Ecuador: The Newest Option For Gay Travelers

Gay expedition cruises to the Galapagos Islands have been very well known for some time, and there are several of these cruises offered every year. But Ecuador has much more to offer for the Gay and Lesbian Traveler-not the least of which is privacy, enjoyment, and a sense of comfort in the beautiful surroundings within Ecuador.

Gays and Lesbians seeking intimate time with their partner have romantic highland haciendas and small, out of the way inns, as well as major multi-star Hotels to chose from.

Enjoy a candle light dinner next to a romantic fire place or enjoy a nice drink and a good conversation at the hacienda’s bar.

Because temperatures can be low in the high Andes where many haciendas are located, a fireplace brings just the romantic touch, and will heat your bedroom to ensure that you have a cozy warm night.

During the day, haciendas offer activities ranging from adventurous horseback riding to visits to indigenous markets. There is a day activity for every taste.

Ecuador has a huge artisan tradition and most artisan workshops open their doors to the Gay and Lesbian visitor. Visits to artisan workshops can be combined with hacienda stays, especially north of Quito.

Excellent handicraft workshops can be found throughout Ecuador, but especially in the city of Cuenca, about a 40 minute flight south of Quito.

Cuenca has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations and this small, yet bustling town is well-known for its excellent, colonial style Hotels and its Gay and Lesbian community—which can be found right in the center of the City. Plan on taking at least 2 days to explore the City and its surroundings.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to spend at least a half a day in Gualaceo and Chordeleg–well known for jewelry workshops and Orchid farms.

A short 4 hour trip by bus from Cuenca is the tropical city of Guayaquil. If you have the time, rent a car or travel with a public bus from Cuenca to Guayaquil. Make sure that you travel through the spectacular Cajas National Park with its hundreds of lakes.

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city and serves as the main port for the country. The city has a very active gay community and it is an excellent gateway for travel to Galapagos Islands.

The main gay-bars and clubs can be found at the Rocafuerte Street, 2 blocks behind the Malecon 2000, about at the height of the Ramada Hotel.

Before you dive into the nightlife, walk along the Malecon 2000 and walk up the stairs to the Light House above Las Penas, the small old town of Guayaquil.

On both sides of the stairs can be found a variety of bars and restaurants, which invite the Guayaquil visitor in for a cold beer—far and away, the best drink in this tropical city.

If you have a moment more, visit “Parque Seminario” or “Parque de las Iguanas” as the locals call it. Here, Iguanas walk around like cats and dogs in North American or European parks. Although it may be tempting, don’t try to pet the Iguanas.

Within 40 minutes flight time is the City of Quito. Should you travel in the morning, make sure that you sit on the right hand side of the Aircraft, because this side of the flight has the most beautiful mountain scenery imaginable.

Quito is a bustling, cosmopolitan city, and offers the most of all the Ecuadorian cities to the Gay Traveler. Stay in the old town. Especially recommended is the beautiful-and pricey-”Gay-owned” Bed and Breakfast “Villa Colonna”.

The historical part of Quito has been designated as a World Heritage Site by the UN and offers some of the most spectacular colonial churches in the world. In your visit to the colonial center, seek out and enjoy some of the various excellent museums.

The Gay Clubs and Bars you will find in the Mariscal district in northern Quito. Here, there are many excellent Bars, Clubs and Restaurants. You will feel a comfortable ambiance every day of the week, but especially from Wednesday to Sunday.

For Gays and Lesbian who seek Gourmet Dining, there are several excellent restaurants be found behind the Swissotel, around Isabel La Catolica street. My favorite restaurant in this sector, and one which I recommend highly, is “La Choza” which offers excellent Ecuadorian food.

Quito hosts the most important Gay and Lesbian film festival in Latin America. The festival is organized by Quitogay and the Cinema “Ocho y Medio”.

Ecuador offers Gay and Lesbian Travelers interesting options for sightseeing, enjoyment, and unique opportunities, and guarantees the trip of a lifetime.

Peter Lauffer, General Manager of TrueColors
in Quito – Your Expert Guide for Gay and Lesbian Travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands www.galapagostraveller.com

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Rattan Garden Furniture Why It’s The Great Option For Extended Lasting Use

Article by Frank Stephens

If you’re wishing to renew the elegance and elegance of the outdated and plain-shopping residence you have for so several many years, gown the total place with rattan furniture. Rattan tables and chairs are considered the most healthy furniture in the earth. Not just that they are trendy and stylish, they also quite a lot excellent inside any sorts of property. Rattan can previous for 15-25 a long time dependent on the care and servicing that you do to retain its type and splendor. And for the reason that of this simple fact, its yearly demand in the industry is really boosting. Taking a closer seem to some capabilities of rattan, right here are the particulars vital for your choice to no matter whether go invest in one particular or not.

Elegance and Uniqueness. Rattan furniture is incredibly considerably well-known in tropical countries like Indonesia and Philippines. Most of its styles are painted with creativeness that is hugely unique and exquisite. It can accept stain and paints enabling it to continue being seeking new no issue how previous it is in the corner. Modern-day rattan furniture arrives with deeply carved tempered glass with chairs great for particular occasions. Ease of Use. Rattan is hugely manageable. It’s intended for straightforward transport at any corner of the home. Keeping rattan furniture doesn’t necessitate a lot time and energy. Considering that it can accumulate stain and paint, you can often make it shopping-new in just a few minutes of wiping or dusting. Durability. Furniture made out from rattan is extremely adaptable and long lasting. In actuality, it is really substantially doable to come up with different patterns and types devoid of breaking it. Based on your decision, you can acquire the 1 with the plain model or pick out the one particular with problematic shapes which generally are priced larger. Rattan furniture can very last longer than leather furniture. With good treatment, anticipate to see it nevertheless lovely and new for 20 t0 25 a long time of being inside the comfort of your household.Rattan Garden furniture is generally pricey. A person single set of chairs and tables for the living room can expense a couple of thousand bucks. Depending on the layout and type, you can locate a range of price ranges ranging from half a thousand dollar up to three,000 dollars. If you want to avail for promo or sales, you are recommended to search on the internet for greater choices.To appropriately treatment and retain the issue of your rattan furniture, do not expose them to direct sunlight. To do this, hang curtains close to in the course of severe scorching weather conditions. You need to verify your outdoor rattan furniture just about every now and then. Also water can damage your outside furniture quickly if you let it take place continuously. When you clear your rattan tables and chairs, use a vacuum cleaner or clean dry fabric to take away all the unneeded marks and dirt. Mix rattan furniture with some household decorations for its elegance to come out even far more. Even so, you have to consider colour. Golden brown rattan colours go along perfectly with any brown ornaments. The exact thought is relevant with shiny and vibrant colours.For more information visit: Rattan Garden Furniture

Leonard McCray is a senior associate at Orchid Furniture and has spent many years in the Chinese Wood Cabinet Industry.To find more about Chinese Wood Cabinet visit the website at http://www.orchidfurniture.co.uk/

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Why Travel Mix is the best option for all travel needs

Travel Mix on-line portal offers all types of air-travel services. This specializes in business trips, , and many other on-line travel and tour packages. Travel Mix website takes care of and the agency is well connected to any city or airport in the world. It also offers in the domestic flights and many tourists have availed of such while planning for

Many newly married couples who opt for and are planning for can avail of the offered by Travel Mix. It is, however, always advisable to check the desired destination with different departure/arrival days for more flexibility. Those who are searching for can use the on-line portal of Travel Mix for . In this context, the tourists should be aware that it is suggested not to leave Canada without supplementary medical insurance.

For enjoying a fun-filled in the Caribbean, Las Vegas, Mexico, Punta Cana, Mayan Riviera, Jamaica, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Cuba, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Holguin, Santa Clara, USA, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, LA (Los Angeles), NY, New York, Europe, Italy, Spain, Barcelona, Rome, London, Moscow, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Teheran,  Delhi, Bombay, Sidney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, China, Shanghai, Beijing, could be arranged. The comprising of and has been a thrilling experience for the travelers. The offered by Travel Mix are extremely popular with the tourists since lowest price could be availed. Such packages are currently for vacations to Caribbean and many other such choicest locales.

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The travel operators specialize in vacations and tours to numerous attractive destinations that meets the tastes of everyone. The agencyTravel Mix, is the leader with facilities like suitable departures from closest cities closest to the tourists’ residential areas. It guarantees the travelers a memorable holiday from your hard earned money. The travel deals are extremely attractive and this agency acts as a craftsman who is collecting different works of luxury travel, and creating a memorable holiday for you and your family, to be cherished forever.

The hallmarks of this are the signature vacations offered at extraordinary affordable prices for today’s savvy customers. The primary criteria for availing such fantastic offers is to finalize what the prospective tourists want and thereafter contacting this online travel portal Travel Mix, well in advance in order to complete the procedures of their dream vacation package. Also, the tourists are advised to work out their budget prior to availing their

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When it comes to making travel arrangements, waiting until the last minute might be your best option.

Article by Martin McAllister

Most of us tend to believe that waiting until the last minute often results in anxiety, inaccuracy and unnecessary haste down the road. But it’s best not to believe everything you may read or hear, especially when it comes to making travel arrangements. This is because waiting until the last minute could prove to be your best option, especially with all the great last minute flight and accommodation deals that are flooding the travel market at the moment.Last minute deals are everywhere, you just have to know where (and how) to look for them. However, when hunting for these bargains, the first thing to remember is that flexibility is crucial. This is because you won’t always find low-cost offers on the destination of your choice, so it’s always best to keep your options open. Who knows, you might find a fantastic deal on a destination you had previously never considered, and by doing so make your holiday experience all the more impulsive and exciting. It is also a good idea to follow the same ethos with regards to accommodation as while you may get lucky and obtain a last minute deal on the hotel of your choice, there’s also a chance that the majority of deals you find may be for hotels that you may not be familiar with. However, the trade-off is that you won’t pay as much for accommodation – leaving you with a bigger budget to spend on days and nights out on the town!Bear in mind also, that when searching for last minute deals, they truly are ‘last minute’. The reason many airlines and hotels offer such great last minute deals is that they aim to fill as many rooms and seats as possible, so as a particular date of departure or accommodation approaches, prices tend to drop dramatically. The reason for this is simply because companies would rather sell off seats and rooms at a cheaper price than have them remain empty. As a result, you’ll often have to be prepared to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ when searching for last minute deals, especially at weekends.However, if you manage to get a bit of time off from work, you can often find and pick up even better deals during the week.There are a number of travel sites which offer fantastic deals on last minute breaks; anything from cheap hotels or flights to complete holiday packages. Moreover, offers are usually updated weekly – so whether you’re looking for a deal on a weekend break or an extended excursion, you’ll inevitably find one which catches your eye. And remember – this is one situation where you can actually wait until the last minute. In fact, the longer you wait, the better your prospects might be!

Martin Mcallister is a freelance online journalist. He now lives in Edinburgh and enjoys travelling.

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