery which is quite appeasing and soothing. If you are really seeking a tourism resort well known and diversified in highlighting its traits and you wish to explore such place with your family then for sure Johannesburg is the ideal place for you and your family. People love to be here from International places and as well as move here locally.


Do not worry about the cheap Johannesburg flights as if you are equipped with the internet tool, this will surely draw out your cheapest air ticket to Johannesburg. If you are intending to travel three to four months from now, then do book in advance. Advance booking is always recommended if you are a budget traveler and want to reach here pretty cost effectively and enjoy the in city tourist attractions, then do book in advance. Some people would prefer the last minute deals but it involves piece of risk. The last minute deals are often seen to penalize the budget of the travelers. So upon deciding, make sure you hook over the web and book as early as possible.

Flights to Johannesburg has open a new world to me I have seen such an amazing wonderful flights to Johannesburg golden collections of the relish able that enrich my nature to be never lost.

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Flights to Johannesburg, South Africa from the UK

Whatever your reason for booking flights to Johannesburg from the UK it is always worth making sure you get the cheapest deal on your airfare. Johannesburg flights are available from Heathrow, Gatwick and other major airports across the UK with a number of leading airlines. The approximate flight time to Johannesburg is around 11 hours for direct flights with indirect flights taking longer but possibly offering better value. The airport that serves the city is Oliver Reginald Tambo International airport which is the largest and busiest airport in South Africa. The airport is around 15 miles from the centre of Johannesburg so transfer times are minimal.

A well respected company offering flights to Johannesburg is Travelbag. They provide the cheapest airfares to Johannesburg and other destinations in South Africa. Their website uses a live flight search so you can be certain the most up to date deals are available – unlike other sites that can frustratingly tempt you to the end of the booking process only to find out the price has gone up or the flight is no longer available. They also offer a best price guarantee so you can be certain you are always getting the best deal.

As with other destinations it pays to be smart when booking your flights to Johannesburg. Try and book in advance, this usually ensures you get the best price – the more seats that get sold the higher the price usually goes so last minute flights can be costly. If you don’t mind a short stopover along the way indirect flights can sometimes offer better value. If you don’t mind when to fly, unsociable hours and/or midweek flights are usually cheaper. The most popular time for flights to Johannesburg is between October and March which is when the best weather is and consequently the most expensive airfares are. If you don’t mind visiting when it is a little bit cooler then visiting outside this high season would again save you £££’s.

Johannesburg is a thriving city with plenty to see and do – in the coming months there are a number of events taking place in and around the city that may be of interest to visitors:


Good Food and Wine Show. 22nd – 25th September 2011
Joburg Art Fair. 21st to 25th September 2011
Sansui Summer Cup. The oldest horse race in South Africa. November 2011
Nelson Mandela Square Easter Celebrations. 8th April 2012
Joburg Easter Festival. April and May 2012

Book flights to Johannesburg now and get the best deals from UK airports.

Book flights to Johannesburg from the UK and get the best value flight deals from

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Saving Money On Your Travel To Johannesburg

Today Johannesburg is a bustling city and the population is more than 3 million people. Originally it started out as farm land and then it became a mining camp because in 1886 there was little gold rush in the area. Australian prospectors stumble upon on this huge vein of gold and everyone started to flock in Johannesburg and that’s pretty much shows how the city was established; because of “gold”. Gold and mineral mining have been a huge part of Jo’burg’s economy since 1886 and actually the city contributes a huge portion of South Africa’s wealth. Jo’burg is like the commercial hub of South Africa.

Johannesburg in South Africa; as an increasingly popular tourist destination especially after the recent South African World Cup, is a city well served by all major world airlines. The city’s popularity means that flights are more plentiful, and therefore cheaper than ever before. If you’re looking to holiday to Johannesburg on a budget this year, our guide will help you to keep your travel costs to a minimum.

The money saving tips on your travel to Johannesburg can be as follows.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you can really make savings. Travel at weekends is more popular, and therefore more expensive. Look to book through the week and you’ll not only find cheaper airfares, but cheaper hotel and accommodation costs too.

Consider flying to airports other than Johannesburg’s main airport. Flights to less popular areas can be far cheaper, and you can then take a cheap connecting flight or alternative means of transport to the city itself. If you’re willing to extend your travel time, you can also make savings by opting for non-direct flights. Travelling via Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt or Paris may mean spending some extra time on the plane, but you can dramatically reduce the cost of your flights too on your travel to Johannesburg.

Look out for last minute deals from travel agents and online too. Although flight prices tend to increase over time, the prices of package holidays can drop drastically. This is a great option for families looking to book a low-hassle holiday, as your flights, transfers, accommodation, meals and even drinks can all be included in the package.

A great way to save on your holiday costs is actually to extend your holiday. Travel agents and flight specialists increasingly offer round the world deals where you can travel to a specific number of countries making a specific number of stop offs en route. By booking all of your flights through one agent you can make big savings not only on flights, but on accommodation too.

Johanneburg is one of the must see destainations for the ones visiting South Africa. Johannesburg and Johannesburg hotels offer quality service and days out for the travelers.

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Flight to Johannesburg – Travel from London to Johannesburg with Utmost Convenience

Johannesburg is a major travel destination of South Africa. The city is very well developed and the travel amenities are outstanding. Its comprehensive attributes combine wildlife, African culture and artifacts, along with the nation’s history and heritage.

Several airlines offer flight services from London to Johannesburg. You can book your tickets as per your convenience on London to Johannesburg flights. Major airlines have scheduled flights to take you from London to Johannesburg. You can visit reliable websites and book your flight ticket online, much in advance or on the date you may want to travel and bag a reasonable price to suit your budget. are also operated by several airline companies, specifically during on-season. If you plan a sudden travel, you can even book on websites that are particularly dedicated for this purpose.

are convenient means of travel and the city has much to offer. There are amusement parks and wildlife reserves in the city that offer safaris, and watching those wild animals in real is an enthralling experience. You can visit the popularly known museums in the city that depict and describe history of Johannesburg. One such museum is the South African National Museum of Military History. This large museum mainly contains military-related records, photographs, weapons and journals that depict South Africa’s participation in huge conflicts. Moreover, you can even shop for colorful and unique tribal jewelry that is considered as a fashion statement presently. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Johannesburg, then visit ‘Hush’, a well-known dance club and disco that can make nightlife fun, exciting and enjoyable. Further, there is the Johannesburg Zoo, which is one among the top travel attractions and is located close to downtown Johannesburg. Another distinctive tourist attraction includes the ‘Bunny Park’, an ideal visit for a family, especially for children who will enjoy every bit of this visit. Here, there are huge number of rabbits, geese, swans, turtles and ducks roaming about freely and are a delight to watch.

A non-stop will take about 11 hours at a stretch. Once you arrive in Johannesburg you can choose the hotel you want to stay in. There are several low budget, medium budget as well as high budget hotels that offer unsullied service to all the occupants. The travel agencies will offer a pickup service from the restaurant you are staying in, thereby making it more convenient for you to travel all through the city. On the whole, Johannesburg is a place worth visiting for any foreign national.

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A Sensational Holiday Getaway to Johannesburg

Johannesburg ranks itself as one among the largest metropolitan regions in the world. The city occupies a large area in the heart of South Africa and is the provincial capital of the country’s richest province. Gauteng.

Johannesburg has a number of travel and tourism companies that offer attractive Johannesburg travel packages. There are different categories of travel packages that include touring around most of the significant holiday destinations that are truly worth a visit. You are free to choose the type of travel package that is best suited for you and explore the city at your own pace. Even if you intend to tour around the city by yourself, you can obtain all the information online or hire travel guides to take you to places that interest you the most. Some of the recommended places to visit include The Johannesburg Lions Park, which is about 45 minutes drive from Johannesburg. You can spend your time leisurely inside the park. Johannesburg is known for its museums, especially the Apartheid Museum that not only clinches onto thoughtful and brutal reminders of the country’s history, but also has an undeniable architectural design. Johannesburg also has many interesting galleries, one of which is the Kim Sacks Gallery, which is colorful and popular for its portrayal of riches and beauty. This gallery has a collection of splendid and wonderful quality handicrafts and is also is a great place to shop for a variety of items. Further, Rosebank is another interesting locality in the city’s Northwestern suburb area, which will make your visit very delightful with its hotels and attractive local shops. Rosebank puts up a Sunday market with fun-filled shopping extravaganza wherein you can bag good bargain for unique African artifacts. Another beautiful destination is an observation deck and tower known as Top of Africa, a fascinating tourist spot that gives you wonderful view of the whole city. You can even visit Gold Reef City that offers unlimited fun through an amusement park, a casino as well as a historic village. This place has a tinge of history, along with a series of special rides that are purely enjoyable.

If you are planning your visit to Johannesburg, you can book your cheap flight tickets online through genuine travel websites that offer all the information regarding Johannesburg flights. Choose airlines that operate cheap flights to Johannesburg and get to travel cheap to the city. Even if you decide to join your loved ones on a vacation in the last moment, you have an option to book last minute flights through sites that are particularly operated for this purpose. Opt for airline companies that are more popular and offer impeccable service to their passengers to reach the city in a convenient way.

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Johannesburg- The Amazing Destination

(popularly known as Jozi) happens to be the largest and the most popular city in South Africa and is well connected to all the national and international cities by airways. Situated in the eastern region of South Africa, Johannesburg is amongst the 40 best metropolitan cities in the world and also houses the Constitutional Court or the highest court of justice in the South Africa.

Owing to the economic and judicial importance Johannesburg enjoys, it is only obvious that many airline carriers operate direct flights to and from Johannesburg to various other politically and economically important metros of the world. Connecting flights to other important cities in South Africa could also be boarded from here. This is the reason why can be easily availed, especially on the weekends.

When looking for , try the super prompt services provided by the company . Tickets for nonstop international can be booked online itself. All you need is a travel plan in mind and all the information regarding the available can be availed online from the website itself.

The fact that there are continuous and from other international cities has led to an unprecedented growth and development of places of tourist interest in the city. The major tourist attractions in the city include the more than hundred years’ old Johannesburg zoo, the Lion-Park, the Apartheid Museum, the scuba diving club, safari rides and so on.

Of late, the South African government is also developing and endorsing the brand identity of the country as a major tourist destination famous for its wildlife and other picturesque landscapes. Johannesburg no doubt acts as a gateway into the country for the international tourists who can now find economic on the site, at any time of the year.

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Cheap Air Tickets – Fly to Johannesburg with Low Priced Air Tickets

Explore the city that highlights and marks wildlife, tribal culture, war history and rich heritage – Johannesburg. Being one of the main travel destinations of South Africa, Johannesburg combines all extraordinary attributes that a visitor would love to explore and experience. Johannesburg International Airport is well connected with other major cities and countries through flights, thereby allowing all foreign nationals to visit the country and travel around and stopover all the significant and popular destinations.

Presently, the domestic airline segment in South Africa is booming rapidly. Consequently, it is obvious to find budget flights and excellent deals available for travelers. If you are traveling from the UK, budget flights to Johannesburg are easily available from airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. Johannesburg also has some great hotels to fit in ideally in your price range. You can book according to your plan and check on the Internet much in advance about the and air tickets to fly from your city to Johannesburg. If you think of travelling unexpectedly, you can find even on many websites that handle and manage booking of only . You can also choose and book either bus tours or walk tours to explore the city and its vibrant tribal culture as well. Apart from its popular attractions such as museums, the city has a vivacious shopping culture. One such place is the Sandton City Shopping Centre, which has a lot of things you can shop for. The Johannesburg Fort is an old fort at a historical site that functions as a constitutional court as well. Another attractive place to visit is the famous Carlton Centre, an observation deck and tower, which stands fifty stories tall and four blocks wide. This is Johannesburg’s biggest commerce center that is also a well-known mixed-use landmark.

Further, there is the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam that includes an aquarium, a park, a garden and a dam. It has benches, shady arbors, walkways and tranquil gardens that make it a popular sprawling park that differentiates it from the fast-paced city life. Johannesburg Art Gallery is an elegant art museum, which blends worldwide masterpieces with South African artwork, and this museum is considered to have to best international art collection that is a matter of pride for the country. There is also the SAB World of Beer, an extravagant multimedia complex with complete special effects similar to that of Disneyland, with video, sound music, light shows and talking automations that tell the story of beer. So book your and enjoy your vacation by flying through low budget flights.

Amandeep is an Authorised Content Writer and PPC Expert, who has written many articles on Hotels Johannesburg, Cheap Flights to Johannesburg, Flight to Johannesburg, Cheap Flight to Johannesburg, Cheap Hotels In Johannesburg, Johannesburg Travel Packages, Last Minute Flight to Johannesburg, Cheap Flights to Orlando and more.

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Plan Your Trip to Johannesburg One of The World?s Richest Cities

It is truly a wonder traveling to one of the richest cities in the world and that is Johannesburg, South Africa. The reason of its fame as one of the richest cities of the world is because it possesses some great wealth in the form of gold mines and gold business is rich here. One of the most magnificent cities of South Africa, cheap flights to Johannesburg, is heavily booked. Besides carrying a great economic pressure on its shoulders, Johannesburg at the same time caters the needs of the tourism niche as well where the tourism industry of the city is on its boom as the city receives millions of travelers from all over the world each year who intend to book Johannesburg flights for leisure purposes. As per this fact, major air lines have mitigated their costs on flights to Johannesburg and despite of the fact that these are heavily booked on the internet – they are available easily and with out much hard work.

            Johannesburg is home to many religions of the world, and at the same time you get to see certain traditions, values, beliefs, ethnicity which shows the diverse South African culture – for which it is famous for. Abreast, the tourist getting their cheap flights to Johannesburg enjoy the natural glamour as well which is a necessary trait of any tourism resort and when it comes to flights to Johannesburg you will end up seeing stunning panoramic views, opulent landscapes, splendid sights etc. The natives are very friendly and cooperative, and warmly welcome the foreign travelers to stay at their place and enjoy their flights to South Africa.

 As aforementioned, the air travel to South Africa is frequent – so all you have to play your part is to conduct a little comparative research over the internet to book one for your self. Browse through the different air lines and see the rates they offer, and compare them. Do this about 4 months prior to your depart time and do not wait for the last minute deals. Avoid booking on weekends and do not book on the day of any event or festival going out there in the city as this would cost you more than your desired budget.

Written by awaisminhas

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