Fall in love with mobile marketing this Valentine’s Day

Don’t be surprised if you receive a Valentine’s greeting via mobile and not mailbox this year. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping – why would it be any different on Valentine’s Day?

2011 is the year to include a mobile marketing component in your marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Mobile marketing, however, should aim to reinforce the existing message in other channels and not replace it. There’s an obvious increase in advertising around seasonal events, especially Valentine’s Day, for this day transcends all religions – love is universal.

Mobile video, sms, mobile coupons and loyalty programs are at the top of any marketer’s to-do list. It’s one of the few times a year when a brand’s target audience might change when businesses compete to “woo” men into buying gifts the special women in their lives. Mobile marketing appeals to your entire audience across demographics and caters for users in every which way they connect. You need to reach your consumers the same way their peers communicate with them – via sms.

Various companies established themselves in the digital world through the use of mobile marketing during Valentine’s Day. Mogreet and American Greetings Corp have partnered for MMS e-cards, but according to Retrevo, 48% of consumers over 50 still prefer hand-written cards. American Greetings launched a free greeting card iPhone app which rose to number 8 on the list of “Most popular free apps” in “Entertainment” within only 2 weeks. Clickatell estimated going on previous stats that consumers will send 1.15 billion text messages this Valentines Day, exceeding the previous year’s 1.06 billion.

It is clear that for many sms is the message protocol of choice. As a brand using sms to communicate with consumers you can reach out to them instantly – it is easy to do, costs less than a phone call and isn’t as irritating as telephone sales. Brands can benefit from last-minute, forgetful consumers by reminding them via sms about special or important days like Valentine’ Day and informing them about last minute deals and specials. The immediacy of a text message combined with creative design and editorial equals a winning idea.

Mobile marketing brings new possibilities for retailers, not only does your brand remain relevant by keeping up with current trends but it also allows for more frequent, informative, instant communication. On the other hand, don’t get too text-happy and overdo it by sending too many messages. Also be sure to send communication only to those consumers who have opted to receive marketing messages from you.

FormFunction is not just another development agency; we’re a digital consultancy delivering functional websites, web and mobile applications and business solutions.

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Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles – Easy as Cake!

Getting rid of those ever so annoying love handles can be tough and the problem is that most people just have no idea where to begin. That’s why you need to know about the exercises for to get rid of love handles that most people don’t know about. Before you continue to read, you might want to check this out.

The reason you need to know the proper exercises to get rid of love handles is because if you’re not doing the right ones, you could be losing weight everywhere else, but when the shirt comes off, you’re not going to see what you want to see. Love handles aren’t like other areas of the body. Have you heard of the saying, “you can lose the weight as fast as you put it on”?

Well that saying applies here. Your love handles have been building fat slowly but surely, for a long time. So losing the fat in that area is going to be a lot harder than losing fat in other areas of the body.

One of the best exercises to get rid of love handles, is the elevated leg raise exercise. What you need to do this is a pull up bar. While you’re hanging on the pull up bar with your arms, you want to raise your legs, while keeping them straight, until they reach a 90 degree angle with your body. You want to do this as fast as possible as many times as you can. Start with three sets of 10, taking a 2 minute break between sets.

Another great exercise to get rid of love handles, is jogging. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but when I say jogging, I don’t just mean regular jogging. You need to jog half a mile every other day while doing “high knees.” It’s hard to explain, but you can do a youtube search for high knees if you don’t know what they are.

There are more exercises for getting rid of love handles, but it would take forever to list all of them. Just remember to watch what you eat, how you eat, enjoy yourself when you work out and enjoy yourself overall. Well that’s all I’ve got to say, check out these .


CJ is a full-time college student who loves sports and enjoys writing articles on the web.

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10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts that They’ll Love

Article by Star Smith

Finding a gift for everybody during the busy holiday season just isn’t possible sometimes. There’s all kinds of parties, get-togethers and people stopping over unexpectedly. That’s why last minute Christmas gifts are always a good idea.

Fortunately, there’s some great last minute Christmas holiday deals that make great gifts and won’t break the budget.

Gift Card – ipod music download, popular restaurants, popular book stores, spa visit, entertainment sites, etc. Many gift certificate cards can be purchased in drug stores or by visiting the retailer in person.

Online gift certificates – magazine subscriptions, popular department stores, popular online shopping sites. For convenience, there are many sites that offer printable online gift certificates.

Flower Bouquet – a flower bouquet is always a thoughtful gift to give and receive. There are bouquets for every budget or you can give a lovely house plant.

Homemade Gift Baskets – fresh fruit, chocolate, teas, coffee, cookies, travel size toiletries, bath or kitchen towels, special bath soap, nuts, dried fruits, dried pasta, tomato sauce, salsa, cheese, canned ham, jams, candy, mints, mini games and puzzles, etc. You can find some great homemade gift basket ideas online.

Wine and Wine Accessories – a nice time to give someone a bottle of local wine (if your area has wineries) or a bottle of their favorite red, white or rose. Wine accessories gifts can include items like: corkscrew, wine decanter, wine bottle stopper, wine rack, wine tote and wine glasses.

Fitness Gift – yoga mat, gym bag, pedometer, workout DVD, etc.

DVD Movie or TV Show Box Set – If you know they’re a fan of a certain TV show or enjoy certain movies, they will enjoy watching their favorite over and over again. There’s a wide array of expensive or cheap dvd box sets to fit every budget.

Board Game – Monopoly, Scrabble, Bananagram, Pictureka, and Cranium are just a few of the games that many people will enjoy playing.

Christmas Music Collection – There are countless new and old holiday music collections for every possible music taste: classical, soul, pop, country, opera and instrumental are all popular choices.

Decorative Candles – Most people enjoy candles. There are some very unique candle sets now that have a combination of delicious smells. Some of the best affordable candle gift sets look like our favorite yummy foods like cinnamon buns and baked pie. Aromatherapy candle scents are relaxing.

Awesome discounts on great holiday gifts at:

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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts After a Break-Up If You’re Still in Love With You’re Ex

Article by Tanja Arnadottir

Does your heart ache so much you feel as if you may be having a heart attack? Do you spend more time alone and shut people out? Do you feel as though you have no appetite? Do you feel like crying when you listen to music? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably suffering from what we call in layman’s terms, a “broken heart.”

Whether it was you or the other person who ended it, or whether you were with the person at all does not affect how much or how long you are hurting. Broken hearts are unpredictable, you never really see them coming and you don’t know how long they’ll stay. You feel sorry for yourself, wallowing in a murky puddle of self-pity. Your best friends are the ones who see you through, dragging you out of bed, diverting your attention to more positive things. Every day you wake up wishing it had been a nightmare.

There are many do’s and don’ts I like to associate with a break-up. Here are the top 10:

1. DO take a shower and get dressed to look your best. If you do run into your ex, you want to look like the person they originally fell in love with.

DON’T lay in bed for more than 2 days, because the longer you stay there, the harder it will be to get out of it.

2. DO write your ex a short and sweet text message saying that you’re thinking of them.

DON’T call them every 10 minutes hysterically.

3. DO go out with your friends and have fun. Forget about your ex for awhile.

DON’T go out drinking and then call your ex. Chances are, you may not remember what you said and they may be very annoyed. (I like to call this “Don’t Drink and Dial.”)

4. DO talk to someone close to you to help you sort through your feelings.

DON’T bash your ex to anyone who will listen because if you do end up getting back together, your friends and family will end up hating them.

5. DO take a yoga or meditation class to get over your emotions.

DON’T play the same song that reminds you of your ex over and over again just to make yourself cry. Crying is okay, but don’t make yourself cry on purpose.

6. DO burn old pictures of your ex. It’s a very good cleansing ritual and will help break ties to the past. (Do it safely though, like in a fireplace.)

DON’T make a voodoo doll of your ex and stick pins through the heart and private parts.

7. DO hang out with your single friends and see what else is out there on the dating market.

DON’T make empty threats of killing yourself if your ex won’t be with you. (You’d be surprised at how many people do this.)

8. DO exude confidence if you run into your ex. Your ex will be happy if you look fine and it may even make them want to get back together with you.

DON’T throw yourself at your ex when you see them, crying uncontrollably and reminding them of any promises they made to you while you were together.

9. DO go places where you might run into your ex, if that’s what you want.

DON’T drive past your ex’s house, call him and hang up, or participate in any similar stalker behavior. The last thing you want is a restraining order.

10. DO wait until you’re calm to talk to your ex. Then you can be mature about things and not say anything you may regret.

DON’T do the “personal belonging swap” just as a desperate passive aggressive excuse to see your ex. Usually most of these belongings are something we can live without or replace for very little cost. Only do it if it means breaking the last tie to your ex, because if you do it, you will have no excuse ever to have to see your ex again.

Almost everybody has been through a bad break-up and almost everybody has survived. You can, too. If you’re interested in learning more on this matter, click on the link below.

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5 Different Valentines Gifts She’ll Love

Chocolates, flower and jewellery as lovely as they are aren’t very thoughtful; this Valentines give your other half something she’ll remember forever. Whether she is a girly girl or an adrenalin junkie she’ll love creating memories.

For the Food Enthusiast……A Weekend Cooking Break

If your lady is a serious foodie treat her to a weekend cooking break. Combining hands on cookery classes, the chance to enjoy new foods and an escape from normality it’s the perfect gift. There are hundreds of short cookery breaks available in the UK, from retreats in the country to seafood inspired breaks.  Alternatively hop over the channel to France for an authentic lesson in French cooking and some wine tasting too. For something less expensive but equally as thoughtful get her a gourmet gift such as sushi making classes for two or an afternoon tea experience, these can be found on

For the Adrenalin Junkie……A Tandem Skydive

An adrenalin junkie loves adventure and probably wants something exciting for Valentines’ day. For something that will really get her heart racing you can’t beat a skydive and what better way to enjoy the experience together than a tandem.  Not only will she have some pictures she can treasure forever it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience. Prices for a tandem skydive start from around £250.

For the Girly Girl…..A Spa Break

All girly girl loves to be pampered and a relaxing spa break will get you in her good books.  You could enjoy something quality time together with a spa break for two, or let her take a mate. A luxury spa day would also go down a treat; there are some great deals on spa breaks on

For the Film Lover…..Tickets to a Premier

For a film fanatic there is nothing more exciting than a film premier, the glitz, the stars and the chance to see a big screen movie before everyone else.  Although film premiers are exclusive events it’s not as hard as you think to get your hands on tickets. Check out tickets  , who specialise in the resale of event tickets , or buy a London Premier for two experience, including a night stay in a four star hotel., from

For the Quirky Girlfriend…….A Craft Course

If you girl enjoys everything that is different, she will love this unusual gift idea. Crafts such as knitting and patchwork are seeing a bit of a revival and there are numerous craft classes and workshops that can be found across the country.  From short and leisure break courses to evening classes there is a lot to choose from. Break from the norm and buy her a craft course subscription.

Most of these gifts can be bought online so get navigating that shopping cart software and bag yourself a unique gift for you loved one.

Amy Sawyer is an online marketing executive currently researching ecommerce.

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