Male Orgasm Control and How to attain Multiple Orgasms

An orgasm (sexual climax) is the conclusion of the plateau phase of sexual response cycle, and may be experienced by both males and females. Orgasm is characterized by intense physical pleasure, controlled by the involuntary, or autonomic, nervous system. The major function of the male orgasm usually includes the ejaculation of sperm.

Normal orgasm

First, it is important to this discussion to understand the characteristics of a “normal” orgasm. The sensation of orgasm in the male includes emission followed by ejaculation. The term emission refers to a sensation of impending ejaculation produced by contractions of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and urethra accompanied by generalized muscular tension, perineal contractions, and involuntary pelvic thrusting. Orgasm is followed by a period of resolution characterized by feelings of well-being and generalized muscular relaxation. During this phase, men may be unable to respond to further sexual stimulation, erection, and orgasm for a variable period of time.

It is also important to distinguish orgasm from ejaculation, although in most instances they occur almost simultaneously. Orgasm is a peak emotional and physical experience, whereas ejaculation is simply a reflex action occurring at the lower portion of the spinal cord and resulting in ejection of semen. Some men have been able to recognize the separation of the two processes, enabling them to experience multiple orgasms without the occurrence of ejaculation. Once ejaculation takes place, a period of recovery time is required prior to a subsequent orgasm.

What Happens During the Male Orgasm?

1.    Pelvic thrusts become less voluntary and other muscles of the body begin to contract rhythmically

2.    Penile erection

3.    Testicular elevation and size increase (Tumescence)

4.    Cowper’s gland (pre-cum) secretions

5.    Nipple erection

6.    Heart rate, blood pressure and respiration all increase

7.    Bladder sphincter closes tightly and the penile shaft propel semen outwards

How to attain multiple orgasms

1.    To understand that orgasm and ejaculation are distinct events

2.    The ability to separate these events involves the pubococcygeal muscle, or pelvic floor muscle, this muscle for its ability to stop the flow of urine in mid-stream

3.    Make yourself comfortable and then begin masturbating as you might normally

4.    Stop just before you reach the point where you would ejaculate, Contract (squeeze) and hold your Pubococcygeus muscle for a count of ten

5.    Allow yourself relax and take a few minutes break begin masturbating again, this time bringing yourself just a bit closer to the point of no return, again contracting pubococcygeus muscle

6.    Speak to your partner and share your experiences in becoming a multi-orgasmic man

7.    Breathing exercises and aerobic exercises will help in this

Orgasm control

Also known as extended orgasm is a sexual technique involving an active partner taking control over a passive partner’s orgasm.

The technique can be used by anybody regardless of sexual orientation.

Orgasm control is sometimes called “slow masturbation”, but any method of stimulation (such as oral, sex toys or intercourse) can be used by the active partner, not just manual stimulation.

Orgasm control differs from the forced orgasms practices of orgasm denial, tie and tease and tease and denial

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Pennis Enlargement Exercise Does Penis Male Enlargement Last A Lifetime? 2 Little Known Facts You Should Not Miss If You’Re Small!

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Like every organ of the body the penis also has its own life cycle. This life cycle of the penis affects the sexual health of men. As a man grows older say after 40-45 years of age the libido decreases. A man’s sexual stamina is at its peak around the age of 30.

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Prolonged Long lasting Male Impotence Tablet

Article by Admin

Impotence is a widespread lovemaking problem in men. It can be each distressing as properly as frustrating for guys and their sexual partners. Nevertheless, the approval of Cialis furnished a new medical hope for impotent men who can have sex at all hours of the day and night time with the aid of this treatment method tablet.Cialis for erection dilemmaThe outcomes of one Cialis pill lasts for about 24 a long time, according to its producer. Guys can consider its advisable quantity about 30 mins to one particular hour prior to the begin of lovemaking activity. Soon after that, it’s needed to have sexual stimulation, whether or not actual physical or mental. The consequences of Cialis become visible inside of thirty minutes soon after taking the dosage and for the duration of its lengthy long lasting interval of time, you can achieve erection anytime. Nonetheless, erection can happen only if you are sexually fired up.The principal ingredient in a Cialis capsule is tadalafil, which assists regulate the blood provide to the penis and its surrounding locations. You can simply achieve and retain an erection with the assist of Cialis dose, temporarily although it may possibly be.You will need to bear in mind that Cialis can’t remedy erectile dysfunction nor it can improve your sexual wish. It is a health professional prescribed drug that only helps you briefly handle your impotence issue. It ought to be taken only if the physician has recommended it you.What is the real prescribed quantity of Cialis?The dosages of Cialis are accessible in strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, and twenty mg tablets. Your physician can prescribe you the proper and appropriate dose following examining your professional medical issue. It is recommended not to acquire any quantity of Cialis with out the doctor’s permission.Are there any aspect consequences?Indeed, there are some widespread as nicely as uncommon aspect consequences of Cialis, which is a doctor prescribed tablet. The most typical facet consequences are headache, indigestion, back again ache, and muscle aches. Among its rarest facet impact is pripiasm, which is related with all impotence treatment method medication. It is when males undergo from a constant erection that lasts for much more than 4 a long time, possibly leading to long term harm to the penis.What are the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction?The primary symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or preserve an erection, which is essential for finishing sexual intercourse. There is thousands and thousands of guys globally residing with this situation that usually outcomes in breaking relationships.Erectile dysfunction is far more typically identified as impotence. It is brought on by the two actual physical as nicely as psychological leads to. Cialis dosages can aid deal with this situation temporarily, irrespective of its brings about. The actual physical triggers of erectile dysfunction are some conditions this kind of as diabetes, kidney disorders, substantial cholesterol, heavy smoking, alcoholism, medicine abuse, pelvic surgical treatment, and even aspect results of some doctor prescribed medicines.The psychological leads to of erectile dysfunction are stress, nervousness, depression, lovemaking boredom, performance stress and anxiety, or even due to issues in romantic relationship. You need to inform the doctor in detail although carrying out a consultation as it assists in recognizing the major cause of erectile dysfunction. More info of buy cialis

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The way that you can make your penis bigger involves a two-step method. This method focuses on internal and external factors and is responsible for the growth of my penis by nearly 4 inches. If you want to discover how and why this method works then you are in with a chance of making your penis bigger. Whether you want a bigger penis to be better in bed or just for increased confidence natural enlargement could be something for you.

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Are you trying to use a natural penis male enlargement pill to enlarge your penis? If you are I have very bad news for you because there are many things you ought to know about these pills. In this article I will explain to you what they are I will also tell you why no one should ever use these pills.

Did you know that it’s possible to enlarge your penis at home using nothing but your hands and a few specially designed and highly secret NATURAL exercises that anybody with two hands can do?

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Diabetes Impotence Home Remedies For Penis Male Enlargement – Using What Really Works

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Flab Belly Compared To The Alpha Male

have very little requirements to be one so let’s look the alpha male requirements which are as follows. Alpha Male minimum standards


1) Is always able to bench press 225 lbs, no matter how tired the alpha is, whatever time of day it is. He can always bench press 225lbs.

2) Can run or jog 2 miles non-stop, again no matter what time of the day it is, whatever the weather is, the alpha can always jog two miles non-stop.

3) Do 500 push ups within 30 minutes,again even after a hard day at work, no matter what the circumstances look like. He can do 500 push up within 30 minutes, the best way to do this is 50 at a time with a 1 – 2 minute break between each set.

4) Can Bench press 75 lbs. 75 times in 1 set. Just what it says put 75 lbs on the bench and bench press it 75 times straight non stop.

5) Curl 75 lbs. barbell 50 times in 1 set. from standing or sitting position.

6) Do 50 sit ups non-stop, any type of sit-up will do.


Flab Belly have a few standards also, here they are.

1) Lay around and talk about yester years workouts.

2) Argue with your wife to let her know you are the boss, because when you get around alpha made you feel like crap, so he takes it on his wife.

3) Talk real bad about others, this is a lot easier than it is to do 500 pushups.

4) Come up with good saying or quotes as to why you are a flab belly, like “at night time it turns into something else” lies like this covers up all the pain of feeling like crap both day and night.


There you have it, which one are you?

Did you find these tips on getting rid of flab belly and becoming an alpha male, useful? You can learn more about How To Get ===> Rid Of Flab Belly <=== and getting your idea body You really want. Dale Dupree

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