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Locating cheap flights is not such a hard thing to do even though most people tend to think that it is. It only takes time and commitment and you are able to travel to your destination of choice and still maintain your financial limits.

Delhi in India is one of the many places that people choose to travel to and just like most other destinations, it is important to plan your trip or holiday in advance to ensure that everything works out according to how you would wish to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Most people fail to take the time to prepare in advance hence fall victim to messy financial situation. Holidays are mostly spending times and too much spending could end up causing financial woes.

When looking to cut your travelling costs by flying cheaply to Delhi, you need to take the time to make comparisons between the airlines that fly to this destination.

Online comparison is certainly among the best ways you could use to get a flight that best suits your needs. The online options are very convenient as you will even manage to choose the date you feel is best for you to travel and get the chance to see what is on offer on that date and any other day you would rather travel in.

Flights to India that have stopovers tend to be cheaper compared to the direct flights to the region. It is therefore advisable to compare the differences to help in the easy making of a decision on what flight to use. Stopovers do not necessarily have to be very long even though there might be a time difference with people who fly directly to India.

Those not too willing to take flight that have stopovers to Delhi but still want to save money can choose to go for holiday packages offered by the different airlines. The packages mostly come inclusive of accommodation and at times even rental car service which can be a big plus on your side compared to having to pay for the services separately from your ticket. Charter flights are also very good choices to people who are truly committed to cutting on travel expenses.

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On Location February 08 – Ecuador and Galapagos

I have recently returned from eighteen days in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and I am still stunned at what an incredible place it is. I loved everything about Ecuador: the food is excellent -(even if a little too much at times), the scenery is varied and stunning, the people are so friendly, and the accommodation unique. There is so much to say about this great country but in the interests of time here are a few of the highlights.

The Amazon jungle lives up to its reputation as an amazing place and the journey there was an experience in its own right. A thirty minute flight from Quito took me to a small town called Coca, where I travelled by motor canoe for two hours along the Napo River. This was followed by an easy thirty minute walk through the jungle to the edge of the lake and finally a fifteen minute paddle across the calm waters in a small dug-out canoe to the lodge. I really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere!

The scenery was so lush and vibrant, the plants crowding for every available space. I was bewildered by the enormous variety of flora and fauna but the guides, with their home-grown expertise, were encyclopedic in their knowledge. They were incredible, spotting things that were hard to see even once they had been pointed out to me!

I spent my time there enjoying the many activities on offer which included the canopy walk, three towers each thirty-six metres high with rigid walkways between that were a hundred metres long. Thankfully it didn’t feel that high as I couldn’t see the ground, just the tops of the trees! It was great just waiting to see what birds came past and it was also pleasantly cooler than the humid forest floor. There was also a butterfly house, a parrot lick, many forest trails and creeks to explore in canoes either during the day or at night.

Returning from one jungle walk, I was sat at the front of the dug-out canoe paddling. The light was fading and as it did so hundreds of bats began swarming over the water looking for bugs. I was flinching so much I had to close my eyes and paddle ‘blind’ but thankfully my guide, more accustomed and assured of the bats’ unerring navigation, steered from the back.

Ninety minutes south of Quito is the ‘Avenue of the Volcanoes’, a long valley scattered with small villages and surrounded by incredible volcanoes, many of which are still visibly active. There are many things to see and do in the area, from visiting local Indian markets to horse riding around the national parks of Antisana and Cotopaxi. At the hacienda I stayed in this area I had a beautiful view of Cotopaxi volcano, the highest active volcano in the world. It is a perfect pyramid volcano covered in snow and at sunset I was lucky enough to watch it glow pink.

All the haciendas that I saw were unique, grand yet at the same time rustic, homely and cosy. They have big lounges with open fires, lots of family photos and books on the local area, and dinner was always a big three course affair (as was lunch for that matter!) in a salubrious dinning room. They also have the most wonderful gardens, not totally manicured, but with stunning flowers and plants.

I ended my trip in the Galapagos Islands, unsure as to whether they would live up to their huge reputation. Having been and seen them for myself, I can safely say they did.

The islands are more beautiful than I had imagined with so much more wildlife than I had hoped for and all, amazingly, so unafraid of humans. I don’t think I stopped saying “Incredible,” and “Amazing,” the whole time I was there! Even my night in Puerto Ayora, a small town on the island of Santa Cruz, I had to watch my step so I didn’t tread on a sea lion or iguana. Our hotel had a big blue heron sat on the edge of the pool whilst people were sunbathing next to it and splashing in the pool. Another hotel I visited had a sea lion sat next to the pool minding its own business and another had five iguanas sunning themselves by the outdoor bar area. The line between man and animal certainly blurs here.

My time in the Galapagos was spent either viewing the wildlife on the land or in the water snorkeling with it. The sea lions whilst being quite vocal on land are much more playful in the water – they enjoy swimming up to you and blowing bubbles at your mask or swimming towards to you and at the last minute diving underneath you. By the time you have turned to see where they have gone they are back round in front of you. On land I sat a couple of metres from a new born sea lion pup – just two hours old – whilst it suckled from its mum. This is how the world should be, with man and nature interacting peacefully with equal respect.

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On Location Feb 07 – Mozambique

I was lucky enough to visit Northern Mozambique in January for the third time in three years. This area is really beginning to open up to tourism and now is certainly the time to go, as it is a rapidly changing area, although luckily the building of hotels and lodges is being done in quite a contolled way. The Quirimbas have approximately 27 islands, of which 5 have accommodation on them. There is also one safari lodge in Northern Mozambique in the Niassa Reserve, called Lugenda Bush Camp, but this is only open from May to November, so I was unable to visit it.

The weather in January was boiling hot and sunny for the 10 days that I was there and I had two short rain showers. It was also incredibly windy but to be honest without the wind it would almost have been too hot. Interestingly though it did cool down once the sun had gone down in the evenings.

I returned to Quilalea Island for my third visit. Quilalea was one of the first islands to build a luxury lodge in the Quirimbas. It is owned by John and Marjolaine who live nearby in Pemba and visit the island on a regular basis. To get there it is a 15 minute helicopter ride from Pemba, which is a fantastic way to arrive as you are flown over turquiose waters studded with pristine islands with white sandy beaches, with local fishermen out in their dhows. The island has 9 villas. My favourite room is no 9 as it offers the most amount of privacy. The manager Ernst is from South Africa (Ex Aman Bhutan) and is young but charming, professional and friendly. Quilalea offers various activities including snorkelling, canoeing, fly fishing, dhow trips, deep sea fishing, island walks, historical tours to Ibo Island also has a new boat called Kiraku, which is a catamaran, which sleeps 2 comfortably or can be used for ½ day and day charters. For people wishing to sleep on it I would advise experienced sailors.
The dive centre is extremely well run with good equipment although sadly the visibility was poor on the dive that I went on due to the winds but I have had some great diving on previous visits.
Quilalea has its own time and is an hour ahead of the mainland

To get to Medjumbe is a 40 minute flight from Pemba in the big plane (12 seater) or 45-60 minutes in a small plane.
There are 13 rooms, 1-8 on one side of the main area and 9-14 (there is no room 13) on the other side by the runway. The rooms are all exactly the same. The rooms are wooden with thatch roofs and are exactly the same as the rooms at Matemo apart from the fact that they will have plunge pools at Medjumbe. The rooms have air-con, fans tv’s minibars, telephones, hairdryers, so more for guests who need all the mod cons.

The manager Tony who is a South African was very friendly.
Lindy is the dive instructor and is excellent. The dive school is a small shack, although the diving was superb with unbelievably beautiful coral. The food was more European with a wide choice, such as lasagnes, burgers, lobster, steak, piri piri chicken etc.

To get there is a 30 minute flight from Pemba.
There are currently 9 rooms with 5 more opening next year.. The new rooms can also be rented as a separate villa. Out of the 9 rooms there is 1 room in the main building, 4 rooms in the main building next door and then 4 garden rooms.
The main staff are all Zimbabweans and are charming, although the locals were being taught English and trained.
I was taken on the most fascinating historical tour of Ibo which lasted about 1 ½ – 2 hours. We were also taken to see the silver smith who makes very intricate jewellery.
I also went on a boat trip through the mangrove swamps (looking for crocodiles and saw lots of lovely birds) and we stopped off at a local fishing village. Another great activity was going kayaking through the Mangroves and then back along the edge of Ibo and the historical buildings. I was also taken out to the sand bank with drinks, an umbrella and snorkelling kit, where I snorkelled and saw stunning star fish.
Other activities on offer are nature and bird walks, snorkelling excursions, sunset dhow cruise (when the dhow is finished), trips to Quirimbas Island, (which is next door to Quilalea), private lunch on Mogundula Island (owned by Ibo Lodge) diving and fly fishing will be on offer later on in the year.
The food was fairly good, with fresh seafood and this was either served in the garden for lunch and then on the rood terrace for dinner, which has wonderful views.

I popped into Guludo for lunch and a quick site inspection. I was taken by boat from Ibo which took around 45 minutes and then a long walk up the beach as the tide was out. For guests, they can fly to Matemo and then go by boat, which is 15 minutes or go by road from Pemba which is 3 hours and not a great road.
Unfortunately Amy one of the owners was unwell with Malaria, Neil her partner showed me around. They have 9 rooms which are all the same and face the beach. There are 3 guest rooms on one side of the main area and 6 on the other side. The tents are actually made of mosquito netting with a thatch roof.
They are also putting in a Lamu tower with a bar and library.

This is owned and run by a Dutch couple, PJ and Eveline and their 2 little girls. It is a 15 minute boat ride away from Pemba and they can take you there in the dark if necessary. Londo is situated almost opposite Pemba but tucked away around a corner, so it is very private. It is on the mainland but as you get there by boat and as it is in a remote area, you almost feel like you are on an island.
Londo currently has six rooms but are planning on building more. The first will be the bush room which will be built around a baobab tree.
The rooms are beautifully decorated and spacious with lovely views.
Activities include:
Mangrove boat tour, village visit-you can walk there from Londo, dhow cruise, diving, they are Padi registered, water-skiing, doughnuting, massage, facials, fishing, snorkelling, dolphin watching, whale watching (Aug, Sept, Oct), bush walk with a surprise breakfast on the beach.
Mobiles work and there is internet access on request.
The food is fantastic. Eveline who worked as a chef in a restaurant in Spain for 5 years currently does the cooking. One day for lunch we had amazing Sushi. There are also various different areas to eat.

To get to Vamizi is a 50 minute flight in the extremely smart and brand new Vamizi plane, which seats about 10/12. Alternatively you can charter from Dar, at quite an expense.
The rooms are well spaced out which means privacy but quite a long walk if you are at the end. All the rooms are the same apart from the family room which is interconnecting. The beach is long, white and sandy with clear turquoise waters.
There is a dining room, small sunset bar, big main lounge, office and dive hut.
There is no shop and no spa. The waiters mostly from Maputo are all charming.
Activities include:
Snorkelling, diving which is incredible with amazing fish life and I dived with grey reef sharks. I was also lucky enough to watch a turtle lay her eggs and went fishing and caught several barracuda.

I also popped into Matemo and Pemba Beach Hotel very briefly. They are very resorty but would be perfect for families.

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