Active? Adventurous? Retired? Take a break with Pure Holiday Homes

If you are newly retired you will now find you have a lot more time on your hands to spend your time on things you enjoy. Travelling and discovering new places is a brilliant way to explore new and exciting things you may not have had the opportunity or time to do before. As the cold weather is beginning to set in and you are searching through your winter wardrobe, this is the time to book your winter sun holiday for January or February. Pure Holiday Homes invites you to escape to some of the world’s top winter destinations outside of peak time.

The benefits of travelling during January of February include off- peak costs, allowing you to get more for your money. Travelling during this period also allows you to extend your options as your money can often take you further, enabling you to explore new places that you may not have been able to reach before. The off peak season is also inviting as there is a lower amount of tourists giving a better atmosphere and less crowds when exploring cultural points of interests.

Now that you have left the world of full time work, why not reward yourself with a well deserved long break. Not only are they better value for money, but they allow you to settle into the local way of life and seek new experiences. Pure Holiday Homes provides you with an array of accommodation options across the globe, so now that you have time for yourself, why not bring out your adventurous side and travel across the globe.

Some of the best destinations to visit during the beginning of the year include Cyprus, Southern Italy and Morocco. Each of these places can offer you not only a chance to escape the dreary climate of the UK, but also beautiful scenery, fascinating culture and environments where you can experience luxury and tranquillity.

Self catering holidays offer you flexibility as well as comfort. Not only is it cheaper than staying in a hotel but self catering villas and apartment provide you with home comforts such as washing machines and the luxury of space. Pure Holiday Homes provides a vast range of properties perfect for winter sunshine, which enables you to really explore the country and not stuck in a generic hotel room.

The south of Spain is a fantastic long term rental option. Not only is the weather much warmer than the UK during the end of the winter, but the different regions offer something for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking, fishing or just relax by the pool, you can in Spain. Pure Holiday Homes offers the charming studio cottage (property ref: 18082), with floral vines and private pool. As the cottage is self catered, it allows you to explore local markets and taste authentic Spanish food during your time there.

Italian cities such as Rome and Campania are wonderful locations to fully explore during a longer stay. See the historical sites, discover Italian art and of course try the famous Italian cuisine. On a longer break during January and February, you can fully take advantage of your self-catering and use it as a base, to take yourself on am Italian adventure. Pure Holiday Homes offers the stylish two bedroom apartment in the heart of Rome (property ref: 18264), for only £1,400 per week.

Morocco culture and winter climate will enrapture your imagination and provide you with an extensive list of things to do. The temperate climate is a welcome environment to discover the treasures and wonders of Moroccan culture. Pure Holiday Homes offers the one bedroom apartment in the centre of Marrakech (property ref: 17889), which is perfect for a retired couple to escape to during the winter blues.

Pure Holiday Homes provides many long stay options if you desire winter sun and adventures. You can truly discover and experience the country when you stay in a self catering property.

Pure Holiday Homes is a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties within the UK and abroad for holiday makers seeking great value, flexibility and a large variety of holiday options. Pure Holiday Homes presents properties in 56 different countries, with thousands of properties in destinations such as France, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Spain. The website offers user-friendly, effective and quick ways to book and search the ideal holiday home. There are no hidden costs or fees as holidaymakers deal direct with the property owners.

Pure Holiday Homes currently has a catalogue of over 13,000 homes which is expected to grow to 30,000 properties by the end of 2011. The website is perfect not only for holiday makers to find that perfect holiday rental, but is also a cost-effective way for homeowners to market their properties, for a modest £147 subscription. This competitive listing price is approximately half of that of most, more established companies in this sector.

For more information please visit www.pureholidayhomes.com



* 63,500 searches analysed

Pure Holiday Homesis a new holiday rental portal offering unique self-catering properties at home and abroad for holidaymakers seeking better value, more flexibility and greater choice.

Pure Holiday Homesoffers fast, efficient and user-friendly ways to search and book that perfect holiday rental. Holidaymakers deal direct with owners so there are no hidden costs or fees. The website currently features over 13,000 properties, state-of-the-art search functions, and opportunities for last minute deals as well as fantastic early bird savings.


Other services include the section, helping holidaymakers to choose the very best of summer holiday homes, charming cottages and seaside retreats, as well as many lovely properties in France and Italy. The section reminds fun-loving travellers to book their accommodation in time for some of the most exciting events. The latest additions to the website are highlighted in .


For further press information please contact Mairi Lucas on Tel: 01753 728 730 or Email: mlucas@pureholidayhomes.com


Sean Thompson writes about Travel and self-catered accommodation news. Pureholidayhomes.com is a innovative new holiday accommodation portal. Find your perfect holiday home, villa, cottage or chalet from our vast database of luxury properties worldwide.

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Take a Trip to Johannesburg, South Africa and Explore the City’s Remarkable Admirations

Johannesburg is often referred to as Jo’burg or the ‘City of Gold, attributable to its rich and wealth-creating gold mining heritage. This South African city reflects a striking contrast and considerable wealth, even though it has just taken 120 years since the year 1886 for the city to establish itself. Presently, Johannesburg is the financial capital of South Africa and is a huge city that is considered as the largest in the whole of African continent, after Lagos (Nigeria) and Cairo (Egypt). Factually, the city is growing rapidly and may soon become one among the ten largest cities in the world.

Currently, Johannesburg is the biggest inland city in the world. It features large number well-developed suburbs, a modern city centre that is teemed with huge shopping complexes, towering skyscrapers and exciting lifestyle. The city is also coming up with new high-rise construction projects in Sandton and Midrand districts. It is however suggested that tourists stick only to recommended sights in tourist-friendly areas that are much safer. The city is linked to various other countries and key metropolitan cities through convenient transportation systems. To cover a far distance, many airline companies have flights to Johannesburg to land in the city in a convenient way.

Johannesburg travel packages include various travel agencies conducting sightseeing and package tours to take visitors to most of the important tourist spots in the city. The city has many brilliant hotels and accommodations that cater to all the tourists visiting the city. Johannesburg is a city of historical sites and renowned museums that give you an essence of the country’s ancient times. You can explore the wildlife reserves in the city, which will give you an up-close and unique experience with wild animals. Do not miss the buzzing nightlife of Johannesburg, especially if you are looking to have a good time at a pub. Jolly Roger in Parkhurst is a great pub and a fun place to grab a couple of drinks, pizzas and watch some rugby. The suburb of Parkhurst is located in northern Johannesburg. There are many good restaurants and street cafes here and it is also a safe place to walk around at night. Although the area is very middle-class, you can still have your share of fun here.

If you are a regular traveler, ensure that you visit Johannesburg at least once to experience the distinctive features and specialties of the city. Book your plane ticket online and also look out for airlines that operate cheap flights to Johannesburg. Several airline companies also allow you to book last minute flights to Johannesburg. You can avail discounted prices with many airlines and fly to Johannesburg and have a pleasure trip by touring all over the city.

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Take Off!

Have you been dying to get away but simply not planned a trip yet? Have stresses been piling up so that you absolutely must escape from them for a little while? Sometimes procrastination can pay off! There are plenty of opportunities to save money if you’ve the flexibility to take off quickly and the sense of adventure to enjoy it. Maybe a last-minute getaway is just the ticket!

What form will your getaway take? With about ninety airlines flying out of Heathrow to over a hundred and eighty locations worldwide, you have a myriad of choices. Perhaps you want to lie on the sand, responsible for nothing and no one, as the sun on your face washes away your worries. In that case, you might search for a last-minute flight deal to the Canary Islands or Spain’s Costa del Sol. If you have accumulated miles on an airline such as British Airways, you may find discounted miles requirements for last-minute flights through them as well. If you’ve always wanted to take a cruise, heading out at the last minute can save you money there, too. The nice thing about a cruise is that, after you’ve handled the packing and the Heathrow airport parking, most of the other details have been arranged for you, so you really can relax as the world floats by.

In order to make your getaway particularly refreshing, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. If you prefer leaving all the details up to someone else, you might search out last-minute deals on package tours. If your sense of adventure leaves you open to new experiences, you might simply find a cheap flight and a discounted hotel in a city you’ve never visited, and explore on your own. Pave the way to a smooth departure by checking out the many options for Heathrow airport parking. You can save money with an offsite park and ride location with valet services to the airport. A truly easy option would be to arrange a “Meet and Greet,” wherein you drive straight to the terminal and your car is collected there to be transported to the offsite parking.

Planning carefully for a trip has its advantages, but an impulsive last-minute getaway can be exhilarating!

Elle Wood loves to share her finds of businesses and organizations that bring forth added value and customer service. For more information regarding Healthrow Airport Parking , visit http://www.mfairportparking.com

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Discount Holidays Package: Take Care of Your Pocket with Discount Holidays

Traveling is the best way to enjoy some days with happiness and love. Many people appreciate having all these packages because they allow them to enjoy holidays in cheap and convenient ways. Many people don’t need to wait for the next moment to discount holiday’s package. A discount holidays package is essentially good option for you to grab many more advantages through one combined package.

Individual tour operators present many more offers along with these discount package and thus, these packages are quite beneficial for you because you are able to enjoy many more enjoyments through one package. The good thing with these discount holiday package is that they are offered for all and sundry and they don’t need to go anywhere to grab a lovely and lucrative deal for their tours. Agents are also in a situation where you can negotiate with them to enjoy these deals. They take care of you in the best mode because they arrange the transportation, airport and even some other necessary things.

These hassle-free experiences and packages also include a lot of other facilities and thus, you will have fun to any particular place. You don’t need to go with the costly packages because these discount holidays packages are right options for you. The internet is the best option to book a cheap and discount holiday package that allow you to make of your journey free from worries and full of fun. Discount holidays can be enjoyed through many more packages that are cheaper and better for you in simple ways.

John Willims is writer of tour travel portal. Cheap Holidays are available at low cost, you can find your Cheap Discount Holidays with us http://www.cheapholidaysdiscounttravel.co.uk. We provide you secure online booking.

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Take Advantage Of All The Great Offers When Looking For Summer Breaks

As travel agents and tour companies battle for business during the recession, there are currently lots of summer breaks with a great price attached – if you do your research and look for the best deal, you can save some money and put it towards your spending cash.

It’s tempting to book a holiday months in advance, pay it off slowly and let your excitement build as you look forward to it, but this may end up costing you more money in the long run. This year, it’s a good idea to sit tight, do some research and find a bargain – making your holiday all the sweeter.

Summer Breaks – The Best Offers

There are a multitude of holiday deal websites on the internet all screaming about their great offers – and they are definitely worth a look – especially for last-minute deals. If you have holiday dates booked off work, you can search for summer breaks using the dates or if you can be more flexible even better. If you aren’t fussy about where you go, as long as it’s hot with nice accommodation, you will probably find what you’re looking for on these sites.

If you have children however, you might have a specific destination in mind such as Florida – great for entertaining the kids while you soak up some sunshine. If this is the case, a travel agent might be more helpful as they are experienced in searching for summer breaks for customers with specific requirements, and you can often book a holiday whereby children under a certain age travel for free. In fact, a travel agent will be very helpful where children are concerned, recommending child-friendly holidays with plenty of activities.

Of course, nowadays many of us do our own research when looking for any sort of bargain, and summer breaks are no exception. Hotels, even luxury hotels, are increasingly putting out offers to encourage more guests through their doors and consumers should be taking full advantage of this. Surprisingly, a lot of the deals are over bank holidays and the summer – usually a time when hotels operate on full prices knowing people will book regardless. Bargains will often include a percentage off the final price when you book for a certain length of time, or a book so many nights, get one night free offer package.

Do Your Research

Summer breaks can be found on a budget, it’s just a matter of putting in some research time and being a bit more flexible about where you want to go. If you are surviving the recession, and actually have a bit more money at the end of the month than usual, you can save even more by keeping an eye out for a bargain break.

Harvey is passionate about getting you the best travel advice possible.

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Take your Cheap Flights to Orlando Soon!

Article by Vinod Kumar Saini

If you are planning for an Orlando vacation, do not wait long to book your cheap flights to Orlando from London as tickets are mostly limited.

Orlando is a popular destination that is situated in the central parts of Florida. This place is most commonly associated with the state of the art theme parks that include Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Sea World. Before Disney had opened its gates, there was nothing apart from orange groves and farmlands all over the place. It was Disney that changed its profile to one of the most visited spots in the US. If you are travelling to Orlando, you can take the help of tour guides, who will take you around the most important sites. And if you are planning to build your own vacation itinerary, you can choose shuttle buses or rental cars to roam around.

This place is very well connected to almost all international cities via airways. If your entire family is planning to visit Orlando, collect all up-to-date and precise information related to your cheap flights to Orlando. And the best places to get the needed details are the travel websites and airline webpages. Today, due to the increased competition between the airline companies, most of them are offering low cost airfares.

Top airline companies like Thai Airways, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, and Kingfisher are now offering airfares, keeping the low-income group in their mind. They are also facilitating travel through the availabilities of last minute flights to Orlando. If you visit their webpages, you will have a clear understanding about the basics of online booking and earning flyer miles. You can also redeem your earlier mileage points to get cheap flight tickets as well.

Therefore, plan a trip to Orlando and visit all the exciting spots that will surly make you feel like not leaving this place. Hunt for special Orlando travel deals and thus make the most of your vacation time.

For more information about cheap flights to Orlando, London To Orlando Flights, Budget Flights To Orlando, Cheap Flight To Orlando, Flights To Orlando, Last Minute Flights To Orlando visit TheGlobeHunters.

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Take Cheap Flights to Orlando International Airport

Article by Vinod Kumar Saini

For those who are planning for an Orlando vacation from international destinations has a lot of options with regards to flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Today special flights are offered from Heathrow International Airport to facilitate the Europeans and Londoners a chance to visit Disneyland and soak their feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Though they also have some great beaches at home but nothing compares to the white sandy beaches of Florida. Coupled with it are the entertainment options at the world class theme parks of Walt Disney, Universal, and Sea World.

Flying down to any international travel destination requires a lot of research work and help from travel gurus who are fully aware of the industry rules. Chalk out a clear plan regarding the number of days to be spent, date of departure, total headcount, and most importantly a budget. The next step would be to look for cheap flights to Orlando and secondly to book your places of accommodations. And the best place to hunt for some great discounts is of course the Internet.

Today the best international airlines are providing budget flights to Orlando thus making it possible for people belonging to all income levels to experience the wonders of Orlando. The city has a good transportation network system and modern amenities to make vacationing very comfortable and convenient. The beautiful skyscrapers, state-of-the-art golf courses, great cuisine, superb weather conditions make it the number one tourist spot in US. And there is no secret why several millions of people catch cheap flight to Orlando each and every year.

This place is truly the best spot that offers some kind of amusement for all age groups. If you like adventure, sports, and plenty of joys take last minute flights to Orlando and make your trip a truly unforgettable experience. So start planning today!

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Take a Break – Where’s the Time?

In today’s busy schedule there is no spare time. Each minute of the day must be accounted for. Each minute not spent productively is eating away time from your relaxation. Each minute you feel you must make some life altering changes. Each minute you get more and more stressed out.

Is this really the way you would like to live your life? Is this harried and worried existence, what you truly craved for as a child? I know I did not, yet some how I have got caught up in this race. A race against time. A race that you keep feeling like you are losing. It is always there. The threat of not doing all that you can with your time. Even feeling guilty for taking a break.

Yet it is the worst possible way to be productive. No one can function well like that. You need to be able to relax. To be able to see what you want to accomplish next. This is not possible unless you take a time out.

To travel a road well you need to mark out the route on the map. That will only happen if you stop a while before you set course again.

It makes sense to make time for a break. So next time you feel hassled, do yourself a favour and take a break. You will notice that the time spent recouping will make you sharper on the job when you return. Many scientific studies have proved that the break will help you perform better. So its not just some mumbo jumbo, it is established fact. Don’t feel guilty when you need a break.

Cashmere Lashkari has been involved in HR Training, Travel and Tourism, and Content Development for websites over the last decade. Of late she has begun freelancing as a content writer. She is also associated with Carve Consultancy. To have any HR related training program developed or conducted also contact her at cashlash@yahoo.com Visit her personal blog at http://www.cashmerelashkari.com

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Last Minute Cruise will take you on an unforgettable voyage!

Article by Cruise Holidays

Planning to go cruising on your holiday trip but have not made early reservations – No problem!! As you can avail the last minute cruise facility. You can get some amazing deals in the last minute cruise facility, especially during summer months when the cruise lines offers some of the best deals and packages. Once you gather all the necessary information of the deals provided by last minute cruise, you can get ready for some fun, excitement and adventure which will make your holidays truly wonderful. The bookings can be done just 2 or 3 days prior to the sail and you can easily collect the tickets on the day of your departure.If you are going for world cruise, then you can get some great last minute cruise deals as per your convenience, requirement and budget. You can book these cruises online or through an agency. These cruises are absolutely spectacular with beautiful decoration and rich architecture and provide all amenities to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with world cruise as it will take you through an amazing around the world journey. You get to explore different countries and their beautiful cities with diverse culture and witness some of the most mesmerizing sceneries, white sandy beaches, dense tropical jungles and fresh water caves. It will take you through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Panama Canals, South America and many such exciting countries. You also get to see some of the most exotic and wonderful ports around the world. The world cruise provides world class ambience with all possible elite amenities such as spacious accommodation, gourmet cuisine, balconies, gym, Jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool, etc. There are lots of fun filled activities on the cruise as well such as gala evening shows, discos, guest chefs, wine experts, library and card room. Going on world cruise then there are many good last minute cruise deals which will meet all your basic facilities and keeps you happy with its services and hospitality which you will cherish all your life.

Cruise Holidays is associated with cruiseholidays.ie, offers you world class cruise ship deals, cruise holidays & offers. Book your ireland cruises, cruise deals, caribbean cruises, cruise ships, cruise holiday with us at an affordable rates.

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Same Day Loans: take a coffee break

Article by Simon Ray

If you are taking a same day cash loan for the first time and do not know the loan terminologies well, you are just at a right place then. Just go through the internet and you will find a great resource for the type of loan you are looking for. You have got some emergency and you cannot wait till next day then in such a solution same day loan is the only solution. Just visit couple of advisors or experts in a bank or lending institutions and seek guidance on it free of cost. Thanks to the competition around that loan procedure has been shortened and made fast by avoiding much time consuming steps. One of them is the time consumed to check your credit score and history. Then, asking for a sponsor or signor to validate your loan and all the other paper work involved. Just relax; you do not have to worry about anything. If you are above 18 years and have a constant income source since last 3 months; you have a valid Identity proof and an active account. If yes, you have all of these then your loan will be sanctioned within minutes. Just apply for the loan online, you will receive a phone call and then the money is directly transferred to your account.

These Same Day loans usually do not check for any of the credit history and if you have anything to pledge because the loan is sanctioned to you looking at your earning capacity and repayment capacity. The loan amount is usually small varying from 0 to 00. It may exceed the range given above (depends from bank to bank). The repayment tenure varies from 14 days to a month which in some special cases may be extended to 3 months. So, you have to comply with a busy work schedule and cannot complete the loan formalities, it will not be a problem anymore. To make things simple for you, the services are sent directly to your doorstep. So just take a coffee break; fill the application form and get the loan within minutes; enjoy sipping!

These above written requirements are quite necessary for attaining the desired cash. The same day cash advances are known by numerous names such as ‘no faxing cash loans’, ‘instant cash loans’, ‘payday loans’, ‘same day loans’ and so on. This loan option is free from lengthy paperwork and documents. The terms and conditions associated with these loans are quite feasible and simple. Without checking credit record, you can acquire willing cash.

Simon Ray is financial advisor of Cash Advance Loans Canada.For any query regarding Cash loans Canada, Payday loans canada visit http://www.cashadvancepaydayloansca.com

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