Mothers Day Flowers – Green Gift Ideas to Last Throughout the Years

Article by Harish Sheel

Shopping for Mother’s Day flowers in Cleveland can be nerve-wracking. Over the years I’ve found that trying to choose a clever gift for the mom who has everything is next to impossible. Many of us end up bringing a beautiful, enormous (and expensive) bouquet of flowers that wilt and die within a week. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent at least one Mother’s Day frantically running into your local Giant Eagle for a last-minute bouquet, hoping you’re not late for dinner.

This year Mother’s Day is May 8th, giving us plenty of time to break away from the typical Mother’s Day gift and get a little creative. Falling conveniently in the middle of springtime, Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to give fragrant and colorful flowers. But instead of that pricey bouquet, why not give flowers or plants that will last for months or years to come? Perennials such as azaleas and rhododendrons make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. These blooming plants create a gorgeous presentation on Mother’s Day and can be planted in a garden in late spring or early summer. No garden? A small azalea plant will do quite well in a pot, left outside to bloom during spring and summer and then brought in as a houseplant during colder months. Tulips are the perfect springtime flower, and are often given on Mother’s Day as a cut bouquet. This year, consider potted tulips instead, which are usually sold while the flowers are in full bloom. Potted tulips are easy to find and can be purchased in nurseries or in the garden center at many stores in the Cleveland area. I’ve even seen potted tulips sold in the flower department at my local grocery store. Unlike cut flowers, live tulips can be set aside to dry after blooming. By keeping the tulip bulbs in a dry, dark place such as a brown paper bag, they are perfect for fall planting and will bloom again in the spring.

Giving a small rose bush to a garden enthusiast is always a unique idea. If you’ve grown roses in the past, adding a new plant is always exciting. If you have experience landscaping, but have never grown roses, you’re likely to be thrilled with the opportunity to give them a go. When you’re shopping, try to choose a mature, healthy starter plant with several blooms. You can wrap the pot in some interesting, colorful fabric or some natural burlap. Add some ribbon for a personalized touch. Roses can be planted in late spring or early summer, giving their roots ample time to develop before winter. For a gardener, roses are a perfect, unique Mother’s Day gift certain to be enjoyed for years to come. And don’t stop at perennials. Herbs such as chives, basil, rosemary or thyme also make a great, long-lasting gift. If your mom doesn’t have a garden, these plants are easy to grow and can live quite happily in a container, providing fresh herbs all summer long. Select an attractive outdoor container and just place the plants inside if you choose not to pot the herbs yourself. Add a bow, some bamboo name tags and maybe a small watering can to complete the presentation.

For the less experienced gardener, annuals are always a beautiful gift. Garden centers and nurseries are usually well-stocked with healthy, colorful flowers at this time of year.

Consider a hanging basket overflowing with petunias or daisies to make a bold statement. If your mom has a flower bed, try picking several varieties of annuals for her to plant and pick up a sizeable handled basket to present them in. Throw in a new pair of garden gloves and a small shovel and you’ve got a lovely, thoughtful gift. Cleveland’s plant hardiness zone is 5a and 5b, so if you’re unsure if a flowering plant or herb will tolerate the Ohio weather, ask your local nursery or check with an employee in the garden center of your local store. Giving live plants this Mother’s Day is a green, unique and fun way to honor your mom year round.

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Build In Next Year’s Office Breaks Now

Article by Caroline Ceniza-Levine

In my last column, I mentioned my colleague who cancelled a lunch last-minute. I used her as an example of what NOT to do. It was not that I felt she shouldn’t cancel on me but I felt strongly she shouldn’t cancel her lunch. You are more productive when you take periodic breaks. Since the frenetic pace of office life today often means that well-intentioned breaks fall by the wayside, you need to proactively build in these office breaks. In fact, as 2010 closes into its final quarter plan the rest of your 2011 breaks now:

Schedule lunch dates for January. Instead of filling your holiday cards with the generic “let’s get together”, propose an actual date. Aim for four confirmed dates to kick off the new year.

Block your calendar for catch-up time. I block my Outlook calendar for the first two hours of Monday morning and the last two hours of Friday afternoon. Monday morning, I use that block to get through emails and orient my week. Friday afternoon, I review the important, but not urgent memos and emails that I saved throughout the week. This way, I don’t start and stop my work all week when these issues arise, knowing that I have Friday set aside.

Reserve time for strategy days. Every month, I block my Outlook calendar for a whole day. I use that day to catch up on longer projects that have been set aside and can’t be done in my Friday blocks. I may end up taking that day off as a vacation day. Because I haven’t scheduled anything, I have an easy vacation option if I need some out-of-office time.

Schedule training and development opportunities on an annual basis. Look up your company’s offerings, and sign up now as far in advance as you can. This way, you reserve your space in the class AND the space on your calendar. If you are self-employed, think of workshops or conferences you wish to attend, and reserve for these. Last resort, block off a few hours each month for Training, and read business books or trade magazines during this time. You need a break from the day-to-day and time to invest in your development.

Pencil in vacations, doctor appointments, and other personal commitments. By scheduling in advance, you avoid double-booking or letting important events lapse or forgetting altogether. Don’t forget personal enrichment: Build in dates with your significant other and best friends.

Overlay the school calendar. If you have school-age children, put their important events in your work calendar and plan accordingly. Now you know when you have to leave early or when you want to take a vacation or day off.

Caroline Ceniza-Levine helps people find fulfilling jobs and careers, as the co-founder of SixFigureStart, career coaching by former Fortune 500 recruiters. Caroline has recruited for leading companies in financial services, consulting, media, pharmaceutical/ healthcare, and technology. She is the co-author (along with Donald Trump, Jack Canfield and others) of the best-selling “How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times” 2010; Two Harbors Press. Visit to sign up for the free e-newsletter with career tips and invites to free teleclasses.

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Enjoy Memorable Late Holidays In the UK And Ireland For A Brilliant New Year’s Eve

Britain and Ireland are two of the best destinations in the world for New Year’s Eve, despite the crisp weather. Holidaymakers have a pick of cities and towns to choose from and can do everything from partying the night away to having a relaxed evening in their hotel bars while watching the fireworks and sipping champagne. If you want to have an unforgettable December 31st, make it a reality by booking late holidays in Britain and Ireland.

For an unforgettable night out, book one of the flights to Dublin for a good night out on New Year’s Eve. The city is full of traditional Irish bars to see the New Year in and temple bar is good for restaurants, though visitors are advised to book early to make sure they get a table. After the celebrations you can spend the next day wandering around the Irish capital’s beautiful architecture before going to Parnell Street to see the Mayors New Years day parade.

The most famous destination in the British Isles for New Year’s Eve is without a doubt Edinburgh. Hogmanay is something everyone should experience at least once. For the Hogmanay celebrations Edinburgh has one of the largest street parties in Europe, complete with big screens around the city centre and some of the UK’s biggest bands performing live on stage. The fireworks display takes place by the castle after thousands of people illuminate the royal Mile into a ‘river of fire’.

Further south across the English border there are a few options for last minute holidays on New Year’s Eve. All of the big regional cities in the UK will have fireworks, street parties and the some very overpriced clubs but Manchester is probably the best place to go. The city has a fireworks display followed by a few hours of outdoor partying. Manchester does have a decent culinary scene so holidaymakers that prefer warmth, comfort and quiet, can book in advance for a tasty meal before heading back to their hotels.

England’s biggest party takes place in the British capital, London. Over one million revellers line the banks of the river Thames to see the UK’s biggest fireworks display against the backdrop of the London Eye before dispersing on the free transport to continue the revelry in nightclubs and house parties across the capital. On New Year’s Day you can catch the manic first day of the sales in Oxford Street or at the Westfield shopping centre.

Wherever you decide to go in the UK or Ireland, you can be sure that you’ll have a memorable night out. Be sure to book some of the late flights or holiday deals to make your night more affordable.


Fleur Fisher works in the travel industry and writes articles based on the world’s top destinations and the latest holiday offers.

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Arsenal nearly 10 years Shou Zhang Tie a red card to escort the most brilliant unbeaten season

Throwback nfl jerseyssupply store report:

More than one half of the game to play, but less than Jiugong gunmen were also counter-attack succeeded Enge Ge, as last-minute goal last season surge, as Arsenal survived the last moment, will also be extended to the league unbeaten the first round of ten years. The last time so that the first round of the miscues of the gunmen or millennium Sunderland, Quinn gas to go a ball arsenal that time there were four old old defender starting five, while Patrick Vieira is unfortunately the fledgling Under the red card.

Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal [Sports Photo Center] Arsenal retrieve a sub-

After the first round trip to Arsenal is so smooth, just move to a new stadium that did not win the first round, draw with Villa, the rest are all easy to pass the first round, but three Everton scored 12 goals met, respectively, in 2003 , 2004 and 2009, it is worth mentioning that, in the 03-04 first game that season unbeaten, Arsenal beat Everton 2-1, the Chinese player Li Tie off the bench but was sent off.

2001 first-round four-ball swept away to the Stadium of Light, Parlour ejected, Dennis Bergkamp scored twice in the last two minutes. First-round victory over Birmingham in 2002, while on the shooter has a special meaning, the French Spear Henry and Robert Pires goal made Arsenal the game winning streak reached 14 games, set a new Premiership record.

Armada 2005, total collapse of the year, but still 2-0 first round win over Newcastle at that time can not be underestimated, Henry after scoring to make “T” sign dedicated to the newly-born daughter. Then they moved to the new Arsenal stadium, the first match play half the gunmen behind Martin O’Neill’s Villa, the long-awaited before the whistle Walcott Gilberto Silva assists off the bench to tie the game, Emirates Stadium first game to avoid the upset they suffered the embarrassment.

2007 is the objects of Henry the first year of age, Armada is the most outstanding one record after Arsenal, but the first-round victory against Fulham extremely difficult, opening soon neurotic Lehmann sent to the Northern Ireland legend Healy gift, Kuanggong the audience of the gunmen until 83 minutes before the penalty to tie the game by Robin van Persie, Hleb miraculous last-minute reversal.

In 2008 the previous year on the contrary, the opening three minutes of new aid Lightning defeat the West Brom Nasri. The opening quarter of last year, gunmen in recent years is the perfect start, 6-1 away bloodbath. Round 1-1 draw with Liverpool, Arsenal is already ten consecutive unbeaten start to the season was. Although this season Shouzhang lot less than the top of the season, but still get the 1 minute is acceptable results.

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Universal 2 Mbps Delayed At Least Three Years

The new Government has come clean on the news that many have suspected for some time. It doesn’t have the money to fulfil the previous Government’s widely criticised Broadband Britain commitment of a universal 2 Mb broadband connection for all the UK by 2012.

When it was announced last year by ex Communications Minister Lord Carter, many critics were highly sceptical that the Broadband Britain commitment could be achieved. Some say that the now defunct labour Government was desperate to give voters some positive news, when in the recession riddled run up to a General Election, good news was hard to find.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Thursday he didn’t think there was “sufficient funding in place” to meet the 2012 goal.

Mr Hunt said at an industry conference on 15 July

“Last month, I announced that we were supporting a universal service level of 2 Mbps as the very minimum that should be available.

“I have looked at the provision the Government had made to achieve this by 2012. And I’m afraid that I am not convinced that there is sufficient funding in place.

“So, while we will keep working towards that date, we have set ourselves a more realistic target of achieving universal 2 Mbps access within the lifetime of this Parliament”.

Steve Robertson, chief executive of BT Openreach, told BBC 5Live’s Drive program on Friday that the goal could not be achieved without around £2bn in public funding.

However some analysts have put the figure far higher than that at nearer £100bn. Research firm Point Topic estimates that around 2m homes are currently unable to get speeds of 2 Mbps. Point Topic analyst Tim Johnson fears the government has a bigger challenge on its hands than it realises.

Tim said

“These two million premises aren’t in clearly defined areas. The only way to reach the have-nots is to engineer a service upgrade across wide areas.

“That could bring the total number of houses needing upgrades closer to 5 million, which would cost the government more”.

In less formal discussions, the Government continues to brief that the broadband industry itself must find solutions to the problem. However with no new money available, and no commercial case for BT or other providers to fund the set-up costs, it’s difficult to see how rural not-spots and even some urban areas will get connected unless they opt for alternative options like satellite broadband.

Tariam’s satellite broadband solution for homes TooWay gives users a robust 3.6 mbps, nearly twice the Governments 2 Mbps commitment wherever they’re located, and its available everywhere now.

Tariam Managing Director Andrew Walwyn said

“We’re here for everyone out there in the UK that’s in a not-spot or who can’t get the broadband service they need over wires. We’ve spent 2 years gearing up for the demand we know is there, we have a dedicated and certified installer network that’s now completely nationwide, ready to install and deliver broadband anywhere in the UK, today”.

The only criticism of the satellite broadband route is that inevitably there’s the cost of the hardware.

Andrew went on to say

“There is a cost involved in our TooWay solution, but with the ability to then shop for goods and services like insurance, holidays and utilities online, our customers tell us they can recoup those costs in a few months, and then they’ve got a free, reliable, fast broadband connection wherever they live”.

National newspapers are now publishing details of online money saving websites every week, alongside stories of people who’ve saved £100s and even £1000′s on their every day expenses purely by researching prices and shopping online.

The Government’s ‘Digital Champion’ Martha Lane Fox, an original co founder of, has launched the “Manifesto for a Networked Nation” in a bid to get everyone of working age online by the end of 2012.

Martha said

“If everyone was online, total savings would be in excess of £22 billion a year with households saving an average of £560 per year.

“We also know that 3.6 million low-income households are missing out on savings of £1 billion a year by not being able to pay bills online”.

Many people don’t realise is perfectly possible to switch utility providers several times a year to take advantage of promotional and money saving offers, but these kind of deals are normally only advertised online. For those caught in the digital divide, satellite internet is the answer.

Andrew Walwyn is a Director of Tariam Satellite Communications. Their home user satellite internet product Tooway, connects thousands of rural homes and businesses across Europe every year. Andrew believes the only way many people in rural Britain will ever get a broadband connection is if the Government intervenes offers to subsidise alternative broadband solutions like satellite broadband. The new Welsh Assembly subsidy, the Broadband Support Scheme does exactly that but only for homes and businesses in Wales.

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Mean Mom’s New Years DC Work Day

As of 4 p.m. today, I have written and uploaded 4 New Years DC articles, and this is my fifth. I began writing the first article at 10:55 a.m.; I finished uploading it at 11:23 a.m.. Then, I checked emails until about 11:40 a.m. before taking a forty minute nap break.

From 12:20 p.m. until 12:45 p.m., I wrote an article about Washington dc new year’s. I took a thirty-five minute lunch break after I wrote the article. Before uploading it, I checked emails. The emails took ten minutes to work through, and the uploading process took two or three. Plus I checked the approval status of my previously uploaded articles to make sure they were all posted.

Between getting off my lunch break at 1:20 p.m. and starting my next article, I checked emails sporadically to keep the inbox clear. That totaled fifteen extra minutes. I started writing my third New Years DC article of the day (it had to do with potty training) at 2:40 p.m. The writing and uploading process took about thirty-three minutes total.

Afterward, I took a five minute potty break. It took approximately twenty minutes to write and upload my fourth article of the day. The main keyword for that article was New Years Eve in DC. Much like this article, that article was about my life as Mean Mom. It also went into detail about what I have done today.

I took a thirty minute break following that. Then, I spent sixteen minutes checking and answering emails and returning calls before deciding to start writing this article. So far, I have spent twenty-seven minutes writing this article which I have decided to title Mean Mom’s New Years DC Work Day; it is now a few minutes after 5 p.m. When I finish writing this article, I will upload it. I will check emails after that to get them out of the way so that I can eat a snack. I will try to write at least one or two more articles before today is over. Hopefully I will not be burnt out for the day after this one.

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