3 Steps To Avoid “The Last Minute Shopper Syndrome”!

Article by Marisa Jacobo

If you or someone you know waits until the day before Christmas to start shopping, don’t panic! Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful holiday shopping experience.

1) Avoid the Crowds Shop Online or Order Through a Print Catalog!Shopping during the holidays can be overwhelming. A crowded mall cannot beat the stress free convenience of a print catalog order or shopping online. With a quick click of the mouse you will be amazed at how easy it is to find the best gift solutions for family, friends or co-workers. If you must make a trip to the mall go in the early morning or late night to avoid the mob. 2) Plan Ahead!Create your shopping list early. It is always a good idea to have a list of wishes close at hand so you wont forget anyone or anything. Pay attention to companies that will save you time and offer special discounts. For example companies like ActiveForever, well known for its ability to identify solutions and one of the leading web businesses in the country, is doing something new and exciting. You’ll discover ample incentives to shop early. They guarantee stock, help you with the best ideas of very high quality, hard-to-find gifts, and have a unique “shop now and save” program called the Discovery Digest, which aggressively encourages you to click and buy now. They’ll even apply added discounts to quantities of gift certificates. Discovery Digest members can cash in now through the end of the year. It’s a free, educational bi-monthly emailing that will be giving generous aggressive financial incentives for shopping sooner rather than later. 3) The Hard to Shop For!Look for stores that have a wide variety of ideas to choose from. For instance companies like ActiveForever have over 10,000 very hard-to-find, quality-tested products to choose from so you can’t go wrong. Gift ideas ranging from mobility, low vision, exercise equipment, physical therapy, pain management and so much more. For those hard-to-shop-for, purchase your loved ones, clients or associates a very well priced gift they will never forget. With all these ideas in mind go holiday shopping and rest assure everyone will love their gifts and love you!

For more detailed tips on shopping for the holidays or about ActiveForever call 800.377.8033 or visit

Marisa Jacobo is the Public Relations Coordinator for ActiveForever Medical Equipment, Supplies and Healthcare Innovations.

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Want to Last Longer on Bed and Increase Sexual Stamina Follow these Steps

Article by Leena Kiri

So you want to heat things up in the bedroom, but you find that your sexual desire is not maintained. The sexual stamina is one of those things that most men would like to have, but many do not succeed. In fact, often the shame, guilt or disappointment accompanying children who are short in the bed. Worse, most of them do not feel comfortable talking about it, thus helping them become more complicated.

So what if you want to last longer in bed? Well, these three techniques may be all you need to increase your sexual desire!

DelightThe real purpose of sex should be to help your partner to enjoy the moment as much as you are enjoying, and even more if possible. One of the reasons why men do not last long enough due to fear or anxiety of not being able to please your partner sexually, if this is your case, is easily solved Instead of focusing on using your male anatomy to please, why do not involve full-body experience.

Truly a woman does not need sex to be erotically satisfied, say that in any case is the icing on the cake. A woman needs emotional connection above all and attention to your entire body, not just the genitals. This will make it is totally hot before going into action, and most importantly, helps to extend their time in bed too.

PlacementThe next time you feel the uncontrollable urge to climax; think about what makes you feel good. This helps you debug your reflexes quick orgasm. For many men, the position of the hip plays an important role in defining how long it will last. Pushing vigorous hip movements can approach the climax so easily, especially if you practice the missionary position.

Also pay attention to the legs of your partner during penetration. If your legs are closed, more pleasure and stimulation is applied to your glans and if you’re not trained properly, you will not last more than a few minutes. Try to separate her legs during sex, you’ll get deeper insights and more rubbing of the pubis against his genitals, it’ll last longer and get more pleasure.

Auto controlThe orgasm is divided into four phases, there is a phase of excitement when you start your erection, a plateau phase where you are fully erect and very excited, then triggers an orgasm phase where feelings are intensified to achieve ejaculation, and is finally the resolution phase where everything returns to the starting point.

The key to self-control is to control the plateau phase and recognize when approaching the stage of orgasm to avoid it, or rather delayed. To do this: 1. First, keep a steady pace during penetration. Go gaining confidence, and when you see the moment of climax is approaching, then slows, and if necessary, back out completely. Keep communication with your partner and explain why you do this, but you may not think enjoying it or that something is wrong. 2. Second, is to alternate deep insights with other shallow, the former is less enjoyable because there is less friction, however the second most your glans rubbing the walls of the vagina by having to break through and therefore are much more stimulating.

Tips to improve your enduranceThe problem is both of and therefore must solve in pairs. Consider these tips to help them improve their resilience.Builds extra genital:Encourage her with your kisses and caresses but do it away from the genitals. When you’re in the crotch back to distant places such as the face or neck.

Vary the position and momentum:Erotic games for change of positions to stop their momentum, but still enjoy.

Compel them to look at you:Should engage in sexual intercourse, engaging in every situation, to surrender and a way of doing this is watching.

Decreases pressure on testicles:He should open up your legs when removing the pressure on the testicles. If they are compressed will feel more encouraged.

Enjoy before penetration:This means seeking to enjoy sex without penetration, and that also serve as therapy for couples, as women always complain that men only seek sex without preamble.

The man should be the passive partner:He can learn to be the passive partner because premature ejaculation is usually very active during the sexual act, while his partner remains passive.

Read more on remedies to increase sexual desire and learn to improve sexual endurance. And more about how to last longer in bed

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Organize Life & Business~ 5 Steps to Get Organized & Energized

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” A. A. Milne

In personal development growth occurs more easily when we create space to grow. In order to experience living beyond limits in business or personal lives we must rid ourselves of the chaos and clutter that keeps us clogged up. To change life and business begin by getting organized.

1- Know Your Top Priority Zones- Focus on 3 to 5. Top priority zones are the most valuable areas of your life. Consider the roles you play throughout the day. What means the most to you long-term? Examples are spirituality, self-care, family, business, career, home, education, hobbies, volunteer work, etc. To make the best time management decisions know your priorities. You will be challenged by a new opportunity. Does it honor your priorities? If not, say ‘no’ for now.

Under each top priority zone list the top 3-5 priorities. For instance, under self-care you could have exercise, take vitamins, eat 5 fruits/ vegetables, read for 30 minutes, and drink 8 glasses of water daily. The more you can simplify and get focused the better.

2- Schedule Blocks of Time- Blocks of time for your various priority zones give you time and a clear focus on the priorities in each area. Consider how much time you need and how much you can commit to each priority. When is the best time of day to schedule it so that you follow through? Customize your schedule to fit your energy level and personality so your time is used efficiently.

3- Now you can create your “to do” list or “toleration” list- What are you putting up with that needs to be handled. Get it out of your head and into a system such as a list, daytimer, palm pilot, blackberry, computer, etc. Plan to do it, delegate it, or dump it. What can you let go of? Give yourself permission to let go so you can focus on what will make the greatest difference.

4- Systematize- Create systems that save you time and make life easier. If there is an area not working for you chances are it is in need of a simple system. How often are you running to the store and what can you do to make one trip? When you buy something new, get rid of something old so your closets never get packed. How can you spend less time waiting in lines, managing e-mail, and handling paperwork? What marketing system can you put in place so you know exactly what to do each day. Create a home for everything so you know exactly where items go. Instead of items landing where they were left have a designated space for office supplies, a space for hardware, etc. Pick up more ideas at .

5- Set Yourself Up for Peak Performance- Take regular breaks to rejuvenate. In the book the Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal, the authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz suggest taking 10 minute breaks every 90 minutes. Get plenty of sleep and choose healthy energy sources vs. adrenaline for endurance. By the way…I hope you chose self-care as one of your top priorities.

Take a day off, get help, do what it takes to organize your life and business. Save time doing what you don’t like and more time doing what gets you pumped. That’s when you will bubble over sharing the special gifts you have to offer and we will all be better off. StartingNow!

Copyright 2006, Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.

Beth Tabak of is committed to small business coaching & personal life coaching. She is also a speaker and columnist. Beth coaches big thinkers to move beyond limits, stand out in the crowd, and experience the vastness of their capabilities. Stop by to see all that is available to you and say “hello”.

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Steps To Get Great Last Minute Holiday Deals

Do you know that if you book your trip at the last minute, you can save some money? Below are some steps you should follow so that you can get last minute deals and have more fun on your holiday.

Step 1:

Website searches. Travel websites should be your first stop to find the best last minute discount deals. Search in the ‘Last Minute Deals’ section. Once you have selected your destination, you need to check different days and times for your air departure and return. When planning a last minute getaway, remember that you are likely to save much more money by making yourself available to fly during the middle of the week. These websites make a fine starting place if you’re seeking bargain vacations at the last minute.


Step 2:

Check your local papers.

Search your newspaper’s travel section and the number of last minute bargains advertised will amaze you. You can find cheap flights, cruises, and destination getaways. Providers do not get money for an empty seat or hotel room, so they will sell the leftover seats and rooms at a low price to reduce losses. It can be very economical to book last minute travel from the newspaper. (But be careful of the hidden fees that go along with the ‘amazing low price’. You could be signing up for more than you thought.)


Step 3:

Consult with a travel service. Take advantage of using your travel agent as they are paid to help you find deals for your vacation.

Find a local travel agent and discuss booking a last second deal. There is good chance that she will be privvy to some good deals that you can consider. She’ll get back to you in a few days with a whole list of last minute travel options for you to browse, if she doesn’t have any right off. So if you decide to book your last minute travel through an agent, you will likely pay a bit more than if you booked by yourself, keep in mind that travel agents still work for commission. There can be many benefits to using a travel agent (for example someone to get in touch with if there is a problem at your destination). This assistance may be invaluable when if your travel plans change at the last minute. If you choose not to use a travel agent, you can still find last minute deals and book them yourself. Booking your last minute travel plans yourself doesn’t have to be intimidating – doing this is becoming very popular.


Tiffany Provost writes about last minute travel and other traveling tips for

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7 Simple Steps to Lose Abdominal Fat


These seven simple steps to lose abdominal fat are not only easy, but you can start putting them to practice today – right now. You will not need to buy another expensive book, nor will you have to buy dietary supplements. Just these simple steps and you will be on your way to a slimmer physique and will be able to get into your killer dress, skinny jeans or ultra-tight shirts.

The 1st step is to get a little exercise. Start with only 10 minute per day, early in the morning or at lunch or during a break. Only 10 minutes per day will get you started down the road to better health and fat loss all over your body.

Next you do need to make some lifestyle changes, one change that you should seriously consider is avoiding junk food. Junk food – like soda pop, chips and chocolates do not have any nutrition in them and while they may satisfy a craving now – give it 30 minutes and you will be hungry again. No junk food. Make healthy food choices and the next 5 steps will fall into place.

The 3rd and 4th step go hand-in-hand: no alcohol, and DRINK WATER. Alcohol contains a lot of calories that you do not need when you are trying to lose abdominal fat and lose weight. Water will keep your body hydrated, and will make you feel full longer.

Number 5 and 6 are so easy that you can do them in your sleep. In fact one of the tips is just that – get sleep. As you get regular exercise you will notice that your body will respond – but until it does you need to get enough sleep that you are refreshed when you wake up – also by getting to sleep earlier you will not feel bored and thus reduce the temptation to eat. Number 5 was reducing your stress levels. If you obey step #1 then stress levels will take care of themselves. Reduce stress, to reduce cortisol. During the day, simply taking a 5-minute break and

And finally – the 7th and final step to lose abdominal fat? Eating a balanced diet – that means making lifestyle changes – not avoiding the foods you love, but everything in moderation. Yes you will need to avoid some foods – but when you have lost the weight and rather than seeing love handles you see 6-pack abs or a sexy body that can get into the bikini – you will know it was worth the effort.


Mohamed writes on a variety of topics and knows the challenge in trying to lose abdominal fat. Read more inspiring weight loss stories, and get first hand information on which exercises lose fat.

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Study Skills: Ten Steps to Stop Procrastinating

One of the big challenges when it comes to studying is to actually do it. Lets face it, it is the odd person that actually looks forward and enjoys studying. There must be a ton of other things you would rather be doing. However on the day of the exam or even more so the day of the test results, you will have wished you spent more time studying. So here are eight tips to help you study and avoid wasting time.

1. Write down your reasons for studying. Are you studying to get an “A” on the test, to get a better job, to set an example for your children or simply to pass the final exam. It is much easier to study when you know why you are doing it. Take this list. Make photo copies and place it where you study and where you are likely to procrastinate.

2. Write down the pitfalls of not studying. OK, you know why you are studying now write down what may happen if you do not, for example, will you fail the test, let down family, not be able to get into grad school or the college of your choice. If the the first tip was the carrot, this study tip is the stick. Copy and post this list like the first one.

3 Set a time and place to study. You need to make studying part of your routine. Much like a successful exercise program if you go to the gym and work out every morning your will lose weight, but if you go to McDonald’s instead, you will not be successful. The library is an excellent choice if it is possible for you. Otherwise set up a desk in a room that is quiet. Put a sign on the door if necessary telling people not to disturb you.

4. Turn it off. Turn off the Ipod, television, cell phone, computer, etc. Yes, I said the computer. It is OK to use the computer if it is for writing or looking something up, but surfing the net or checking your email may be too great of a temptation. Plus you need to be focused on what you need to accomplish.

5. Set mini goals. As you study you do need to take breaks, but you don’t want to take too many or for too long. Use breaks as a reward for accomplishing a task. I will rewrite my notes and take a 5 minute walk around the library or I will finish this chapter and then eat some ice cream. Notice I did not say call my friend or check my email. Those activities can easily steal your time and are best left for when you are done.

6. Be prepared to study. Have all your ideas together and a plan of what you are going to study. Now, do not spend an hour preparing as this would be procrastination in itself. But you do not want to get to the library only to find out you did not bring your notes.

7. Let people know that studying is priority for you. Make it perfectly clear to family and friends that you need to study and why (you have your list from one and two). Explain that your cell phone will be off and what time you plan to be done. If you have children it will help if you have someone to watch them or at least entertain them.

8. Take a break if you mind starts to wonder. Reading you notes or flashcards while thinking of the beach will not help you on the day of the test. Daydreaming is a form of procrastination caused by mental exhaustion. Take a 5 minute break and go for a walk. Then focus when you come back.

I hope these seven study tips will help you stop procrastinating. Now turn off the computer and start reading your textbook.

Visit Gene’s website for more college study skills and college tips on essay writing, information on college success.

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How to burn fat by following these simple 10 steps

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How to burn fat by following these simple 10 steps

Here are 10 tricks and facts how to burn body fat.



If you want to lose weight, you need to start with weight lifting, according to the University of Massachusetts. This will empty out the carbohydrate storage and will guarantee the burning of fat cells during your cardiovascular workout. The gym where I work out focuses on 30 seconds on strength training followed by 30 seconds of cardiovascular workout, back to strength training and then cardio again.  This goes on for approximately 35 minutes.  The people work up a real sweat and show amazing results.


If your workout seems to become harder giving you the feeling as you might have reached your limit, don’t quite give up yet.   It helps to focus on one body part. When spinning, for example, focus on your legs.  Can you feel the power coming from your legs?  Or if you are running or jogging, pay attention to your arms pushing those elbows back and forth.  By diverting your attention, your body will feel less exhausted.  Your workout will seem easier and last longer.


Stretching doubles the effect, especially when it comes to building leg muscles. A study showed that regular stretching increases the flexibility and strength by 20 percent. It is even recommended to stretch in between exercises for maximum benefits.


Recent studies have shown that calcium and other components of milk turn the switch in fatty tissues from storing to burning. Treat yourself to a glass of milk about 60 minutes before your workout. This white liquid will not only strengthen your bones but also support your muscles during workout.  For those who do not tolerate milk, hard cheese is an alternative as it contains less lactose.


If you rest, you rust. Not even true.  If you take brakes, you burn more fat. For example, 30 minutes of exercising, followed by a 20-minute break and finished up with another 30 minute workout will melt body fat more effectively than an hour of non-stop training.


Don’t wipe the sweat off too often during your workout.  Sweating is a natural process cooling off the body.  Furthermore, it reduces the perceived exertion.  If you remove your sweat, the body will become overheated and tired.


You should consume protein-rich food such as cottage cheese, poultry or eggs before and after strength training. Studies have shown that this will extend the fat burning effect from 12 to 36 hours.


Exhausted muscles during strength training, heavy legs while walking. Eat a healthy snack one hour before your workout. Ideal snack examples would be dried figs, as they supply the body with long-lasting energy and are rich in potassium. The mineral accelerate the regeneration and prevents muscle cramps. Bananas also provide high levels of potassium and are easily digestible.  In addition, they are high in carbohydrates and therefore are the perfect fuel for your muscles.


Treat yourself to fresh pineapple or papaya after your workout. Both contain specific amino acids that help the body reduce fat deposits. In addition, pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which controls your appetite, especially after exercising.


Three 60-minute cardio sessions per week in combination with 4.5 grams of daily Omega 3 fatty acids will visibly melt fat deposits around the abdomen, hips and upper arms.



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“How to burn fat by following these simple 10 steps” is managed by Guinevere



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